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Courage Center Duluth - Shoot For Fun Event
Old Vermilion Trail Hunting Preserve & Sporting Clays
Duluth, MN
AMSOIL is one of the big sponsors of this event, so we fielded two teams again this year. Peter Haines caught some sickness, and could not make it. Mike Reagan showed up and filled out the second team, with some friends, in an admirable way! Atta boy!
April 25, 2009

Competitors on the Wobble Trap. I never saw any clays wobble, so I don't know why they call it that.
Jeremy Meyer and Jon Tousignant, waiting for our trap shooting call to arms.
Jeremy and Jon, still chilling before Trap.
Jon shooting at a long over-the-water clay. (Caught an ejected shell in the photo!)

Jeremy on the long over-the-water station.
(Caught an ejected shell in the photo!)

Jeremy shooting. This clay target, and then following pairs, came from behind, really high over the trees and settled into the water. As our Target Thrower (Chad) said, the noise of "Plop!" is the sound of failure.
Jeremy shooting, with Rob, Jon and Pete looking on. This clay target, and then following pairs, came behind, really high over the trees.
Rob Stenberg on the over-the-shoulder and dropping clays. Tough shot? You bet!
Pete Markham on the over-the-shoulder and dropping clays.
The Toneman on the over-the-shoulder and dropping clays.
Thanks to Jon for volunteering to take a couple of photos of me! Proof that I was really there...
Jon on the over-the-shoulder and dropping clays. Jon shoots a Benelli Ultra-Light, which weighs less than six pounds. A FINE firearm! Very quick, and still very smoothe.
Rob on the crossing over-the-left-shoulder and then pairs coming from over-the-top and a second from across the pond, right-to-left. This was tough. They were all tough, actually. None were easy by any means.
Jon on the high-flying, right-to-left, in-the-sun, you-better-not-be-tall-if-you-want-to-stand properly station. Look, Jon even has to lower his stance here to get his barrel under the canopy. Not a tall-person-friendly zone!
A nice shell-ejection photo with Jon. Jon grew up as a kid busting clays, and is damn good still..
Look at the photo of Jon two-photos above. I wished I had my camera in someone's hands for a photo of me at this station. Picture 6-foot-five Toneman squatting in almost a sitting shooting position to clear my barrel at the way-overhead targets on these way-high 40-foot-high tower-thrown clays out of this station. No whining on my part, because I did hit all six! But it was a comical pose I had to do. I'm not even sure if they meant to handicap us tall guys on this one. It was probably just unfriendly to tall guys by accident, I think. Wait a sec...Burt Schweiger, Jr. and his brother, the owners of the Club, are both somewhat vertically challenged. I'll bet they did this on purpose, LOL!

Video Clips

Jon Tousignant 1 (811k WMV)
Jon Tousignant 2 (1017k WMV)
Jon Tousignant 3 (1080k WMV)
Jon Tousignant 4 (1010k WMV)
Jeremy Meyer 1 (983k WMV)
Jeremy Meyer 2 (1014k WMV)
Jeremy Meyer 3 (826k WMV)
Rob Stenberg 1 (1260k WMV)
Rob Stenberg 2 (615k WMV)
Rob Stenberg 3 (811k WMV)
Pete Markham 1 (1170k WMV)
Group at Station 3 (1670k WMV)

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