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Miscellaneous Video Clips
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Syrian Tank (fully armed) Hit by an Israeli Rocket
Watch the cook-off of ammunition inside. Looks like a test exercise, but I don't know. If anyone was really inside trying to drive and shoot, they would be extra crispy.
Syrian Tank Hit By Israeli Rocket (2.42MB WMV)

Jihad Trainees Setting an IED Very Improperly
This video of thermal footage was recorded from an AC-130 gunship from a mile or more away. No rounds were fired by the aircraft—this was just natural selection at work. Some jihadists were trying to conjure up an IED made from a 155mm artillery shell. Evidently, they lost the instruction manual. Problem resolved.
Jihad Trainees

AH-64D Apache Longbow
A Visual Lesson on how to Destroy Enemy Vehicles (Gulf War One)
Check out how these Apache AH-64's pick and choose and take out everything the want to.
Apache AH-64D Longbow - Maverick AGM-65 101 Instructions

AC-130 Spectre - Death From Above - Afghanistan
"Do not engage the mosque, over."
Go Ahead and Run, But You'll Just Die Tired...

Apache AH-64D Longbow
See the last campfire these dudes ever get to enjoy. The cannon fire after the missile seemed like a tad bit of overkill, but at least they made sure they finished the job.
Last Campfire (7MB WMV)

Apache AH-64D Longbow
Watch out for that dog! 40 rounds from the M230 30mm Cannon takes care of business.
Don't Kill The Dog! (3MB WMV)

USS Kittyhawk Aircraft Carrier in Very Heavy Seas
Check out the helicopter lashed onto the bow...
USS Kittyhawk (5.3MB WMV)

Launch of a French Eryx Anti-Tank Missile
French Missile (955k WMV)

Iraq VBIED On The Road (Lucky to be alive!) VBIED - Very Big Improvised Explosive Device
Iraq Roadside Bomb (2.72 MB MPEG)

Why It Is A Bad Idea To Aim A Rocket At U.S. Marines
Classic footage of an inexperienced Iraqi militia recruit aiming an RPG down the street and getting his ass whooped in a hurry. Nice slow-mo and super-slow-mo shows a piece a "bark" flying off of his skull from pre-emptive machine gun fire. Gotta love his arm getting shot off, too...
Ineffective Rocket Launch Attempt (870k WMV)

Iraqi Insurgent Not Watching His Back While Firing an RPG (same as above)
Iraqi RPG Firing Attempt (2.2 MB MPEG)

Jihad Trainees
Not the sharpest tacks in the box .
Jihad Trainees (2.1MB WMV)

Aircraft Carrier Landing
Cockpit video of an S3 Viking landing on an aircraft carrier.
S3 Viking Landing (2.5MB WMV)

M1A1 Abrams Tank Footage
World's best Main Battle Tank, rocking around the Fort Knox test track. Some footage looks like it was from Ft. Irwin.
M1A1 MBT (3.95MB MPEG)

M1A2 Abrams Tank Footage
World's best Main Battle Tank (plus 1), rocking around the Fort Knox test track.
M1A2 MBT (3.61MB MPEG)

Al-Zarqawi's "Safe House" Being Destroyed by Two 500-lb Bombs From F-16's
Footage Courtesy of
This F-16 gun-camera footage shows the devastating effects of one relatively "small" MK-82 free-fall, nonguided general purpose 500-lb bomb on a residential target. The bomb is equipped with the mechanical M904 (nose) and a radar-proximity FMU-113 air-burst fuze and an explosive charge of 192 lbs. of H-6 explosive chemical composition. Note that the house in question is illuminated "hot" like a bullseye before the first bomb hits. This is thermal image footage, so I don't know what made the target so "hot" and such an obvious target against the other background homes and serious foliage. Looks like about 2 square blocks around the house are destroyed by the first bomb's blast damage. The same F-16 then comes in from an opposing angle and plants another MK-82 right on the rubble, to make sure nobody walks away.
Twin 500-pounders Kill al-Zarqawi (3.18MB WMV)

MH60K Blackhawk Helicopter - MOSUL, IRAQ
MH-60K Blackhawk DAP (Deep Attack Penetrator) Gunships in Mosul, Iraq. Pretty cool display of the 7.62mm Minigun and larger 30mm cannon rounds followed by 2.75" rockets pounding the enemy. MH60 Show Of Force (3.6MB WMV)

Main Battle Tank
Watch the video montage (1.42MB Windows Media Viewer) of 67 Tons of Armor at 50+ miles-per-hour through nasty terrain and the main cannon still stays on target.

