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Date Added:

12-30-2004 Ted on "Dislocation Overhang" at Ely's Peak
12-30-2004 Chris Golden - Doing What He Does Best!
12-30-2004 Cold Weather Shooting - 1996 - Ben, Damon Salyards and Tony
12-29-2004 A Fairly Decent 2004 Deer Season
12-29-2004 SSBN Nuclear Sub Operations - North Pole
12-17-2004 Christmas Card from Ben, Tami and Gator
12-14-2004 Major Road Accident (Very graphic, not for those with a weak stomach!)
12-10-2004 Heidelberg Castle - Now That Is A Keg of Bier!
12-10-2004 Golden's Cabin, North of Pequyuan Lake (circa 1995)
12-10-2004 Tettagouche State Park (Different Trip) - 2002
12-10-2004 Tettagouche State Park - 2002
12-10-2004 The Crew - College Graduation 1993
12-10-2004 Tony and Brad - Mt. Valdez, Alaska - 1991
12-09-2004 Why Beer and Fireworks Don't Mix (2004 Darwin Award Honorable Mention)
12-03-2004 Honk For Our U.S. Troops (circa 1991)
12-03-2004 Gotta Love Rednecks!
11-23-2004 My 2004 Big Game Animal
11-23-2004 World's oldest man likes a beer
11-18-2004 Video: Teenage Cat Fight! (Send me your wound...oh yes!)
11-17-2004 Texas Officials Wary of Plan to Hunt by Internet
11-15-2004 French Ass-Kissing MOPP Gear
11-11-2004 Nancy Pelosi - Limousine Liberal
11-11-2004 Carnival Cruise Special Offer! (Post Election Freebie)
11-09-2004 The John Kerry Post-Election T-Shirt
10-27-2004 The History of Social Evolution
10-22-2004 Teresa Heinz Kerry Wonders If Laura Bush Ever Had A "Real Job"
10-19-2004 Girl Cries Rocks
10-17-2004 Wired Moose
10-16-2004 W Ketchup - "You don't support democrats...why should your ketchup?"
10-16-2004 The John Kerry Campaign Flier (Found on my mailbox this morning)
10-12-2004 Senator Mark Dayton, Fearing Terrorism, Flees Washington
10-06-2004 A Letter From Kerry and the Democratic National Committee
10-06-2004 How To Make A Bear Go Boing (1.85MB Movie Clip)
10-05-2004 Kerry: I Will Fix Mount St. Helens
10-05-2004 Woman Puts Anti-Bush Tattoo On Skull
10-05-2004 John Kerry's 1st Debate "Cheat Sheet" Revealed!
10-04-2004 Cameron Diaz Cries Voter Tears
10-04-2004 Man Mistakenly Cuts Off Penis, Dog Eats It
10-01-2004 A Gray Squirrel Is Launched From A Clay Thrower (Movie clip)
10-01-2004 This is one dumb cat...
09-30-2004 New! The Camel Toe Cup!
09-30-2004 John Kerry Honored At Vietnam Communist Memorial
09-29-2004 Little Old Lady Returns Rental Van...To Ticket Counter Inside Airport
09-28-2004 John Kerry Proposes "Fighting Pillows"
09-28-2004 10,000 Dong Viet Nam Currency Note
09-28-2004 New Navy Prototype Fighter/Attack Aircraft???
09-27-2004 Photos of Brent Mahle - On The Job at Independence Hall, Philadelphia
09-24-2004 Cabela's Endorses Hunting Safety?
09-23-2004 Bush vs Kerry - A Pictorial Voters Guide
09-22-2004 A Moron Tries To Take Down A Bush-Cheney Campaign Sign
09-22-2004 Election 2004 - Pick Your Candidate In Drag
09-22-2004 John Kerry On Gun Control
09-22-2004 Kerry Strikes Out Again - In Sports Claims
09-21-2004 Recipe Alert!!!: Tony's Super Caesar Salad
09-21-2004 Tragedy Averted As Cat Stevens' UK to DC Flight is Diverted
09-16-2004 John Kerry Delivers Speech To Turn Campaign Around: "I have a booger..."
09-08-2004 A confused little buck in early rut...
