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Two Minnesota Bucks Frozen in Ice
July 23, 2010

They were found on November 16 near Henning, MN.

Here's the story...the guy that found them had left his stand Sunday morning and was walking back to their shack when he noticed a tine sticking out of the swamp grass just off the side of a four wheeler trail. He walked over to check it out and found the two bucks frozen in the swamp ice with only about one foot of each deer's side and about 10 inches of the tines above the ice. After getting
help from some hunting partners, they managed to chop the deer out of the ice and get them loaded onto a flatbed trailer. The deer were then brought back to the shack and the word started to spread.

The "smaller" of the two was a massive 8 pointer that green scored an estimated 150+ inches and the "larger" monster was a true swamp buck with what was thought to be 18 scorable points and a green score of 190+ inches. From what I've heard since these photos were taken, the two bucks are gaining statewide attention and the larger buck actually has 23 scorable points. It is thought that the bucks had been dead for 2 weeks before being discovered. Because of this, the capes had begun to deteriorate and were not capable of producing a mountable cape. However, new capes have been supplied and the bucks are in the process of being mounted locked together in battle. The twine on  the antlers was to prevent the bucks from coming unlocked when the heads were removed. Also, check out the cup on the tip of the main beam on the big guy!


Special thanks to Jeremy M. for sending me these gems...


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