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Humor Pages - 2010-14
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06-16-2016 Old Coleman LP Lanterns Went Obsolete!
07-12-2015 Modern Sentry Training
03-05-2015 Ranger Up!!! Real-World Hand Signals
01-19-2015 Obama - Just Playing Through
01-16-2015 Some Obama Humor
09-25-2014 Bullshit Bingo - Obama Version
09-24-2014 Flowchart Tells You When to Worry About Anything
08-27-2014 To Kill an American
04-20-2014 Hazard Fraught Tools
04-14-2014 Long Live The Queen
04-14-2014 They Only Had One Job To Do
03-06-2014 Has It Really Come To This?
03-06-2014 Ordering Some Golf Balls in the Obama Era
03-05-2014 I Forgot My Phone - Video
01-28-2014 Back To The Future, Part II
10-22-2013 How To Be Presidential - George W. Bush - 43rd U.S. President
10-07-2013 Obama Opposed Raising the Debt Ceiling as Senator
10-04-2013 Putin on Negotiating With Obama
10-04-2013 Efficient Gun Control That Makes Sense
10-03-2013 Remote Control Helicopter Footage - Niagara Falls
09-11-2013 Alert Levels in 2013 Europe
08-28-2013 Best Photo Caption Ever
08-28-2013 Justice For Trayvon...This Explains Everything
08-26-2013 Toneman the SPAM® King
08-26-2013 Shocking Report From Detroit
07-22-2013 State Mottos
06-26-2013 Wildebeest Migration Argument
06-25-2013 Now That's a Great Dog!
06-18-2013 Your "Private" Phone Calls
05-05-2013 How To Properly Sit In The Oval Office (Note to Barack Obama)
05-01-2013 Gutter Repair
03-05-2013 Sean Penn Mourns Loss of Hugo Chavez
03-04-2013 Dennis Rodman's Lovefest with Kim Il Un
03-02-2013 Photos: The 2013 "Running of the Bowls" Toilet Bowl Races
02-27-2013 Retro Photo: Toneman Rappelling off Enger Tower
02-26-2013 New Golf Lingo
02-19-2013 Who Are The Real American Heroes?
02-12-2013 US Marines Rescue Taliban Sex Slaves
02-10-2013 Spearfishing - How Not To Do It
01-31-2013 Viet Nam Helicopter Pilot Wisdom
01-20-2013 Start The Day...(Okay, it involves bacon)
01-17-2013 Trail Camera Visitors
01-16-2013 Confiscate Liberal Democrats?
01-08-2013 Obama Lying About Guns
01-03-2013 Mayor Bloomberg on Gun Control
01-02-2013 Sgt. Stubby - A True War Dog
01-02-2013 Happy Holidays, From Your President!
10-31-2012 The Zombies are Coming
10-28-2012 Obama Fairness
08-20-2012 Photo: Tony Doing a Back Flip Off The Roof In A Blizzard (retro to 1997 or so...)
02-13-2012 Scott Walker's Brown Bag Guide To Government
12-13-2011 U Want Change? DuhBro Gotta Go - 2012
10-12-2011 Photo Gallery (Humor): Occupy Duluth - Protest Rally - October 2011
09-26-2011 The Real Problem With Our Government
09-26-2011 Behind the Scenes in the Obama Administration
09-20-2011 Disrespect For Public Housing
09-08-2011 Video:Chimp With An AK-47 (4MB WMV)
08-26-2011 Anticipation of the Unveiling of the Obama Statue
08-26-2011 Patriot vs. Punk - Evidence Example No. 236 (Obama and Perry)
08-21-2011 Command Experience - Bush vs Obama
08-19-2011 Whiskey - A Texas Politician's Take
08-11-2011 Spirit Mountain Timber Twister & Zip Line Videos
05-10-2011 The Baptist Preacher and the Fighter Pilot on a Flight to Texas
05-10-2011 Some Awesomely Bad Fashions From the 1970's and 1980's
05-10-2011 Now Canada Has a Border Problem
05-10-2011 World's Shortest Books
04-29-2011 Celebrities Who Look Alike...Separated at Birth?
04-29-2011 Okay, The Food May Be Great, But...I ain't eating here!
04-05-2012 Redneck Deer Hunting No-Bait Warning Sign
03-21-2011 Coyote Hunting - South Dakota Style
03-21-2011 Toivo's Favorite Animal That Is Alive
03-17-2011 Confessions of a 2nd Grader: My Favorite Animal
03-17-2011 Fail!
03-17-2011 A Cajun Walks Into a Bar with an Alligator...
03-17-2011 Obama Voters: So how is the "Hope and Change" going?