Humvee Fires A LOSAT (Line Of Sight Anti-Tank) Missile
Watch the precision hit (695kb Windows Media Viewer) as a Humvee fires a LOSAT missile at a tank.

Truck Drives Into A Crash Barrier
A new anti-terrorism crash barrier is tested (680kb Windows Media Viewer) with a large dump truck. The truck never had a chance.

B2 Spirit Stealth Bomber
Don't mess with the United States, man. This very scary video (1.6MB Windows Media Viewer) shows the power and accuracy of a B-2 Spirit stealth bomber going through its paces.

Bombing Bad Guys
The footage on this WMV is actually a CAS (Close Air Support) attack by an F-16 in Fallujah. From an Afghan/Iraq Veteran: "I think it has been posted elsewhere on the web incorrectly, leading to a common misconception. No B-2 footage from inside the actual B-2 Spirit aircraft has been publicly released as they have not utilized Laser Guided Bombs in combat. They have used JDAMS."

Islam Suicide Belt Construction
Here's how to strap on some bad ass explosives and go see some theoretical virgins...
Suicide Belt (1.63MB WMV)

A New Duck Ampibious Vehicle!
Who wants to go duck hunting?
Duck Track (1.63MB WMV)


Two Whitetail Bucks In A Bitchslap Boxing Match From Hell
I've never seen bucks do this in the wild or in captivity. I wouldn't want to go head-to-head with a buck flailing hooves at me like this! (Special thanks to George McElvy for sending me this gem!)
BuckFight (

Street Fighter
It's always best not to show off "too" much before the fight begins...
Street Fighter (2MB WMV)

BMX Kids In a Street Fight
BMX Kid Fight (2.3MB WMV)

Surfer Fight
Two surfers beat the crap out of each other on the beach
Surfer Fight (6.9MB MPEG)

Snowboarder Fight
A nice lightning punch gets thrown to start it off
Snowboarder Fight (5.2MB WMV)

Two Kids In a Street Fight, White Kid Getting OWNED
Kid Fight (4.5MB WMV)

Two VERY Large Guys In a Bareknuckle Backyard Fight
Looks like they kept it pretty sporting...
Bareknuckle Heavyweight Fight (6.5MB WMV)

Southern California Girl Fight Part I
Girls beating the crap out of each other.

Southern California Girl Fights Part II
Some more ass-kicking from girls. Someone should have stopped this one in the first thirty seconds. Five minutes of belting each other is a little much. Still fun to watch, though.

Wrong Side of a Fight
Showing that if you are not born to fight, just avoid a fight. This young man knows how to fight, and the poor sucker just got it.


Chimpanzee With An AK-47 Rifle
Why no African country is a superpower.
Chimp With An AK-47 (4MB WMV)

Deer That Got Away
I guess it was just a bad shot, but really too bad. Lucky buck!
Deer That Got Away (1.4MB WMV)

How To Botch a Holdup
His first mistake was to rob a gun store...
Special thanks to Don Hooton for sending me this gem...
How To Botch a Holdup (800k WMV)

Midget Thai Kick Boxing
Okay, looks like the rules are a little loose and anything goes.
Midget Thai Kick Boxing (2MB WMV)

Tiger & Frank
A candid conversation between Tiger Woods and his headcover, Frank.
Tiger and Frank (1MB WMV)

Whitetail Deer Buck Fight
Two big boys going at it.
Whitetail Buck Fight (6MB WMV)

The Nancy Pelosi Applause Workout
Tighten those thighs and tone those glutes with the Nancy Pelosi "Applause Workout"!
Special thanks to Fran Sickler for sending me this gem...
Nancy Pelosi Applause Workout (5MB WMV)

The Great Fishing Dog
Why screw around with rod-n-reel when your retriever can just go get the fish? Atta boy!!!
Special thanks to Greg Sawyer for sending me this gem...
Fishing Dog (3MB WMV)

Jet Boat Driving Through a Race Course Best Described as a "Maze"
How the hell do they know where they are supposed to turn???!!!
Special thanks to my Uncle Bob for sending me this gem...
Jet Boat Racing Maze (5MB WMV)

This crazy Canada goose has either:

a) Decided to protect its turf like a fanatical Jihadi
b) Has seen too many kinfolk downed by goose hunters that were retrieved by Chesapeake Bay Retrievers
c) Doesn't like dogs in general
d) All of the above

See the Crazy Goose (6.2 MB WMV) go nuts after the poor dog. I'm surprised the dog didn't just bite it right on the neck at the easy opportunities. Geese are scary little beasts, though. I would have been scared, too! Thanks to Pete M. for sending me this wild little gem of a video...

