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Deer Camp - 2010
Duluth, MN
November 5-14, 2010

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Drew's 12-pointer
Alex's 10-pointer
Gary's 10-pointer
Terry's 10-pointer
Kale's 11-pointer
Fresh venison tenderloins grilling over an open fire...
Above: No, April did not hunt with us this year, but she did stop by to drop off Yukon (the Dog). Above: Chris' nice 8-pointer taken just after lunch on Opener Saturday.
Above: Chris and Winnie (the Dog) checking out Ben's nice doe he shot on Opener Saturday. Above: Big doe, Ben!
  Above: Kale's really nice 11-pointer taken on Sunday morning.
Above: Gary coming home with his nice buck.  
Above: Keeping the deer hunting spirit and tradition alive and well with Drew's niece...and nephew.
...and nephew!
Below: November 13, Evening, Deer Processing Time
Video Clip: Kenny Cutting off a Backstrap (3MB WMV)
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