08-31-2004 Duluth Mayor Bergson Endorses Gay Pride Festival
08-30-2004 Man Mounts Jet Engine On Wheelchair
08-29-2004 Passenger Decapitated During Drunk Drive Home
08-26-2004 Authorities "Shocked" At Sight Of 1500 Rounds Of Ammunition
08-25-2004 Dave Matthews Band Dumps 800 Pounds Of Human Waste Off Bridge
08-25-2004 Dashboard Camera Documenting A Sleepy Cabbie
08-24-2004 John Kerry's New Campaign Poster
08-24-2004 John Kerry Goes Hunting In Iowa
08-24-2004 Police Say Dead Snake Used As Assault Weapon
08-24-2004 Kerry Supporter
08-24-2004 Wilderness, Water, and Sex Dolls Add Up to a Weird Russian Adventure
08-24-2004 "Hot Saucing" Kids As Punishment
08-23-2004 Florida Voters Still Too Stupid To Vote
08-23-2004 Harshness of Red Marks Has Students Seeing Purple
08-19-2004 Bear Guzzles 36 Beers, Passes Out At Campground
08-17-2004 The old Rogers Honda Village building
08-17-2004 Bigfoot Trap Fails To Capture Anything
08-16-2004 Necrotizing Fasciitis of Upper Leg Not too yummy...
08-16-2004 President Bush Given Another Baby
08-16-2004 On The Flip Side of Hollywood
08-16-2004 John Kerry Sends Tony an e-Mail From The DNC
08-16-2004 U.S. Warplanes Destroy Iraqi Militia Positions
08-16-2004 Gun Culture Huddles on Two Faces of the Earth
08-13-2004 Brent Mahle Causes a Stink: Urine trouble, Liberty Bell ranger advises tourist
08-12-2004 Soldier Survives Forced Gratuity Photo With Hillary
08-11-2004 Woman Becomes Part Of Couch; Flesh Ripped From Fabric
08-10-2004 Home Depot Shoppers Charged in Cart Fracas
08-10-2004 Wedding Guests Eat Victim
08-09-2004 Prozac Found In U.K. Drinking Water
07-30-2004 Yelled Live On CNN: "What The F##k Are You Guys Doing Up There?!"
07-29-2004 "I am John Kerry, reporting for doodie!"
07-29-2004 The Perfect Plumber's Work Truck
07-29-2004 Flush The Johns - Seen on a Wisconsin Country Road
07-28-2004 N.Y.C. OKs Police Wearing Turbans
07-28-2004 Rejected Advertisements For DeBeers Diamonds
07-28-2004 The New John Kerry - John Edwards Bumper Sticker
07-27-2004 John Kerry Claims He Is A Deer Hunter
07-27-2004 Gator Gets His Deer
07-26-2004 Dukakis II: Kerry Takes A Boner Of A Photo
07-25-2004 John Kerry Catching A Football Like A Little Girl
07-24-2004 Carnation Milk Slogan
07-21-2004 Athletes Who Didn't Quite Make The Olympics (Video & Audio Bonus Clip)
07-17-2004 Melanie, Jen, Ted, Matt and Tony On Ted's Pontoon Boat
07-17-2004 Blast From The Past: The Fine Women
07-17-2004 Blast From The Past: 1993 Graduation Crew, Back Of The Winnebago...
07-17-2004 Blast From The Past: Tony in Denver, with a Jamaican Flop Hat
07-17-2004 Blast From The Past: Tony and Daniel Lane in Mazatlan, 1984
07-17-2004 Earl (My Pops) at the Dacha of Dr. Silva, in Petrazavodsk, Russia
07-17-2004 Orangutans at the Zoo
07-16-2004 The Story Of Farts
07-15-2004 The Benefits Of Golf
07-14-2004 Bomb Saddam - Colin Powell Humor
07-14-2004 It's "One Nation Under God!" Sonny!
07-13-2004 Two Marines in Iraq Send Michael Moore A Message
07-12-2004 Man In Fiji Raised As Chicken
07-11-2004 Suicide Bomber Barbie®
07-10-2004 Bonus Photo: Leftover Firework - Time Exposure
07-10-2004 It Will Drive You To Drink - Golf Humor By Marty Duncan
07-09-2004 John Kerry Teaches Gun Safety
07-09-2004 2004 Democrat National Convention Agenda
07-09-2004 John Kerry Passes Up Terror Briefing: "I just haven't had time, Larry."
07-08-2004 John & John: We've Got Better Hair
07-07-2004 Palestine Authority Claim: 35-Year-Old Youth Killed For No Reason By Israelis
07-07-2004 Deer Spotted Eating A Fish - Near Ely, Minnesota
07-07-2004 John & John - Are They Lovebirds?
07-03-2004 Blast From The Past: Chainsaw Sisters Saloon
07-03-2004 Blast From The Past: Joe Brozic - Driving
07-03-2004 Blast From The Past: Kristi and Joe - Brighton Beach
07-03-2004 Senior Prom - 1986 - Ron Siefert - Too funny!
