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Humor Pages - 2009
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12-30-2009 Where Are They Now? Our TV favorites...
12-30-2009 Bumper Stickers Seen on U.S.-Made Trucks at a U.S. Military Base
12-30-2009 Video: Maxine Waters - Topic: Drilling For Oil - Whoops!
12-30-2009 Video: Octopus Using a Coconut Shell For Protection
12-30-2009 Video: YouTube Video - The Gun Song: "I Like Guns"
12-30-2009 Some Really Great Observations
12-26-2009 Commodity Copper Stealing Lesson 101: Learn About Electricity
12-26-2009 Tiger Woods' Christmas Card - "After the 9-iron to the face"
12-26-2009 Best Album Cover Ever - The Mighty Accordion Band
12-21-2009 The First Norwegian Icebreaker Heads Up The Mississippi River - 2009
12-21-2009 Video: A Jack Bauer Christmas - Official "24" Footage
12-21-2009 Thank You, Barack Obama! (A child's response)
12-21-2009 Origami Art With $1 Federal Reserve Notes - Won Park
12-21-2009 How To Depart Air Force One With Dignity
12-21-2009 Obama Renames Illegal Aliens
12-21-2009 The Day That OJ Simpson Dies
12-21-2009 Military Motivational Posters
12-16-2009 Video: Senator Barbara Boxer Dressing Down a General - Please Call Me Senator
12-16-2009 Tiger Woods with Santa Claus (sorry, Tiger)
12-16-2009 My Nephew Colin and Kurt Cobain
12-16-2009 Teri and Rox in New York City
12-11-2009 Video: Crazy Canada Goose Attacks Dog (6.2 MB WMV)
12-11-2009 Truck Driver Busted Driving With a Cardboard Windshield
12-11-2009 Texas Snakes Cleared on a Recent Deer Hunt
12-11-2009 Christmas Decorations Contest Winner - Bad Attitude Division
12-11-2009 Tourist Questions About the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games
12-11-2009 Funny only because they were... Busted! DNR raid on St. Martin's Island
12-05-2009 Presents: Ben, Tami and Toneman
12-04-2009 Christmas Lights Shenanigans Gone Wrong
12-04-2009 Elk Herd Running Through Backyards in Steamboat
12-04-2009 A Coyote That Refused To Be Roadkill
12-04-2009 Video: "Washing" a Car With One Bucket of Water
12-02-2009 Redneck Sighting, Right Here in Canal Park, Duluth, MN
12-02-2009 Redneck Christmas Lights
12-02-2009 Careful With That Axe, Eugene (Part III) - A Bow Hunter's Nightmare...
12-02-2009 Tiger and Elin Wood's 2009 Christmas Card
12-02-2009 Mr. President, Barack Obama, Bowing Again...
11-27-2009 Alaska Bear Attack on a Bush Pilot's Plane
11-27-2009 The Difference Between Liberals & Conservatives
11-27-2009 Video: No Dog Treat For Obama!
11-27-2009 Vision Test 101
11-27-2009 Coming Soon...Broke Bank Mountain
11-27-2009 Ultimate Security Yard Sign
11-27-2009 How Pumpkin Pies Are Really Made
11-27-2009 It Didn't Matter...
11-27-2009 NASCAR News - Jeff Gordon Announcement
11-24-2009 Whoa, those aren't logs! Croc Crossing Gone Bad
11-24-2009 Bowling for Elk in Arizona?
11-19-2009 Barack Obama at Arlington National Cemetery
11-13-2009 A Baby Moose Calf Rescued
11-13-2009 Wrong Way To Launch Your First Boat
11-13-2009 Smart Man Does The Proper Math
11-13-2009 Wrong Guy To Rob - El Paso, TX Cop
11-13-2009 25 Things About To Become Extinct In The U.S.
11-13-2009 Toneman Don't Text!