"Washing" a Car With One Bucket of Water
A LIEBHERR R 9800 Crawler Excavator dumps a single shovel of water on a car. The R 9800 has a shovel capacity of 54.9 cubic tards, which if fully loaded is 11,100 U.S. gallons of water. At 8.35 pounds per gallon, that was about 92,000 pounds of water falling on the hapless car! Thanks to Desmo Don for sending me this gem...
The One Bucket Car Wash (3MB WMV)

Dog Treat - None For Obama, Though!
Even dogs know!
No Treat For Obama (4MB WMV)

Macho-Style Sporting Clays
Taking down clays with a big gun!
Macho-Clays (2MB WMV)

How REAL MEN Remove Embedded Fish Hooks
I've seen this done before, but not with a hook THIS big! You have to do it right, and COMMIT!
How Real Men Remove an Embedded Fish Hook (6.8MB WMV)

Obama Visits Russia and Gets Seriously Snubbed
The look on Barack's face after he realizes what is happening is Priceless.
Barack Hussein Obama Snubbed in Russia (3MB WMV)

Cutting a Little Too Deep
Gutting an elk, and putting the knife just a little too deep. Thanks to Pete Markham for sending me this gem.
Elk Gutting Gone Wrong (5MB WMV)

Faking Being Wasted Drunk Just To Watch a Sports Game
No, not something I would ever do, but it is funny if you are married to a woman who does not like watching the game on TV.
Faking Drunk for Sports on TV (3MB WMV)

How to Skin a Deer with a Truck
Hey, why the hell not? It works really well, as you'll see! Note the bullet exit-wound? That wiped out a lot of good meat there. I wonder what cartridge/bullet combo was used. That looks ugly as hell.
Skin a Deer - Truck-Style (4MB WMV)

Well-Executed Log & Lever Prank on a Friend
Some friend...
Log Prank (1MB WMV)

Nancy Pelosi Greets Brad Pitt at Capitol Hill
She's so excited, she just does what comes naturally...
NancyPelosiGreetsBradPitt (5MB WMV)

Golf Betrayal
It is an old joke, and funny to see it acted out on video. I guess it would piss me off, too.
GolfBetrayal (1.85MB WMV)

Train hit by a tornado
This occurred in Illinois earlier this year (2009). The loco-cam is on the rear of the locomotive. Watch especially to the left, with the trees bending, debris in the air, and you can actually see the tornado pass from right to left. It hits full-speed at the 1:00 minute mark on the video. The steel rails were moved out of alignment off the railbed to the left 18 inches. Yowza!
Tornado Hits a Train (10MB WMV)


You Can't Fix Stupid - Part I
"I think I have the strength to Superman it down a subway escalator! Wait, I guess I don't!
Escalator Smash Face (1MB WMV)

You Can't Fix Stupid - Part II
"I'll just kick through this heavy wall plank, and be a stud (no pun) to my buddies. Wait, it just chopped my leg in half, dude!
Drunken Wall Kick With Gravity Consequences (600k WMV)

You Can't Fix Stupid - Part III
"I paid a lot for this parking garage. Time for a ride on the bike. Wait, what is that shadow coming down near my helmet?
Garage Door Clip To The Face (600k WMV)

You Can't Fix Stupid - Part IV
"I'll bring my girlfriend along on my sport bike and impress her with a wheelie! Wait, I'm not that good, and now she looks like a bad batch of road hamburger!
Don't Do a Wheelie With Your Girlfriend on the Bike (200k WMV)

You Can't Fix Stupid - Part V
"Hey, video me while I show off doing a wheelie! Wait, I'm not that good, and I probably should have at least worn a jacket. Where's the skin that used to be on my back?!
Don't Do a Wheelie You Can't Do (400k WMV)