07-03-2004 Mike Lalich and Ted Stocke - Madeline Island Trip
07-03-2004 The day begins for: The Pop Tart Blow Torch Experiment!
07-02-2004 Tony Saves, Dissects and Documents an 8-Year-Old Apple Pie
06-30-2004 Darwin Awards - Brevard Fireworks Joy Ride Turns Fatal
06-30-2004 Man Tries to Get Rid of Million Pennies
06-30-2004 Iraqi Soldiers Celebrate Their Freedom
06-30-2004 Updated & New: Jake, Zack & Jim - North of Ely, Minnesota
06-28-2004 The Ultimate Catfish Fishing Lure
06-28-2004 The Lake That Wasn't There: Update
06-27-2004 My Parents Getting The Royal Treatment At A Restaurant In Japan
06-25-2004 "Military Smoke Dynomite Sticks" - Dy-No-Mite!!!
06-23-2004 Iraqi Insurgent Gets Shot In The Head (MPEG Video) - Score 1 for the good guys!
06-22-2004 Moose -vs- Car: Guess Who Wins?
06-22-2004 Boy thrives on jam sandwich diet
06-22-2004 The Difference Between Exercise...And Too Much Exercise
06-20-2004 Lt. Kerry's Foreign Leader Fan Club Band
06-20-2004 What A Pair...Kerry and Kennedy
06-20-2004 How To Clean Your Toilet - The Fun Way
06-17-2004 There's Big Trouble When 12-Year-Olds Parade Down Main Street With M79 Grenade Launchers...
06-17-2004 Earth First Bumper Sticker
06-15-2004 The John F. Kerry Class Aircraft Carrier
06-14-2004 Redneck Deer Door Bell
06-12-2004 Joe Brozic - XC Skiing
06-12-2004 Tony Climbing a corner in Lakeside, Duluth (funny kid story included)
06-12-2004 Derek Mahle - Whoop Wall, Duluth
06-12-2004 College Graduation - 1993
06-12-2004 The Alaska Crew - Camping At Tettagouche, MN
06-12-2004 Tony on a Peak at Glacier National Park, 1988
06-12-2004 A hilarious photo sequence of Ted kicking our home's door off its mount...
06-12-2004 Matt Kohlhaas - Needles, South Dakota - 1985 Climbing Trip
06-12-2004 Joe Brozic and Peanut Butter Cap-n-Crunch - Circa 1986
06-12-2004 Gratuitous Photo Of Paige Davis - A Seriously Hot Babe
06-12-2004 Dean Johnson Holding Some Little Bass Nibblers
06-12-2004 Postcard From Joe Brozic
06-12-2004 My Sister my parents' house on 23rd Ave. E.
06-12-2004 US Border Patrol Uniforms Are Made in Mexico
06-12-2004 St. Louis-area lake vanishes
06-12-2004 For Sale: 1989 Datsun Pickup
06-09-2004 Real Men Just Deal With It
06-08-2004 D-Day as covered by today’s media
06-07-2004 Assault With A Deadly Taco
06-07-2004 Cosmic Single Currency Unveiled in Bulgaria
06-07-2004 Kansas Tornado Photo (A little closer than I'd ever want to be!)
06-02-2004 French Soldier of Surrender Magazine
06-01-2004 Cowboy Logic
05-31-2004 John Kerry "Flips Off" Vietnam Vet
05-29-2004 Photos: Gunflint Area Fishing & Grouse Hunting Weekend -1998
05-26-2004 If General Patton Was President
05-26-2004 Water Skiing In North Dakota
05-26-2004 A Skin Story
05-26-2004 Al Gore Blows A Gasket In New York
05-22-2004 Mars Spirit Rover Finds Unusual Life Form
05-20-2004 Baby Born Weighing Over 13 Pounds
05-20-2004 Yasser Arafat Digs Deep - Pulls Out Infected Booger
05-20-2004 Democrats In Hell
05-20-2004 Student Drinks Lab Chemical On A Dare
05-20-2004 Champion blind golfer investigated
05-19-2004 Airline Safety Procedures
05-18-2004 Lost In Translation - Engrish As A Second Language
05-18-2004 Short Bus Airlines - Meet Your Captain
05-18-2004 Are You Retarded?
