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New Pages Added To The Site - 2005 Archive
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12-29-2005 British Woman Marries A Dolphin
12-29-2005 UK Paintings, Not People, To Be Whisked To Safety In Nuclear War Plan
12-28-2005 Roadrage: Jason Youngblood - Stupid Person of the Year
12-28-2005 Pentagon 'Doomsday' Line of Succession Changed
12-28-2005 USMC Pays $100,000 for New Jeep
12-24-2005 Photo Gallery: Christmas Eve - 2005 - Rogers and Metry Families
12-22-2005 Photo Gallery: Christmas Program - St. Michael's Lakeside School
12-21-2005 Fisherman Catches Double-Mouthed Fish
12-21-2005 Exotic Weapons: The Davy Crockett and W54 Nuclear Warhead
12-21-2005 VP Dick Cheney Rides In Style To Afghanistan
12-19-2005 Stalin Tried to Create "Planet of the Apes" Army in the Mid-1920's
12-17-2005 Photo Gallery: North Shore Minnesota - First Heavy Snow - 2005
12-13-2005 Photo Gallery: The 2005 Boo Hoo Open - Seriously Unserious Golf
12-12-2005 Even The Blind Can Hunt in Eagle River, WI
12-11-2005 French Driver Goes Wrong Way On Highway For 11 Miles
12-09-2005 Metry Christmas Family Photo - 2005
12-09-2005 Historical Photo Gallery: Devil's Tower Rock Climbing Trip - 1984
12-07-2005 User Tries To Extract Meth From Own Urine
12-06-2005 2005 Bayfront Festival Park at Night
12-06-2005 Secret ID Law To Be Challenged In Court
12-06-2005 Photo Gallery: The Marden Deer Camp - Late Muzzleloader Season
12-05-2005 Redneck Dogs
12-01-2005 Your Daddy Kills Animals! PETA's Latest Campaign For Kids
11-30-2005 Russian Squirrel Pack Kills Dog
11-30-2005 Chesty Puller Says It Straight
11-29-2005 Polish Archive Reveals Soviet Attack Plan
11-28-2005 Photo Gallery: Duluth Lakewalk Under November Gale Winds
11-22-2005 Naked Prowler Shot in Genitals with Taser
11-18-2005 Nostalgia: My new U.S. Rifle, Caliber .30, M1 - The Garand
11-17-2005 The Coin Toss on the JumboTron
11-16-2005 George and George (41 & 43) Go Fishing!
11-16-2005 Photo Gallery: Tony Tries Curling With The Metry's!
11-13-2005 Updated Photos: Deer Hunting - Camp Fish - 2005
11-11-2005 Photo Gallery: Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge
11-09-2005 Sunset from Skyline Drive in Duluth
11-08-2005 Photo Gallery: Opener Weekend - 2005 Deer Camp - Camp Fish
11-08-2005 Startrails Photo - BWCA - 1998
11-02-2005 Man Kills Buck With Bare Hands in Bedroom
11-02-2005 Muela® Deer Knife Analysis
10-30-2005 Why Harley Riders Don't (or Shouldn't) Wave
10-29-2005 Photo Gallery: The Weller Family Halloween "Graveyard of Ghouls"
10-29-2005 Skydiving Over Superior, Wisconsin
10-27-2005 Drew Takes a Nice Moose - 2005 - Canada
10-27-2005 Historic Photo: Aspen, Colorado - Snowmass Race Crew - 1989-1990
10-27-2005 Photo Gallery: Old Central High School - Duluth, MN
10-27-2005 The 1948 Ford Pickup Restoration Project
10-22-2005 Photo Gallery: Chester Creek - Duluth, MN
10-18-2005 Nephew Colin's Birthday
10-15-2005 Rounds Fired From the Remington Sendero - 2005
10-15-2005 Photo Gallery: Fall Colors - Fox Farm Road and Duluth
10-15-2005 New Fusion® Ammunition from Federal Cartridge/ATK
10-13-2005 Tony at Michelle Oreck and Doug Pearson's Wedding - Early 1990's
10-12-2005 The Minnesota Vikings' Three Hour Tour
10-12-2005 Jim Oreck in the Bahamas with the Rogers Family - 1983
10-12-2005 Roll Cloud - Duluth, Lester River, 1998 (Not really humor, but I guess I was laughing nervously as I took the photo)
10-12-2005 Pretty Boy Floyd - Circa 1981
10-11-2005 The Freedom to Protest, Alive and Well in Duluth
10-11-2005 Tree Hugger
10-07-2005 Photo Gallery: Duluth Harbor and Tischer Creek at Night
10-06-2005 Thief Hides Cell Phone In Her Bum
10-06-2005 Firefighters Allow Home To Burn; Firefighting Fee Not Paid
10-05-2005 Python Tries To Eat Alligator, Explodes
10-04-2005 FEMA Suspends Phoenix Rescuers Over Arms
10-03-2005 Photo Gallery: Motorcycle Rendezvous - Isabella, Minnesota
10-02-2005 Tony's 2-Alarm Northern Cowboy Stew
09-30-2005 Hurricane Katrina Neighborhood Security Team (Unofficial, of course!)
