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2005 Deer Camp - Camp Fish
No deer taken on the opening weekend! Over 30 deer (including some bucks) were seen and passed over among the group. I think we're getting too picky... The photos below (besides Dave's archery buck taken earlier in Duluth) were taken Saturday night. Deer camp hunters included: Al, Drew, Dave, Kenny, Noah, Bob, Greg, Johnny, Gary, John and Tony. And Winchester "Winnie" the Dog.
November 4-13, 2005

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Dave's nice buck taken with an arrow in Lester Park near the golf course in late October.
Camp Fish, Saturday night around the fire.
Gary, Al and Dave
Gary, Al and Dave
Noah and Drew
Kenny cooking his 50 crappie filets that he got from his Dad in Kansas. Greg in the background.
None of the crappie filets made it into the cabin.
All were eaten right out of the fryer.
Dave, Gary and Kenny, admiring the feast.
Weekend Two
The meat pole filled up quite nicely during the week after opener and through this weekend.
Gary carrying a rather small doe.
The view from my stand
Amusing self portrait
Self portrait of myself in my stand.
Just after coming down from the stand.
I moved out to clearcut two with the Sendero rifle in the late morning on Saturday.
The clearcut is growing back, but you can still get a good view of it in places.
Saturday the 12, lunch at camp
Interesting perspective!
Greg's buck
Greg's buck
Greg and Johnny's ucks
This big guy was spotted somewhere outside of camp. Drew submitted it to me.
Drew cutting out tenderloins
Drew cutting out tenderloins
Drew cutting out tenderloins
Drew cutting out tenderloins
Dave's nice 10-pointer
Dave's nice 10-pointer
Drew grilling tenderloins and heart
Johnny and Bob
Greg holding some tenderloins he cut out of his deer.
The final Camp Fish deer pole after two weekends.
The final Camp Fish deer pole after two weekends.
One last hunting day! My nephew Colin and I went out Saturday, November 19th for some hunting on clearcut 2.
We saw two does followed by a possible big buck too early to see properly in the morning. And we saw a medium-sized doe at 700 yards late in the afternoon. I think I could have made the shot, but it was so far it would have been dangerous to unleash a .300 WinMag round all the way across the clearcut to the doe in the middle of the trail inside the lower funnel.
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