05-18-2004 Amish Airlines
05-13-2004 God Is Busy
05-13-2004 Underwater Civilizations (From Pravda news, Russia)
05-12-2004 Stow the Rods, Break Out the Rifles - Fish Shooting In Vermont
05-07-2004 Archive Photos of My Sister and Me, Early 1970's
05-07-2004 Iraqi Jail Mistress - She Wolf of the US
05-07-2004 Million Mom March Hoping to Draw 5,000 to Washington
05-05-2004 Man survives 6 nails shot in head
04-30-2004 DEA Agent Shoots Self During Gun Safety Class
04-28-2004 Robbers die trying to hold-up suicide bomber
04-28-2004 Ted Nugent - "I'm a Bad American"
04-27-2004 U.S./Mexico Border Security At High State Of Alert - New Fence System Tested
04-26-2004 De Frog and De Snake
04-25-2004 What Our GIs Think of Russia, Germany and France
04-23-2004 Stress Indicator
04-23-2004 Dennis DeMille - 2003 Service Rifle Champion - See His World Record Target
04-22-2004 Beavis and KetchupHead
04-22-2004 New gangsta trend significantly reduces inner city shooting fatalities
04-22-2004 Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?
04-22-2004 Lenin Honored On His Birthday
04-20-2004 Jesse Ventura Sporting a New Look!
04-20-2004 Wild Boar Hunt - Hawaii
04-19-2004 The Golfing Nun
04-19-2004 Whitetail Doe "Hid" Her Fawn on the Brown Steps
04-14-2004 Question: What is the most satisfying sound in the world?
04-14-2004 A few little "kerbangers" go kerblammo in Fallujah, Iraq
04-14-2004 Hey, these aren't firecrackers!
04-14-2004 The Golfing Hit Man
04-11-2004 Illegal Immigrants Poem
04-11-2004 The Bush Daughters Are All Grown Up!
04-07-2004 Teaching my nephew, Colin, to golf several years ago
04-06-2004 Reporters Startled When John F. Kerry Shows Up With Clone
04-04-2004 Pigeon River - Cascade Falls Cabin - Canada Border
04-04-2004 Grouse Hunting Weekend, near International Falls
04-04-2004 Jethro and Tulula Rogers - Circa 1861
04-03-2004 Tony, Mel, Ted, Ben and Peter from Shangoya
04-03-2004 Ben Finch - Lounging on the deck at the Eagle Hollow
04-03-2004 Winter Camping - 1993 - Tony, Jim and Brent
04-03-2004 Tony and Dan Lane
04-03-2004 Ben Finch, on a Time-Exposure Image
04-03-2004 Ted, Melanie, Chi Chi, Chainsaw and Tony
04-01-2004 Some nice bumper stickers
03-28-2004 Sammy Hagar Says He's An Alien Abductee
03-25-2004 A Firsthand Look At Some Big Balls...
03-24-2004 Getting Ready For Camp Perry (The old fashioned way...)
03-23-2004 Robot Bartender
03-22-2004 Gears on the Space Shuttle's Brakes Were Installed Backwards
03-22-2004 Girl hooks an 873-pound monster shark
03-22-2004 At The San Francisco Marriage License Office
03-21-2004 History Has A Way Of Repeating Itself
03-21-2004 Ghetto Party Styles
03-19-2004 George W. Bush & Pat Robertson - Twins Separated At Birth???
03-18-2004 Army Gives President Bush a New Baby
03-18-2004 Courtney Love Exposes Her Tits To David Letterman
03-17-2004 Why you should learn English!
03-17-2004 Surf's Up! - November 2001 Wind Storm
03-17-2004 Tommy Toilet Sez: Don't Forget To Wipe Your Ass, Folks!
03-17-2004 2003 Trash Can Open - Waste Management Inc.
03-16-2004 Microsoft Targets The Youth Culture
03-16-2004 "Hey Doc, Can You Remove This Splinter?"
03-13-2004 Jake - The Super Friendly Golden Retriever
03-11-2004 Survival Guide To Pooping At Work
03-11-2004 View Of Earth From Mars
03-11-2004 Classroom Motivational Posters For School
03-10-2004 John F. Kerry - Songs From The Heart
03-10-2004 John Kerry Sucks The Brain From His Wife Teresa Heinz
03-07-2004 190-lb. Mountain Lion
03-07-2004 Maggots On The Brain (Not for the squeamish!!!)
03-03-2004 Tony's 4-Alarm Venison Sausage Red Clam Sauce Linguine Pasta Dish
03-03-2004 UFO 'Landing' Trips 'High Alert' At Indo-Pak Border
03-03-2004 Company sells MP3 Device For AK-47s
03-02-2004 A Message to PETA - Written In Geese
03-01-2004 Squirrels Threaten World Beer Supply
02-27-2004 Fox TV and the Apollo Moon Hoax
02-27-2004 Sen. Ted Kennedy Ammunition Ban Proposal
02-27-2004 Justin Timberlake's Worst Nightmare
02-26-2004 Oh, Becky, Watch Out For That Open... Nevermind.
