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U.S. Rifle, Caliber .30, M1
Affectionately known simply as...The Garand Rifle
I bought this rifle from the Civilian Marksmanship Program last August at Camp Perry, Ohio during the National Matches. I actually bought two, and have a matching version that is of the same grade. This is a Denmark version (see below) that over time and warehousing had bad or cracked stocks and were offered for sale at the CMP without wood furniture. I bought brand new top-quality walnut wood from Boyds' Gunstock Industries (BOYDS) and had the rifle, stock and rear and forward handguard assemblies custom fitted and fire-tested by my gunsmith Eric Meitzner (715-378-2211) of Solon Springs, Wisconsin. All of the extra U.S. original-issue front assembly parts were purchased from Fulton Armory of Savage, Maryland. Note the "flair" of the custom wood-burned "Camp Perry 2005" on the front handguard. This rifle is calibrated with a muzzle erosion of 2 and a throat erosion of 2+. Not bad for a Dane issue M1.
November 18, 2005

The Danish M1s were U.S. M1s Springfields (like mine) or Winchesters, mostly WWII production that went to Denmark after the War. They were not "Lend Lease" because Denmark was occupied during the War. There were two distinct groups of rifles, one lot of approximately 20,000 were loaned to the Danes and the other lot of possibly 40,000 were purchased by Denmark. This rifle from the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) is of the first lot. Since these rifles were on loan to Denmark the Danes simply gave them back. Unlike the Brits, the Danes did not stamp proof and acceptance marks all over the rifles and since the rifles were not imported there are no import marks. The only marks the Danes used were the anchor and three or four digit number (possibly five) on the sight cover (Navy Issue), and stamped serial number of the rifle on the bottom area of the stock above the toe.
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