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Humor Pages - 2007
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12-20-2007 A Simple Drink of Water for a Muslim Terrorist
12-19-2007 Bergson To Veto Duluth Lakeside Liquor Approval
12-13-2007 Eight Degrees Below Zero Water Flash
12-12-2007 Sex, Lies and Hillary's Biography (Interview with Barbara Walters)
12-04-2007 Nokia Mittens
10-19-2007 This Is The Police...Pull Over!
08-15-2007 Biker Fails To Notice Missing Leg
06-26-2007 George W. Bush Gains Favor With The Mexican Government
06-20-2007 Ripping Out The "Garden"
05-28-2007 Young Boy Kills New "HogZilla" With Pistol
05-15-2007 Hitchhiker Carjacks Car, Then Crashes And Dies
04-07-2007 Mitt Romney: "I've Been a Hunter All My Life!"
03-17-2007 Hair Too Big For a Mugshot
03-01-2007 Dirk and George Bag a Minnesota Giant Buffalo Rabbit
02-09-2007 Picture Day, Minnesota Public School System
02-02-2007 When is Big a Little "Too Big?"
01-22-2007 My Father Earl and His New Friend on St. Martin
01-17-2007 Probably Talking On His Cell Phone...(Bizarre Luck)
01-11-2007 Man Shoots Friend In Dispute About James Brown's Height
01-04-2007 All About Tools
HUMOR ARCHIVES 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003
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