Jungle Booze
This is a real video from a French documentary. You won’t understand a word, but the video’s a hoot. There are trees that grow in Africa which, once a year, produce very juicy fruits that contain a large percentage of alcohol. Because there is a shortage of water, as soon as the fruits are ripe, animals come to help protect themselves from the heat. What happens next, you can watch for yourselves. Jungle Fruit Booze (5.7MB WMV)

Super Trike Jump - ala Travis Pastrana
Travis Trike Jump (1.5MB WMV)

One Bad-Ass Texas Rabbit
I ran this by a former Texas resident, and he said he had seen rabbits chase away snakes from their burrows with their babies, but never as aggressively as this!
Bad-Ass Texas Rabbit (2MB WMV)

Law Enforcement and Dispatchers Drink
Law Enforcement Dealing With The Public (5MB WMV)

Bank Robbery Getaway
This looks very staged, because the two squads are parked right down the block while the bad guys run in plain sight out to their getaway car. Still rather funny to watch.
Robbery Getaway (5MB WMV)

Testing Soft Body Armor - Redneck Style
A possible Darwin Award Winner, but no, just a runner-up contender. Note the lit cigarette during the entire test, and the rest of the guys not sure if the vest actually worked!
Redneck Body Armor Test - 9mm (3.35MB WMV)

Molson Beer - Canadians Chase Beaver, Eh?
Chasing Beaver (421k WMV)

Proof That Dogs Do Dream - And Even Sleepwalk!
We've all seen our favorite dog do this, but I've never seen one get traction and actually run!!!
BizKit The Sleepwalking Dog (3MB WMV)

Durex Condom Commercial (Squeeky - Squeeky!)
SqueekySqueeky (3.5MB WMV)

Honda Motor Co's Infamous "Rube Goldberg" Domino Commercial
HondaDominoEvent (3.5MB WMV)

What Happens When Engineers Own Dogs
Engineer's Dog Play Toy (5MB WMV)

A Lesson In Landing Zone Situational Awareness - Skateboard Trick Gone VERY Wrong
Stopping a Skateboard Stunt With Your Nuts (2MB WMV)

Welcome To America!
Illegal Border Crossing Clown Car. I counted 27 illegals exiting the van!
Clown Car Border Run (3MB WMV)

Someone Having a VERY Bad Day at Work
Oh, Crap (946k WMV)

Ever Have a Night Like This? (It sucks when this happens...)
Interruption Event - Doggy Style (780k WMV)

Why I Love Hockey
Florida Panthers Fan (6.3MB WMV)

So You Think You Can Drink a Beer Quickly?
How To Put Back a Pitcher (780k WMV)

Swear Jar At Work
Swear Jar (2.35MB WMV)

Naked Joke of the Week
Little Johnny using big words, as told by Jelena Jensen in the buff.
Naked Joke (4MB WMV)

British Trap Shooting
Thanks for sending this, Toivo! I almost spit my coffee out my nose the first time I watched it!
British Trap Shooting (4MB WMV)

Merry Christmas, Osama!
Merry Christmas, Mr. Bin Laden (2.5MB WMV)

Hank Williams, Jr. and Obama
Hank Williams, Jr. Sings About Obama (7MB WMV)

Make Sure You're In The Right Therapy Session!
Therapy Room (3MB WMV)

Doggie makes a Prison Break
Prison Break (2MB WMV)

Owned By The Ball!
Ball! (4MB WMV)

Duck! (783k WMV)

Sean White Snowboard Descent
Some serious cajones to even ATTEMPT this line!
Amazing Descent (5MB WMV)

I'm Burying My Goldfish
I love surprises like this.
Burying My Goldfish (2MB WMV)

Adam and Eve - Glad that this didn't happen!
Thanks to Greg S. for sending this one!
Adam and Eve (2MB WMV)

Tim Hawkins - These are things you should NEVER say to your wife!
Thanks to Niki for sending this one!
Tim Hawkins on Guitar (6.56MB WMV)

UAV Baby
Parody of the eTrade television commercials...thanks to Noah for sending this one!
UAV Baby (2.35MB WMV)

Best Wave Ever
Budweiser Beer Commercial...thanks to Noah for sending this one!
Best Wave Ever (2MB WMV)

