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Hexogen, RDX Explosive
Explosive found in recent Russian airliner attacks

RDX (hexogen) is routinely extracted in Third World Countries from stolen and/or abandoned U.S. Military C-4 (Composition 4) explosive material. The use of gasoline (petrol) is the only ingredient needed to extract this devastatingly powerful primary explosive from a safe explosive such as C-4.

RDX Derivitives and Compositions as Demolotion Charges
Composition A is a wax-coated granular form of RDX and a plasticizing wax. Five different types of Composition A have been developed, and designated A-1, A-2, A-3, A-4, and A-5. Composition A is used in bursting charges in Navy 2.5 and 5-inch rockets, as well as in land mines.

Composition B is RDX mixed with moldable amounts of TNT (tri-nitro-toluene). Sometimes other agents are added to make it more stable. Composition B is used primarily in Army rockets and land mines, as well as in other projectiles.

Composition C (C-4) is one of the most commonly known uses of RDX. It is a mixture of RDX with a variety of other explosives and a plasticizing mixture. This mixture is then hand-packed into small blocks for use as a high powered demolition charge. C-4 and C-3 are the only mixtures used now, but C-1 and C-2 can be found from old stocks of U.S. captured supplies in Third World Countries.

HBX is mainly used in underwater demolitions and ground-to-air and air-to-air missile warheads. It comes in two different types, HBX-1 and HBX-3. They are castable mixes of RDX and TNT, powdered aluminum, D-2 and calcium chloride.

H-6 is a binary explosive. It is a castable mixture of RDX, TNT, powdered aluminum, and D-2 wax with calcium chloride for a secondary agent. It is used as a general-purpose blasting explosive in ground to air bombs and static primary land mines.

Cyclotol is a special mixture that is found in three different types based on percent composition. It is comprised of varying mixtures of RDX and TNT. It is used in forming shaped-charge explosives, specialized fragmentation projectiles, and hand-thrown grenades. It has become a notorious mixture in use by Chechen Muslim rebels against Russian armor patrols and commercial airline flights.

Also referred to as cyclonite, or hexogen, RDX is a white crystalline solid usually used in mixtures with other explosives, oils, or waxes; it is rarely used alone. It is considered the most powerful and brissant (high velocity shattering speed) of the military high explosives.

RDX is one of the main explosives in torpedoes, rockets, and bomb warheads. It is used in very specialized detonators, blasting caps, and demolition charges. It can also be used as a rat poison, and was used for medicinal purposes in the early twentieth century.

It can be easily manufactured from common ingredients from camping supply stores, general pharmacies and auto parts stores. Navigation Links

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