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Rotary Club 25 Clays Event - 2009
Old Vermilion Trail Shooting Preserve, Duluth, MN
August 26, 2009

Putting in Ears: Colin, John Hoff, Corrie, Josie, Teri and Tony (as always, Tony is only behind the camera)
John on an overhead, from behind shot.
Corrie and Josie had never fired a shotgun before today's event. They did well!
John supplied Corrie and Josie with shotguns for the day.
Corrie figured out how her semi-auto worked right away. Not bad for holding and shooting a shotgun for the first time, I must say!
Josie, John and Colin (Colin casually working the remote clay target launchers like a star...okay, a bored star judging from his body language...)
I had to show Josie how the upper/lower barrel selector worked on her nice O/U shotgun that John gave her.
Josie had it figured out by this fifth station, for sure. She was hitting some clays! She tended to hit the difficult ones, and missed the "easy" ones. There were no "easy" ones on the course.
Teri keeping score, Josie and John staying amused, and Colin on the servo switch.
Teri and Colin, having some fun...
It was on this station (6) that Colin declared that he was going to break more clays than his Mom, and she had no problem with that, and the game was on.
Corrie captured with an ejected shell. I love photos of smoking barrels and ejected shells.
Josie on a long-distance simulated landing pair of ducks (Green Teal ducks, in this case) pair shot. It was a tough shot! Slowing, and falling.
Corrie taking Josie's photo.
Colin and Teri were sharing my Beretta AL390 shotgun, and Colin declared: "Mom? My birthday is coming up. I need one of these!"
Indeed he does need a nice Beretta or Benelli semi-auto shotgun like this. He should have one (or two, when he gets older and buys them himself, LOL.)
Teri with her intended clay target and her first ejected shell in the photo frame!
I always love these photo-captures, BTW...
Teri on the 5 Stand course.
Teri, again, with an ejected shell in the frame!
Love it...
Copyright © 2009 Tony Rogers