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Parenthood: Failure!
April 8, 2010

Nothing can go wrong letting her do this, right?

She isn't pretty, true. But she is kind of adorable in a certain way...

"Ready, honey? It is going to get REALLY loud and scare you to DEATH!!!" Bad, bad, bad...

Keep it under 40km per hour and nothing can go wrong...Those stroller wheels are rated at 5 meters per hour, but we'll be okay. Truck!

"Here you go Billy! Check out the raccoons in THEIR world! Let go of their food..."

Baby in the trunk? Doesn't everyone do this?

Yes, Jamie, you can have your own shopping cart while Daddy shops!

I am pretty sure the rear pannier racks on the motorcycle are rated for infant crashes...
She'll be just fine...

Before I bought a Segway, I had to PUSH this little thing around. So this is good.
UPDATE: This woman is actually okay...I got a clarification from Mark Werner on this.

He likes watching our movies, and he stops crying every time...

Gotta drag her around some how, some way...

Looks like Europe, and they really don't care about signs...

"Yeah, but...I only left him in the traffic lane for like, 20, maybe 30 seconds...hold on, I have a call. 'Shelley! Yeah some douche is taking a photo of me right now!!!"

She knows this is not right, right?

That rain is not hitting your little face anymore, is it?


Special thanks to Fran for sending me these disturbing gems...


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