09-29-2005 New Orleans Flood Explained
09-28-2005 New Russian Ballistic Missiles Are 'Unrivaled,' Putin Says
09-27-2005 JetBlue A-320 Emergency Landing Photos
09-24-2005 Photo Gallery: Tischer Creek - Duluth - Under a Fog
09-24-2005 Humor Photo: Joe Brozic and Rick Amatuzio at Canterbury Snocross - 1999
09-23-2005 Photo Gallery: Duluth Rose Garden - Fall Sunset Sky
09-22-2005 Government "Abandons" Poor As Hurricane Rita Approaches
09-22-2005 Photo Gallery: IBSTAR - Farewell Party at the Metry Home
09-21-2005 Heineken Thanks New Orleans' Looters
09-21-2005 CNN Host: Katrina Victims Better Off If Beheaded
09-20-2005 Photo Gallery: Harvest Moon - From Canal Park
09-16-2005 Photo Gallery: Harvest Moon - From Enger Tower and Rose Garden
09-16-2005 Photo Gallery: Rogers Family Historical Archive Photos
09-15-2005 Inventor Fuels Cars With Dead Cats
09-15-2005 Mamiya 645 Pro TL Series System
09-14-2005 Louis Farrakhan: Levees Were Blown Up
09-11-2005 An Islamic World in 15 Years?
09-07-2005 Bowhunters Beware! Faulty Arrows Can Shatter!
09-05-2005 Dog Gone! (Busload of VIP dogs evacuated from New Orleans)
08-30-2005 Photo Gallery: Enger Tower - Duluth, MN
08-26-2005 Guest Opinion Column: When You Care Enough To Send The Best!
08-25-2005 A Finnish Mother Writes to her Son
08-25-2005 Cindy Sheehan's Whine Log
08-24-2005 Translation of a Rap Song (for Whities)
08-24-2005 21 Good Rules of Life
08-24-2005 Photo Gallery: Pawel From Poland Gets To Fire Seriously Fun Weapons
08-20-2005 Photo Gallery: Boulder Dam Lake Sunset Photos (Part II)
08-18-2005 Oil Expert Forecasts $5 Per Gallon Gasoline Next Year
08-18-2005 Why Women Outlive Men
08-18-2005 Photo Gallery: Duluth on a Foggy August Night
08-17-2005 Texas Drinking Rule
08-17-2005 Elephants and lions unleashed on North America?
08-15-2005 Tony is Personally Challenged to Fisticuffs by a Maine Liberal
08-14-2005 "Ugliest" Dog Is a Thing of Beauty to His Owner
08-12-2005 Photo Gallery: 2005 Camp Perry National Matches: Event 4 - John C. Garand National Match
08-11-2005 Photo Gallery: 2005 Camp Perry National Matches: Event 3 - NTIT (National Team Infrantry Trophy Match)
08-10-2005 Photo Gallery: 2005 Camp Perry National Matches: Event 2 - Springfield 1903 National Match
08-10-2005 Photo Gallery: 2005 Camp Perry National Matches: Event 1 - M16 EIC Match
08-10-2005 Teen Girls Operate on Dead Cat, Saving Kittens
08-09-2005 Former Congressman Says Prepare for Nuclear Terror
07-26-2005 Man Blows 509 Fish Through His Nose
07-21-2005 U.S. MP Rules of Engagement in Iraq
07-17-2005 Ethanol Requires More Fuel To Produce Than It Provides
07-16-2005 Photo Gallery: Boulder Dam Lake
07-14-2005 China Prepared To Use Nuclear Weapons Against U.S.
07-12-2005 Russian WMDs hidden in U.S.?
07-11-2005 Al-Qaida nukes already in U.S.?