10-30-2009 Video: How Real Men Remove an Embedded Fish Hook (6.8MB WMV)
10-30-2009 Video: A Tale of Two Presidents - Meeting the Troops
10-30-2009 Video: A Moron Shooting His Rifle (466k WMV)
10-30-2009 Newt Gingrich Quote of the Year
10-30-2009 Black-Faced Suspects Quickly Apprehended
10-23-2009 Australian Political Cartoons the Liberal U.S. Press Would Never Run
10-23-2009 The White House Takes a Toll on First Couples
10-22-2009 Video: Obama Visits Russia and Gets Seriously Snubbed (4MB WMV)
10-22-2009 The Story of My Life
10-22-2009 La-Z-Boy Crash Leads to DWI Arrest in Proctor, MN
10-22-2009 Video: Elk Gutting Gone Wrong (5MB WMV)
10-22-2009 Video: Drunk Guy Goes To Buy Some More Beer
10-22-2009 PETA Concerned About Copycat Photos of "PETA Sucks" Written With Dead Animals
10-21-2009 An Example of Severe Over-Packaging: Prilosec OTC
10-09-2009 Video: How to Skin a Deer with a Truck (4MB WMV)
10-09-2009 U.K. Drug-Running Go Fast Boat
10-08-2009 Cool Way To Display a Full-Size Deer Mount
10-08-2009 The White House Ball - 2009 - "You Can't Hide Class"
09-25-2009 Tannerite Explosion Raises Hackles in Minnesota
09-25-2009 Thomas Jefferson Quotes
09-25-2009 Golf Poem
09-25-2009 How To Properly Haul a Refrigerator
09-25-2009 NJ School Kids Singing To Their Great Leader
09-22-2009 How To Waste Your Creditors' Time
09-22-2009 Caveman Skills: 101
09-22-2009 Hydraulics, Guts & A Very Good Operator
09-22-2009 Class Assignment: Shortest Short Story
09-22-2009 Venison vs. Beef
09-22-2009 Hi-Ho, the Derry-O -- Michelle Obama Shops For Some Salad Greens
09-22-2009 Ordering Pizza in 2012
09-15-2009 Kanye West Manages To Dis' Patrick Swayze...After His Death
09-15-2009 Photo Gallery: There is just something wrong with that!
09-15-2009 Video: One, Single Payer System
09-15-2009 "Movin' On Up!"
09-15-2009 Toilet Paper Shortage Hits Cuba
09-15-2009 Facebook Entry Gone Wrong
09-15-2009 Hope and Change
09-15-2009 Swine Flu Advice
09-01-2009 What would you say if I gave you 11 reasons why the elections in 2010 will be the most important in the history of the United States?
09-01-2009 Video: Obama Drastically Scales Back Goals For America After Visiting a Denny's
08-27-2009 NASCAR Coyote Collision Incident
08-21-2009 Obama's First Six Month's Accomplishments
08-21-2009 Video: William Kostric - Hardball With Chris Matthews
08-21-2009 Company Picnic Speech - Fictional CEO Informing His Troops
08-21-2009 Video: Hitler Gets Banned From His Favorite Online Shooting Forum
08-15-2009 Lawyer Joke, South Dakota-Style
08-15-2009 Video: Tornado Hits a Train
08-15-2009 There, I fixed it!
08-15-2009 Children's Books That Never Sold Well
08-15-2009 Owned
08-15-2009 Women Body Builders
08-15-2009 Video: The Obama Man
08-15-2009 Only a Farm Kid...
08-15-2009 1934 Chicago Tribune Political/Economic Cartoon
08-14-2009 Freedom States Alliance - Reason for Gun Control
08-14-2009 Brigadier General (Retired) Jim Hill's Letter to Senator Barbara Boxer
08-14-2009 Motivational Poster Humor
08-13-2009 The Obama Thank You Sign (Thank you, Mr Obama!)
08-13-2009 Hugo Chavez Moves To Close Golf Courses (total douche!)
08-13-2009 Video: My Vagina Is 8 Miles Wide
07-31-2009 Outsourcing The Commander In Chief
07-24-2009 Best Ever Dear John Letter Story From a U.S. Marine
07-24-2009 Video: Ted Nugent on the 2nd Amendment
07-24-2009 More Great T-Shirt Slogans
07-24-2009 T-Shirts For Seniors
07-24-2009 Video: Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco - Throwing Accuracy
07-17-2009 Commander in Chief - Yankee's First Pitch Comparison (Mom Jeans)
07-17-2009 Barack Obama - A Sweet Pair of "Mom Jeans"
07-17-2009 Dressing Up Your Garage Door
07-15-2009 Separated At Birth? - Sergio Calderón and Sonya Sotomayor
07-15-2009 Joe Legal vs. José Illegal
07-15-2009 How Not To Launch A Boat
07-14-2009 Video: Danny MacAskill - Bike Rider Extraordinaire
07-14-2009 Bot Fly Larvae Removal From Some Poor Sucker's Back!