Put Away The Bird Feeder!
This guy is a riot...
No More Bird Feeders (6.8MB WMV)

Democrats on an Escalator!
Just ride....but Beware if it STOPS!
Democrats on an Escalator (2MB WMV)

She Didn't Float???
Looks like some Big Brother television contestant, and it is surprising she didn't go "tits up!"
She Didn't Float? (2MB WMV)

Giving Some Beaners a Ride
This is somewhat mean, but they WERE all apparently illegal aliens in the United States of America.
Giving Some Beaners a Ride to a Job (5MB WMV)

Guiness Beer Commercial
Guiness Beer Commercial (2MB WMV)

It Looked Like a Parking Lot!
Actually I am going to cut this driver a lot of slack, because anyone would have done this malfunction. Who designs a front building pool with vehicle access from a driveway entrance???
It Looked Like a Parking Lot! (4.8MB WMV)

The Front Fell Off
The Front Fell Off (2.74MB WMV)

Standup Comic's Very Funny Story About His First Blowjob
Blowjob Story (4.75MB WMV)

Inexperienced Young Tart, Trying To Fire A Desert Eagle .50AE Desert Eagle
Note the T-Shirt Proclamation From the idiot showing her how to fire this pistol. "Fuck Y'All"
Did they fire this in a city park somewhere? What is up with the fountain? Where did they do this?
Girl With Desert Eagle (1.66MB WMV)

Hillclimb to Beat All Hillclimbs
This guy found a great line!
Desert Hill Climb (756k WMV)

Bad Dinner Manners - 1950 Style
Whoa there, darling!
Watch what you opine in 1954! (5.6MB WMV)

No Whoppers???
The OutTakes of when Burger King told customers that there were no more Whoppers!
No Whoppers? (3.79MB WMV)

Internet Dating
Careful with those webcams, kids!
Internet Dating Flash (2.2MB WMV)

Drunk Friend Alarm Clock
When Firecrackers have gone bad!
Bloody Back (2MB WMV)

Bloody Back
Mercury and shards of glass in your back?
Bloody Back (2MB WMV)

The Real Reason Why The Yankees lost to the Red Sox in the 2007 World Series
Watch the gal behind the CATCHER as the pitcher throws the ball...Pay attention to her left hand!
Pitch Distraction (2MB WMV)

How About An Oil Change?
How NOT to pull in for a quick 15-minute oil change! Thanks to Noah for sending this gem...
Oil Change Gone Wrong (1.9MB WMV)

Live in Tikrit...
Subtitles (1.2MB WMV)

Bush - BeatBox...
Bush and Cheney are doing the mix beat...
Bush-Cheney Mix (1.2MB WMV)

Like on the Discovery Channel
Make sure you have your sound turned on for this one. Probably the funniest monkey video I have ever seen in my life.
A Day in the Tree (1.9MB WMV)

The Proper Way To Arrest a Terrorist
Sometimes Spain gets things right.
Arrest a Terrorist (1.7MB WMV)

Dumb Ass Award Winner
I'm not exactly sure how someone could be this stupid, but they had the brilliant idea to try to shoot a large rocket out of their ass. And they were equally brilliant in deciding to shoot a video of it.
Ass Rocket (1.33MB WMV)

Welsh Beer Bong
Leave it to the sophisticated Welshmen to do crazy shit like least they weren't completely wasting the beer! (Not for the weak-stomached...hell, nobody should watch this, in fact!)
Welsh Beer Bong (4MB WMV)
Special thanks to James R. from the UK who corrected me that these are Welshmen, and NOT Irishmen! Thanks, James!

One Cool Dog
This is possibly the coolest dog in the world...
Two Legged Dog (5MB WMV)

Muslim Rave Party
Some Mullah is going nuts about something...see what Ecstasy does to you, kids? Note the one guy who runs up and does the "Seinfeld Episode tapping the top of the head" maneuver, signaling that he needs assistance. We used to use that for speed control while kneeboarding behind speedboats!
See the Party (2.13MB WMV)

This Video Was Originally Called "Stupid Dog"
I call this dog the "Brashest Little Large Cajones Dog!" Brave little sucker grabs a firework tube and sees what is happening and actually holds on to it! I love this little dog!
Wiener Dog Retrieves a Firework (780kb WMV)

You Stupid Americans and Your Subtitles!
Interview with a Zarqawi-wannabe, who gets irate over CNN subtitles! (Very funny)
No Subtitles!