07-10-2005 Downed US SEALs may have been too close to Bin Laden
07-04-2005 Photo Gallery: Independence Day Fireworks
07-03-2005 Tony Realizes That Taco Bell Is Cheaper Than Home Tacos
07-02-2005 Photo Gallery: Split Rock State Park
06-30-2005 Holy Catfish! (646 pounds)
06-29-2005 HOODWINKED: DDT-eating scientist exposes eco-fraud
06-25-2005 AR-15 Magazines - I bought two new 20-rounders
06-24-2005 Photo Gallery: Sunset Over Duluth, Canal Park
06-22-2005 Photo Gallery: Duluth Rose Garden
06-20-2005 Golden Fleece Awards - Stupidest Things That Our Taxes Have Ever Paid For!
06-20-2005 Photo Gallery: Sawbill Lake Camping & Fishing Trip - BWCA
06-15-2005 A Brief History of Beer, Conservatives and Liberals
06-15-2005 Matt's Photos From 2004 in Utah: Gallery 5 - Matt's Digital Photos
06-15-2005 Jim Metry Enjoys a Treble Hook in His Neck!
06-14-2005 Grieving 9/11 Widow Blows $5 Million in Taxpayer "Compensation" Money
06-14-2005 Photo Gallery: Diffused Light - Fog Images Canal Park and Lester Park
06-10-2005 Photo Gallery: Knowlton Creek One Week After the Crush of Bikes and Spectators
06-09-2005 Video Clip: Two German "Fickenidiotens" turn a bonfire into a bomb
06-08-2005 UN Alert as Nuclear Plans Go Missing
06-05-2005 British Art - "Grizzly Little F***er"
06-05-2005 Photo Gallery: FIM Trials 2005 World Outdoor Championship - Day 2
06-04-2005 Photo Gallery: FIM Trials 2005 World Outdoor Championship - Day 1
06-02-2005 Photo Gallery: Tischer Creek, mostly Moss
06-01-2005 Holy Big Moose!
05-29-2005 Photo Gallery: Memorial Day Weekend Trip - 2005
05-26-2005 Brian Peppers, registered sex offender in Ohio (Aaaahhhh!!!)
05-26-2005 Photo Gallery: Wisconsin Point
05-23-2005 Phil Spector's Hair
05-20-2005 Photo Gallery: Night Images on Tischer Creek - Part II
05-19-2005 Camping West of Isabella, MN - 1998
05-19-2005 Photographer Criticized For Bike Crash Photos
05-09-2005 Photo Gallery: Rafting Trip - Somewhere in Colorado
05-09-2005 Photo Gallery: Comb Ridge, Utah
05-09-2005 Photo Gallery: Canyonyeering - Utah, Gravel Canyon
05-09-2005 Photo Gallery: Jamestown "Band in a Hat"
04-25-2005 Some Interesting Observations About Race & Culture
04-25-2005 Photo Gallery: Eau Claire National Rifle Club
Regional High Power Match, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
04-24-2005 Iran Plans to Knock Out U.S. With 1 Nuclear Bomb
04-20-2005 Frustrated Car Owner Assassinates His Chrysler
04-19-2005 Reports Reveal Zarqawi Nuclear Threat
04-19-2005 Photo Gallery: Duluth Ship Canal "Ghost 1,000-footer arriving in the harbor"
04-19-2005 Photo Gallery: Rifle Practice Session - Fox Farm Road
04-15-2005 Photo Gallery: Night Images on Tischer Creek, Duluth, Minnesota
04-15-2005 Photo Gallery: A Dreary Gray Sky Day at Leif Ericson Park
04-14-2005 Illegal Aliens from Mexico Blocking Marine Training
04-12-2005 Voice Mail Recording of a Funny Accident in Progress
04-08-2005 Photo Gallery: Canal Park - Duluth, Minnesota
04-07-2005 Why American College Kids Get Beat in Math and Science
04-06-2005 Nuclear Plants In 31 States Vulnerable
04-04-2005 Redneck Hot Tub
04-03-2005 U.S. and U.K. submarine nuclear warheads flawed, say scientists
04-03-2005 Photo Gallery: Spring River Runoff - Lester River, Amity Creek and Knife River
04-02-2005 Others Aware of Red Lake Plans, Officials Say
04-02-2005 Terry Nichols Had Exlosives In His Trailer
04-01-2005 It’s the End of the World as We Know It...
(Column by Jonah Goldberg, National Review)
04-01-2005 Artificial Penis Escapes from Lab
03-29-2005 Spring Snowmelt Runoff - Tony Becomes a Kid Again
03-26-2005 Monster Truck Show - Duluth (with my nephews)
03-25-2005 Photo Gallery: Full Moon Rising - Duluth Harbor
03-24-2005 Photo Gallery: Albino Moose In Alaska
03-23-2005 South Korean Theater War Games - M1A1 Abrams Tanks
03-23-2005 New Jersey Man Indicted in Laser Beam Case
03-23-2005 The self-described "NativeNazi" was on Prozac
03-23-2005 Photo gallery: Ducks in the Duluth Harbor
03-23-2005 The Kids are Safe in Iraq!
