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Polish Air Force C-130 Has a Major Airframe Stress Event
March 3, 2010

This is a very recent terrain-avoidance incident in Afghanistan.

The wings deflected roughly 12 feet! Which explains why the armpit panels blew out.

Elevators, gear doors and external tank damage was from trees...yes, they were THAT close!

C-130's... They are some tough-assed flying dumpsters!

Below is the Polish Air Force C-130 in Afghanistan that executed a 4+ G pullup to avoid terrain and survived to fly back to base. Notice the amount of elevator remaining. How fun was that to limp home?

Elevators sheared right off...
This is the Flare Magazine Panel, buckled...
Showing how the wing flex buckled the central fuselage and blew out the armpit panels...
External fuel tank collapsed into the wing pylon under the G-force...
Shredded the external landing gear door...


Special thanks to Noah (obviously!) for sending me these gems...


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