A Lesson About Fire and Gasoline
Two German "Fickenidiotens" turn a bonfire into a bomb.

June 9, 2005

Fickenidiotens (2 MB WMV)

The "Squirrel Flinger"
A little mean, but I'll bet the little sucker was fine...

February 15, 2005

The Squirrel Fling Trap (1.27 MB WMV)

Bear Goes Boing
Better Than Hitting The Turf, I Guess (1.85 MB WMV)

Don't Touch The Alpha Monkey There! He's Busy...
Don't Touch There, Little Dude! (1.89 MB WMV)

Hog Hunting, Texas Style!
February 4, 2005
A fan of my website, Doug from Texas, sent me this movie clip of some serious downing of hogs.

Volkswagen Polo
February 2, 2005
One tough little car...too tough for terrorists. (Not a real VW ad, for you newbies out there...)

This Guy Was Just DRIVING!!!
One Drunk Doofus who probably could not sign the citation against him.

The Jacuzzi Accident
"How long is this going to take?" Whoops, too long...(WARNING: Poop Humor!)

Why Men Don't Listen
Small distraction
Not Listening (1.21MB WMV)


A True Moron Shooting a Rifle
Sure, it is fun to experiment, but it can be deadly when you are a moron...
Moron Shooting a Rifle (466k WMV)
Special thanks to John B. for sending me this gem!

Family Day Full Auto Weapons Shoot in West Virginia
Family Day Shoot - WV (5.332MB WMV)

Little Girl Breaks Down An AR-15
The proper thing for fathers to teach their little girls (keeps the boys in line!)
Speed Breakdown AR-15 (2MB WMV)

Bullet Art
Very high-speed camera footage of bullets striking various objects. Note the amount of back-splatter that occurs on every wet target? On mostly-liquid objects, the object explodes almost equally in both directions along the bullet trajectory plane. Every cop and soldier who has had to shoot someone at close range has told me about this. Special thanks to Toivo for sending me this.
High Speed Camera Bullet Art (3.27MB WMV)

Girl -vs- Desert Eagle
Note the boyfriend's T-shirt. That says it all.
Girl -vs- Desert Eagle, and the Eagle Wins (1.66MB WMV)


Cell Phone Zip Gun
Cell Phone Zip Gun (800k MPEG)

M-60A4 New Model
M-60A4 Firing a LONG Belt of 7.62 NATO (4.5 MB WMV)

DillonAero Gatling Gun Aerial Footage
The Dillon M134D Gatling Gun is the finest small caliber, defense suppression weapon available.  It is a six barreled, electrically driven machine gun chambered in 7.62mm NATO and fires at a fixed rate of 3,000 shots per minute.  See their website here.
DillonAero Gatling Gun (2.86MB WMV)

Dry Creek Military Class III Weapons Fired
Dry Creek (2.72 MB MPEG)

Glock 18 Pistol Firing Full Auto
With a cyclic rate of 1200 rounds per minute, the Glock 18 in 9mm parabellum is actually faster than the MAC10 machine pistol (which fires at around 1100 rpm). They make a pretty devastating little close quarters gun!

Glock 18 Full Auto (675k WMV)

New Glock 18 Video Link Courtesy of Jordan P.
This one is pretty lengthy. I'll cut it down a bit and post it directly on my server. Pretty interesting video, though!

Glock 18 With Drum Magazine (1.8MB WMV)

Jerry Miculek - World Record Pistol Shooting
February 8, 2005
How fast is fast? He fired 12 rounds (one reload) on target in 2.99 seconds from the draw.

Some LONG Shots At Whitetail Deer!
Long Pokes at Deer


F-16 Low Passes
A F-16C having fun doing some off-the-deck low passes over the desert.

