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The Deeps - Amity Creek - Star Trails
This was a technically difficult photo, due to temperure and location (see below)
Duluth, MN - Seven Bridges Road
January 8, 2010

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This was a technically difficult image to do. The temperature started at minus 5 degrees, and went to minus 8 during the 45-minute exposure for this image. My twin camera lithium batteries slow down quite a bit when they go below zero degrees Farenheit, and drop off seriously after that. If anyone knows the Deeps on Amity Creek, it is something of a scramble when the rocks are exposed, and are challenging even then. Imagine it draped in over-crusted sugar snow! Getting myself and the camera and the tripod down to the bottom was easy. Gravity made it really quick! And then I had to get back up after I started the camera systems. To get back up again to my vehicle, and then to go back down to retrieve the camera after the exposure... It was difficult and interesting, and not easy, by any means!

It was a one-try and see what happens, and it was a bit over-exposed, unfortunately. Still looks neat. Nice star trails.

What the hell is that "lava-trail" going down the left rock face under the snow? I have no idea. I did not light that, and that weird light is just there.


Technical Details: ISO 100, 43 minutes exposure, at f.3.5 and 16mm with a Canon EF-S L Super Wide-Angle Zoom Lens.

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