02-25-2004 Can You Tell Which One Is John Kerry?
02-25-2004 Bubba Telling Yasser A Great Story
02-25-2004 Janet Jackson, in the year 2019...
02-20-2004 How Not To Extract A Cheap Import From A Snow Bank! (MPEG File)
02-17-2004 Howard Dean Quits The Campaign
02-17-2004 Alcohol snorting craze sets off alarm signals
02-17-2004 Don't Buy Heinz Products
02-16-2004 Tony, Matt and Christian Made A Speed Run To AZ
02-13-2004 John Kerry on Don Imus Radio Show: "Nothing to Report, no."
02-13-2004 Lost In Wal-Mart
02-11-2004 A Nice Collection of Military Aircraft Photos
02-11-2004 Arrest warrant for Courtney Love
02-10-2004 Socialists Fine Finnish Speeder $217,000
02-10-2004 4th Annual Polar Plunge - Duluth, Minnesota
02-09-2004 Okay, Who Is Next? (Miss Piggy Gets In On The Act)
02-05-2004 An insane car-deer impact in Wisconsin (Warning: a little graphic!)
02-04-2004 Miss Chernobyl 2004
02-04-2004 Department of Homeland Security Threat Advisory Levels
02-03-2004 How Things Are Done In Africa
02-03-2004 Kermit goes after a rabbit
02-03-2004 A Bad Day For Rock Throwing In Gaza
02-03-2004 Company Picnic Gone Bad
02-03-2004 The World According To America (as interpreted by a Brit)
02-03-2004 Man In India Eats Glass, Blades And Bullets
02-03-2004 Illusions - Find The Black Dot
02-03-2004 Optical Illusion Wheels
02-03-2004 Kansas Woman Posed As 13-Year-Old Boy
02-03-2004 An example of what your advertisement would look like
02-03-2004 Your Advertisement Could Appear On This Web Site! 
02-01-2004 Janet Jackson Flashes Her Boob To 90 Million People
01-31-2004 A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
01-30-2004 Snowmass Village - 1988-89 Race Crew Group Photo
01-30-2004 My Minnesota DFL Campaign Contribution - 2004
01-29-2004 COLDER: Iron Range residents don't break their stride in the cold
01-29-2004 The US Army Hands Out AK-47 Rifles To An Iraqi Citizen Army
01-29-2004 The 213 Things Skippy is No Longer Allowed to Do in the U.S. Army
01-28-2004 Did John Kerry Have A Botox Treatment?
01-28-2004 Christmas Photos of Me and my sister Teri, circa early 1970's 
01-27-2004 Courtney Love Argues In Court That She Is Just Fine
01-27-2004 Changing of the Guard in Hell
01-27-2004 50-ton Sperm Whale Explodes in the Streets of Taiwan
01-26-2004 The Difference Between Paris, France and Paris, Kentucky
01-26-2004 Bad News In The E.R. Joke
01-24-2004 Cash-strapped British lesbian auctions her virginity to pay for college tuition
01-24-2004 UFOs Over Lake Superior
01-21-2004 Ninja Cop Hand Signals and Their Meanings
01-21-2004 Tell Me Again Why I Am Fired?
01-19-2004 Texas Man Catches 121-lb. Catfish
01-19-2004 The Wisdom of a Child
01-19-2004 Redneck Sightings From Across The Wasteland
01-19-2004 Looks Like Bill Clinton Has Herpes. Whoops!
01-18-2004 Winston Churchill's 104-yr old parrot still chattering about Hitler
01-15-2004 Photo Released of One of Saddam's Interrogation Sessions
01-15-2004 Ven Two Minnesootins Meet Oop Nort On Da Lake Fichen!
01-15-2004 Can you say LUCKY?
01-15-2004 It's Going To Be An Interesting Wedding Night!!!
01-13-2004 Howard Dean In Iowa Discussing Economics With Help From His Hero
01-10-2004 Canadian - Tony Rogers' Definition
01-10-2004 Football fan banned for penis stunt
01-10-2004 Parents sent twins to school on alternate days to save money
01-10-2004 Kentucky deputy and convict on drunk road trip in cruiser, duo extort drivers
01-10-2004 Divers probed for giving fish champagne
01-08-2004 The hole diggers
01-08-2004 The only thing worse than a Frenchman, is a French Canadian
01-08-2004 Michael Lang - Sporting a Beard in Afghanistan
01-07-2004 Thanksgiving 2003 - A Study In Contrasts
01-01-2004 John F. Kerry On The Campaign Trail
01-01-2004 How much is a Billion?
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