Space Shuttle Atlantis Pilot's Landing View
From a pilot's standpoint this is awesome. No power - no go-around. It makes you feel like you are really there. This lo-res 8.5MB (6min45sec) video looks through the HUD (Heads Up Display) on Atlantis' flight deck. You'll hear flight deck audio of three astronauts interacting. The video starts at about FL830 (83,000 ft), mach 2.5 velocity at 1.1 Gs. You'll hear the term H A C (Heading Alignment Cylinder) used a lot. It's the shuttle's version of a traffic pattern to line up with the runway centerline. It is a circular instead of rectangular pattern. Landing is a team sport, as you'll see.
Shuttle Atlantis Landing (8.5MB WMV)

F-14 Blowout
An F-14 Tomcat breaking the sound barrier and then blowing up in mid-air

Russian Mi-14 Bad Put-Down in the Wet Stuff
He actually almost had it, until the cockpit filled with water! Took too long to shut down the rotors!
Mi-14 Losing It (1.6MB WMV)

Rescue Gone REALLY Bad
I think the rescue swimmer who got tossed off might not have survived.
Rescue Gone Wrong (691k WMV)

How To Test The Breaking Point of Front Landing Gear
He should have aborted the landing long before this happened...
Boing Boing (338k WMV)

KC-135 Doing a Rather Low Fly-By
Something that can only be done in a combat zone!
KC-135 Low Fly-By (4.5MB MPEG)

Air Force Thunderbird F-16 at an Idaho Air Show, 2003
An "external" view of a maneuver that went awry and the pilot punches out before disaster...
Thunderbird - External Ejection View (1.33MB WMV)

And now for the "reality" of it? - Air Force Thunderbird F-16 at an Idaho Air Show, 2003
An "internal" view of a maneuver that went awry and the pilot punches out before disaster...shows you how quick they have to react to avoid death when doing these maneuvers!
Thunderbird - Internal Ejection View (4.1MB WMV)

Airbus A321 Trying To Land In A HOWLING Crosswind
Watch as this aborted landing very nearly ends in complete failure.
A321 Crosswind Landing Abort (2.3MB WMV)

Boeing 747 Extreme Landing
Watch as this 747 Goes left.
747 Crosswind Lading (2.3MB WMV)

Boeing 777 and 747SP Crosswind Landing Tests
Video shows Boeing test pilots determining the demonstrated crosswind landing limits on the 777 and the 747SP. The engineers make educated guesses, but then the test crews have to go actually prove the numbers. They sneak off to Brazil to do these tests at a certain remote BAF airbase famous for its continual atrocious crosswinds. Should the gear sideloads be excessive and fold one up, there is nobody there to take nasty pix for the Airbus guys to wave around in the press.
Crosswind Nightmare Landings (3MB WMV)

See a crash video (640kb Windows Media Viewer) of an experimental C-130 with short-runway landing retro-rockets that fired too early and crashed the aircraft. Can you say "hard landing?"


San Diego High Speed Chase on FLIR (perp knew when to quit!)
You Won't Take Me Alive! (3.8MB WMV)

Captain Kirk Knows How To Use A Gun!
This Is A Gun! (6MB WMV)

Perp Blows His Head Off
To avoid a Felony Stop, this boy stops and shows the FLIR how to blow one's head literally off!
Perp Blows His Head Off (5MB WMV)

Perp With a Hostage Finds ut How Good The Team Sniper Is
Sniper Hit In The Face (792k WMV)

Fleeing Felon Shooting Back At The Cops
Pretty amazing dash-cam footage of a serious misbehaving felon. One of the most righteous, aggressive take-downs of the bad guy I've ever seen at the end.
Why Shooting At Cops Is A Very Bad Idea (5.3MB WMV)

Car Wreck
Missing the stop signal!
Car Wreck Missed Light (2MB WMV)

Instant Venison Sausage
Dashboard camera from a pursuit vehicle shows the unfortunate collision with a deer.
Deer Explosion (2MB WMV)


Anheuser-Busch's "Welcome Home" TV Commercial
Quite possibly the finest television commercial ever produced. It brings tears to my eyes every time I view it.
Welcome Home (1.67MB WMV)

A Veteran Saves The U.S. Flag Flying UNDER a Mexican Flag
Atta boy!
Veteran Saves Old Glory (4.24MB WMV)

Fighting in Fallujah, Iraq
November 11, 2004

Some good ass-kicking footage (5.6MB Windows Media View) of our troops giving them hell. One scene showing a soldier getting nicked in the head with a sniper round, but he appears to have gotten very lucky. (Courtesy of


Suzuki Hayabusa
A very fast filmed run on a Suzuki Hayabusa
Going Fast (1.66MB WMV)

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