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Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
10-04-2013 Students Suspended For Putting American Flags On Their School
09-19-2013 SWAT Team Told To Stand Down at Naval Shooting
09-18-2013 Obama and the National Debt
01-03-2013 A Letter From a U.S. Marine to Senator Dianne Feinstein
05-01-2010 Human Statue of Liberty - 1918
03-25-2010 Video: Rep. Dingell Says Obamacare Will Eventually 'Control the People'
01-29-2010 The U.S. National Anthem Sung by the U.S. Academy Choirs - Superbowl XXXIX
01-14-2009 Letter From Grandpa to his Granddaughter
01-14-2010 How Far Left Is Obama's America? This Far.
01-14-2010 Video: Why Nobody Invades Switzerland
10-23-2009 Laus Deo - The Washington Monument

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