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Occupy Duluth - Protest Rally: "Jobs, Not Cuts"
Official Slogan: The 99% want Jobs, Food, Peace
(I've seen a bunch of jobs advertised in our area, and I think food is available. I'm not sure about Peace)
Held at Lake Superior Plaza
October 12, 2011

It rained like hell just minutes after their protest rally started at 4:00pm. It had cleared by 5:15pm when I arrived for the wonderful photo op. The group as a whole smelled a bit like wet dog smell, and there were no dogs. I was impressed that they brought two electronic bullhorns, one for backup in case one fizzled out and the "Voice of Marx" couldn't be harshly broadcast to the downtown workers trying to drive through the busy intersection to get home. It was cool to see the counter-protesters, two proudly wearing fine suits and looking like successful young bankers. And the other counter-protesters who called themselves the 53ers, part of the 53% of United States citizens who pay actual Federal Income Taxes. Good show, everyone!

One funny side-note, on the email I got to invite me to this rally, the organizers warned all participants that parking would probably be a problem, and they suggested the large meter lots south of the Square (three blocks away). There were about 40 people there, and they probably all car-pooled in their hybrid vehicles or walked there. I parked at an open meter 200 feet away, and there were quite a few open parking meter spaces all around. Did they think there would be thousands? There weren't.

"I don't pay Federal Income Tax, but the ones who do should pay more of that tax!"
Hey dude? Don't vote for representatives you think are bought.
Actually no, I don't think it is fair. Why should only 53% pay Federal Income Tax?
Decolonize the 99%. This is indigenous land.
I'm not sure what it means to decolonize 99% of U.S. citizens. Ending relations with the Federal Government?
I'm with this guy on ending the Federal Reserve Bank. On the other one, I think Wall Street is already taxed enough.
I couldn't hear what he was saying, but he was waving Old Glory, so I liked this guy.
Eat The Poor? I guess this was the Communist Zombie Party, with the Zombie Leader Twittering on his smart phone about how cool he was being, wondering who to eat next.
Actually, that is a pretty damn big budget allocation to the Peace Corps if this is true.
On the Occupy sign on the left, she states a bunch of things that she supports. It is funny that she listed Education, and End Corporate Wellfare. More education, yes, and more spelling classes...
The Counter-Protesters (Tea Partiers, Baby!)
These guys were a hoot. Pretty brave, too! The bullhorn chant was "We are, the 99 percent!" These guys were chanting along with "We are, the ONE percent!"
There's Becky Hall! Yes, Freedom DOES Equal Capitalism.
"No Way USSA Ever!"
I found out USSA stands for United Socialist States of America, which a lot of the tea partiers think we are heading towards. I agree.



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