02-25-2011 2011 Fish Lake Vintage Snowmobile Rally
02-24-2011 NSA Terrorist Threat Levels - By Country (This is really funny)
02-24-2011 Terminology Translations - Californian to Minnesotan
02-24-2011 Yosemite National Park - Frazil Ice - Yosemite Creek - Video
02-24-2011 Ode To Joyous Flight - Video
02-24-2011 Rules to Live By - By Service Branch
02-24-2011 Top 10 Ways to tell if you might be a member of a Public-Sector Union
02-21-2011 Egyptian Protester Headgear
01-07-2011 Some Awesomely Silly Feedback From A Fan Of My Website
12-07-2010 Fishing Trip Invitation
12-07-2010 How To Load a Truck For Hunting
11-02-2010 The Cessna and the Lawnmower
11-02-2010 High Jump (From Kneeling) World Record
11-02-2010 Five Monkeys - A Lesson in Politics
11-02-2010 What Used To Fly For Proper Advertisements
11-02-2010 Flight Experience - Bush vs. Obama
11-02-2010 Video: The Deer That Got Away (1.4MB WMV)
10-20-2010 My Doctor Hu Told Me This...He's a Doctor
10-20-2010 The Lost Picasso - Election Year 2010
10-20-2010 Office Food Theft Wars
10-20-2010 Turtle Burgers
10-20-2010 Squeeze Bacon (Where do I buy it???)
10-20-2010 Great Tea Party Sign
08-11-2010 Video: How To Botch a Holdup (800k WMV)
07-23-2010 There! I Fixed It!
07-23-2010 Some REALLY Big Snow!
07-23-2010 Alabama Funeral
07-23-2010 Motivational Posters For Men
07-23-2010 Omega-3 Supplements From BP
07-23-2010 Who Is Your Real Friend?
07-23-2010 Two Minnesota Bucks Frozen in Ice
07-23-2010 Barack Hussein Obama's Simple Message to Americans About His Health Care Fiasco
07-23-2010 Savage Model 10MLSS .50 caliber Muzzleloader Rifle Blown Up
07-23-2010 Video: Whitetail Buck Fight (6MB WMV)
06-12-2010 25 Ways To Tell You Are All Grown Up...
06-09-2010 Cool Retro Photos from Tony's "Big Box of Prints"
06-09-2010 Tony's Letter Home From Camp Miller - 1977
05-28-2010 May God Bless This Airline Captain
05-28-2010 Salami Battle in German Grocery Store
05-28-2010 Snowman Humor
05-28-2010 Hunting Trophies - 2010
05-28-2010 Siamese Northern Pike
05-01-2010 Border Crossing Realities
05-01-2010 The Haircut
05-01-2010 New Air Force Rank Chart
04-27-2010 Cattle-Guard Gate Mayhem
04-08-2010 Parenthood: Failure!
04-08-2010 The Promised Land
04-07-2010 Bank Robbers Phone Their Cash Demand Ahead
04-07-2010 Tea Party Girl
04-07-2010 The Deer Stayed Home
04-07-2010 Wrist Rocket Rigged For Shooting Arrows
04-07-2010 Chicken Egg Humor
04-07-2010 Almost Springtime in Minnesota
04-07-2010 Moose That Fell Into A Crack
03-27-2010 Earth Hour 2010
03-26-2010 Obama Political Cartoons From Around The World (Not everyone likes him!)
03-26-2010 Animal Talk
03-26-2010 Homeless Panhandler Signs - It Pays to be Clever!
03-25-2010 How to Tell When it is REALLY COLD! (Frozen Jack)
03-25-2010 Wedding Photos That Make You Say: "Oh My God..."
03-23-2010 "Trapped" by Police, Woman Calls 911
03-19-2010 An Obama Recap: 2009 - The First Year
03-19-2010 Minnesota Governor Candidate Bakk: Tax Clothes
03-19-2010 U.S. Air Force Bird Strike Prevention Program
03-19-2010 The Monk's Story
03-19-2010 Demographics of U.S. Newspapers
03-08-2010 The Ultimate Duck Blind
03-08-2010 Video: Farmer Dill Plays Tunes With His Hands
03-03-2010 Polish Air Force C-130 Has a Major Airframe Stress Event
03-03-2010 When Someone Steals Your Kodak Moment
03-03-2010 President Obama Showing His Disrespect for the Office
03-03-2010 House Fly Art Humor - When You Get Really Bored At Work (Govt Job)
03-03-2010 U.P. Michigan Deer Camp - Ultimate Ground Blind
03-03-2010 Handyman Corner: How NOT To Do Repairs!
03-03-2010 Koalas Bearing the Heat
03-03-2010 Why Some Cars Don't Have Obama Stickers
03-03-2010 The Obama Talking Bullshitter Doll - Best Selling Toy of 2010
03-03-2010 Best Craigslist Ad Ever
03-03-2010 Ted Nugent: On Deer Hunting
03-03-2010 The Deer Joke
02-10-2010 The Bruce Carr Story - Circa WWII
02-10-2010 Video: My Father (Earl) Interviewed for an Airport News Story on WDIO TV
02-05-2010 Swamp Buck With Extraordinarily Long Hooves
01-29-2010 Take The Dwight Schrute Character Knowledge Quiz
01-22-2010 Anti-Gun State Senator Kills Intruders With Gun
01-22-2010 Video: The Great Fishing Dog (3MB WMV)
01-22-2010 Crocodile Takes an Arm
01-22-2010 Rare Photo of the Elusive Tiger Shark
01-22-2010 Moose Kiss
01-22-2010 Immaculate Collection of Chevrolet Convertibles
01-18-2010 Canada Snowmobile Hot Rod
01-18-2010 Proposed New TSA Airport Screening Procedures
01-14-2010 Traffic Jam on the Snowmobile Trail
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