03-20-2005 Four Astronauts Will Standby to Rescue Next Shuttle
03-18-2005 Photo Gallery: St. Michael's Lakeside School Presents:The Magical Land of Oz
03-17-2005 Navy Releases a Terrorist in a Humanitarian Gesture
03-15-2005 Falun Gong Denies Hacking Chinese Broadcast Satellites
03-14-2005 What Is Wrong With This Picture?
03-11-2005 Photo Gallery: Mercury Setting, Sirius Rising, Sliver Moon Waning
03-11-2005 DOG STAR: Got Mercury?
03-09-2005 Ted and Melanie Got Married!
03-09-2005 Video Clip: Welcome Home
03-09-2005 Marine Reservist Makes Longest Shot in Iraq
03-08-2005 Contest Winner Dies After Drinking 50 Shotos Of Tequila
03-08-2005 Photo Gallery: Springtime Along Lake Superior
03-08-2005 Hunter S. Thompson's Suicide Fuels Conspiracy Buzz
03-04-2005 Collapse of Societies: From Easter Island to Iraq - to Western World?
03-04-2005 Video Clip: Hog Hunting - Texas Style!
03-03-2005 Wally Goes To Elbonia (Dilbert)
03-02-2005 Grounded By The TSA: Sun Microsystems Co-Founder Prohibited To Fly
02-26-2005 Official Application for Minnesota Citizenship
02-26-2005 Minnesota "Too Nice" To Ask For Federal Funding
02-26-2005 Thai Buddhist Monk Accidentally Glues Eyes Shut
02-26-2005 World's Most Expensive Tea Bag Created (Finally!)
02-26-2005 U.S. Team Tests "Dirty" Radioactive Bomb Scenario
02-26-2005 Canada Opts Out of U.S. Pork Shield
02-25-2005 Loving Farewell to Hunter S. Thompson
02-23-2005 Hunter S. Thompson Wanted Remains Fired From Cannon
02-22-2005 Ice Storm From Hell
02-22-2005 Hunter S. Thompson - The Duke Moves On
02-22-2005 Photo Gallery: Mt. Telemark, Cable, WI - With the Metry Family
02-17-2005 Hillary Clinton Wants Convicted Felons To Vote
02-17-2005 Fuze Air-To-Surface Technology
02-12-2005 Photo Gallery: Spring Sunny Day Along Lake Superior
02-11-2005 Eason Jordan Quits CNN Over Comment on Combat Incident
02-11-2005 The Gospel According to St. Titleist
02-11-2005 U.S. Marine Charged With Murdering Two Iraqi Terrorists
02-07-2005 Photo Gallery: The Atomic Punks Weekend
02-01-2005 Kidnapped Soldier Actually Toy Action Figure
02-01-2005 My Niece and Nephews Hurling Off of Grandpa's Garage
02-01-2005 The Bill of Non-Rights - by Lewis Napper
01-29-2005 Navy Releases Photos of Damaged Sub
01-27-2005 Man Peed His Way Out Of Avalanche
01-25-2005 Opinion Column: An Inaugural Formula For Endless War
01-25-2005 The LARK Program
01-23-2005 Photo Gallery: Winter Camping in Northern, MN
01-18-2005 Why you should brush your teeth! From a U.S. Army Dentist in the field in Iraq
01-18-2005 Photo Gallery: Brighton Beach on Lake Superior (A nippy afternoon!)
01-14-2005 Weird Fish - Indonesia - Indian Ocean Fish
01-12-2005 Essay: Former Gov. Lamm (Colorado) on "Wake Up America"
01-12-2005 The First Real Snow Of 2005 In Duluth
01-11-2005 New Photos of Ultra-Dense Contrails (Chemtrails?)
01-10-2005 Some Neighborhood Pals - Growing Up - Igloo Fort - 1974-75
01-07-2005 Tony Spears a 5-lb. Crawfish (circa 1985)
01-06-2005 Strange Object Seen Near Sun
01-06-2005 A Little Crane Trouble
01-05-2005 US seeks to buy ammunition from Taiwan as stocks run low
01-05-2005 Andy Rooney Gets It Right
01-05-2005 Photo Gallery: 2004 New Years' Weekend
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