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Matt & Julie Kohlhaas' Wedding Ceremony
I think that a DANGEROUS number of the Kohlhaas Family Clan all showed up (I love every one of the Kohlhaas Clan!) in one place, and about half or even more of the Jamestown Town Folk showed up to celebrate the magical post-marriage ceremony of Matt and Julie. It was quite an awesome party, I kid you not! I am glad I took all of these photos, because it was literally a blur of of weekend, and it went really fast!
July 1 through July 4 (USA Independence Day), 2011

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Minnesota State's crapatchik was apparently so disfunctional and shut down that even vending machines were not working at the airport, LOL. As soon as I got there at Matt and Julie's place, Leon was totally in charge of the Pig and Twin Lamb roast.
  This is Leon, on the left, originally from Arkansas, and he has BBQ'ed a few pigs before...
Leon told Matt to wake up at 0400 to help, and Matt was right on time. Lots of olive oil, and garlic swash...
Toneman stayed awake and ran photos...
Little Penelope, sound asleep
Jordan changing some gear, with Grandma Marcia there to advise.
Grandma Marcia with little Penelope (Piper)
Tucker, all tuckered out...
Tucker, still all tuckered out...
Jim, playing Bartender. Tony helped, but he was really just Jim's bar-back helper...
Dave Kohlhaas, reinforcing the stage. Dave set and leveled the stage pieces really well.
Kim and Dan
Oliver and Kari
Clay Kohlhaas
John Kohlhaas
Tony and Patrick
Arnie and Tara on the left, nice sprinkler was 90+ degrees
Oliver, Kari and Jim
She backed this up...up front
Boquet flower toss!
Matt hugs his Father, John!
ri an
Marcia and Grandson Tim
Marcia and Grandson Ben
Marcia and Joey
Tony and Tara
This was funny, and an inside joke about bare feet at the time...
Just as funny, at the time, apparently...
The $5 Wood Chopping Contest
No safety boots, no goggles, and infants are encouraged to sit right next to the flying debris with their Moms!
Let's encourage amateurs who have have been drinking beer and whiskey all day to race with sharp axes and splitting mauls to split wood while wearing flip-flops!
No safety boots, no safety goggles, and infants are encouraged to sit ten-feet from flying split-wood debris in their Mom's laps on the immediate sidelines. I was nervous!!!
Panorama stitched photo from a series...sorry I cut off that dude's legs!

Video Clips

Matt in the Wood Splitting Contest (14MB WMV)

The Gasoline Lollipops (7.6MB WMV)


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