07-14-2009 Gun Control Humor
07-14-2009 Two Trillion Tons (Parody of Tennessee Ernie Ford's Sixteen Tons)
07-14-2009 Video: Dave Carroll - United Breaks Guitars
07-03-2009 Email From: Phillip Nona about Timmy Treadwell
06-27-2009 Ass-Wipe Dispenser
06-27-2009 Ghost Chili Wings at The Pickwick
06-27-2009 Edelweiss - Gone Wrong
06-16-2009 Redneck Tank Top
06-16-2009 Tuner Car From Hell - Yes, it is Pulling a Trailer
06-13-2009 Admiral Abramovich launches his $500 million mega-yachtski
06-13-2009 Man Finds Dead Mouse Inside Sausage
06-13-2009 For Sale - Pretty Girls' Saliva
06-12-2009 An Old Prospector and a Young Gun
06-09-2009 How Drunk Do You Have To Be To Not Notice It?
05-29-2009 Two Women Slapping The Crap Out Of Each Other
05-29-2009 Why Shooting Firearms Is Best Done Sober
05-29-2009 I See That Monica Lewinsky Is Back In D.C.
05-29-2009 This Wasn't In The Travel Brochure!
05-29-2009 Great Yard Sign
05-29-2009 You Are Doing It All Wrong
05-29-2009 Hero of Chappaquiddick, On Illegal Immigrants Crossing Our Southern Border
05-29-2009 Video: My Last Day Working At Home Depot
05-20-2009 A Bacon AK-47 Kalishnikov - A Muslim Threat?
05-15-2009 Where Was This Obama Man Born?
04-23-2009 Hey, here are some mugshots - a repeating pattern?
04-23-2009 Funny, Only Because it is Scary: The Left's Fear of Firearms
04-23-2009 Banner Spotted Hanging in Annapolis, Maryland
04-23-2009 Video: Kevin Everett Injury Update (Blooper)
04-20-2009 Barack and Hugo, BFF's
04-17-2009 New York Non-Resident Hunting In Big Sky Country
04-16-2009 Texas Water Tank TrailCam
04-16-2009 Humor with Video: Possibly The World's Strangest Par Three in Golf
04-14-2009 NRA's Firearms Salesman of the Year - 2009
04-14-2009 Little Girl Buying a Rabbit
04-14-2009 Flood T-Shirt - 2009
04-14-2009 I could be wrong, but judging by his hat, he ain’t gonna make it!
04-14-2009 Best No Trespassing Sign, EVER!
04-14-2009 Who Am I?
04-14-2009 The Duck Hunter
04-13-2009 Montana Street Gangs
04-05-2009 The Toneman Scores a Video Poker Jackpot!
04-03-2009 Mexican Words of the Day
04-02-2009 Cops Bust Man For DUI On A Bar Stool
04-02-2009 U.S. Airways Crash Landing on the Hudson: Point of View
04-02-2009 U.S. Airways Crash Landing on the Hudson: The Plot Thickens
04-02-2009 New Breakfast Cereal for 2009
03-31-2009 Badger in a Bale
03-25-2009 Video: BizKit The Sleepwalking Dog (711k WMV)
03-25-2009 Earning $50.00
03-10-2009 Clapping For Life - Mr. Obama
01-31-2009 Video: Big Fat Dude Rapid Firing a Beretta Model 92
01-31-2009 Video: 429 Tons of Explosives Detonated in Iraq
01-31-2009 Video: Sarah Palin Strips For John McCain
01-30-2009 Tom Daschle Doesn't Like Paying Taxes
01-29-2009 14-Foot Mammoth Tusk Found In Alaska
01-29-2009 Lawmaker Wants To Make Sure Cell-Phone Cameras Click
01-28-2009 Snow Storm in St. Louis? Take the Tank Out!
01-23-2009 The Muslim Myth of 72 Virgin(ians) in Heaven
01-23-2009 Video: Literal Video Version of 'Take On Me'
01-23-2009 Best Damned Smart-Ass Answers of 2008
01-23-2009 Students Kicked Off Facebook For Eating A Cat
01-23-2009 China Police Hire Actors To Rob A Bank
01-23-2009 Suicidal Muslim Terrorists - What's the Mystery?
01-22-2009 What Brought Down The Plane In The Hudson River?
01-16-2009 Video: Minnesota's Trucking Duck
01-13-2009 How To Tell When You Aren't Wiping Your Ass Quite Properly
01-13-2009 Video: 15°F Below Zero Water Flash Video - 2009
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