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Humor Pages - 2006
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12-22-2006 Dirk & George Get Their First Kill (a shrew)
12-14-2006 Get off my deer!
12-12-2006 Airline Workers Sacrifice Camel At Airport
12-06-2006 Not Very Careful Selection of Domain Names
11-22-2006 Gotta Love Our Veterans
11-15-2006 Man's Lawyer Argues Sex With Dead Deer Not Illegal
11-15-2006 Kidnapper Shoots His Testicle Off
11-15-2006 Gunnery Sergeant Burghardt Defies Enemy In Iraq
11-15-2006 Eight Years After Clinton Left Washington D.C.
11-15-2006 The Official Winner of the "Not My Job" Contest
11-09-2006 I'm From The Government, And I'm Here To Help!
11-09-2006 Albino Whitetail Deer - Wisconsin - 2006
11-09-2006 Two Huge Bucks Locked In Combat
10-31-2006 How The Democrats View The U.S. Military
10-17-2006 Game of "Tag" Banned in Massachusetts
10-01-2006 Accused Cop-Killer Suspect Shot 68 Times
09-28-2006 A Look At Why Butt Implants Are Not Such A Good Idea
09-27-2006 Boys Required To Pee Sitting Down At Norway School
09-21-2006 Weapons of Math Destruction
09-20-2006 A Message to PETA - Written In Rabbits
09-20-2006 First Grader Suspended For Squirt Gun
09-18-2006 Grizzly Bear Bites Off More Than He Can Chew
09-17-2006 Man Sets Sights on Eye-Popping Record
09-14-2006 Sudan Man Forced To Marry Goat
09-14-2006 "White Slut" Namecalling Ruled Not To Be A Racial Attack
08-30-2006 Evangelist Drowns Trying To Walk On Water
08-30-2006 Hostage Negotiations - Japanese Style
08-28-2006 Robot Bartender
08-28-2006 Woman Crashes When Teaching Dog to Drive
08-14-2006 Woman Gets Revenge At McDonald's
08-08-2006 Cynthia McKinney Loses Reelection Bid
07-27-2006 Muslim Man Cuts Off Hand In Butcher Shop "For Allah"
07-25-2006 Man Accused Of Shoving Phone Down Throat
07-20-2006 $320 Million Irrigation Halted For Nonexistent Woodpecker
07-13-2006 How Billy Jeff and Bubba Solved Their Hog Problem
07-12-2006 Situational Awareness Scenario
07-05-2006 Man Burned Using Gunpowder To Light BBQ Grill (Alcohol Possibly Involved)
06-28-2006 Intoxicated Pelican Crashes Into Car
06-26-2006 Moose vs F16
06-15-2006 Students Discover Ringtones That Adults Can't Hear
06-09-2006 Some Historic Golf Balls...Found In My Junk Drawer
06-09-2006 Tony's Wildfire Rice & Chicken Crockpot Stew
06-08-2006 Woman Beats Dog Breeder With Dead Chihuahua
06-02-2006 Warning: Beer Makes Men Into Women?
05-26-2006 Live Sharks Caught In Minnehaha Creek, Minnesota
05-25-2006 New Contender For "World's Ugliest Dog"
05-25-2006 Judge Rules Convicted Rapist Is "Too short to survive in prison."
05-23-2006 Man Pays $2.75 million for "Number of the Beast"
05-23-2006 Driver Arrested Was 18 Times Legal Drunk Limit
05-17-2006 Presidents and Leaders in Drag
05-11-2006 Stilton Launches Blue Cheese Perfume
05-10-2006 World's Worst Job: The Dud Tester
05-04-2006 Pickled corpse tumbles out of rum barrel
05-04-2006 Al-Zarqawi Shown Inept In Rifle Use
05-04-2006 Kentucky Wedding of the Year - 2006
05-01-2006 Hillary Clinton Dreamed Of Being An Olympic Athlete
04-20-2006 Madeleine Albright: "I Can Leg-Press 400lbs"
04-18-2006 Man Discovers Gift Fruitcake From 1962 - Looks The Same As Before
04-06-2006 Al Gore Urges Moral Crusade Against Global Warming
04-04-2006 Three Arrested at Massachusetts Baby Shower Brawl
04-02-2006 From the List of "Top 10 Things You Should Never Do"
04-01-2006 DNA Proves Chimpanzees And Humans Are Identical
04-01-2006 Parakeet Swallows Tiny UFO
04-01-2006 Exclusive Store Annoys Chimpanic Customers
03-29-2006 Quincunx
03-23-2006 Careful With That Adze, Eugene
03-22-2006 Stupid Criminal Files - Man Asks Cops To Test His Crack Pipe
03-21-2006 Bear On The Bird Feeder
03-16-2006 Flying Cow Leaves Two Police Cars in Flames
03-16-2006 Why Most Men Are Republicans
03-14-2006 Man Caught With Phony Billion Dollar Notes
03-09-2006 The Proper Way To Peel An Orange
03-08-2006 Yoga Position: Proper -vs- Wisconsin Method
03-06-2006 Time-Warp Family Walks On All Fours
03-05-2006 Hard To Find Toys - 2006
03-04-2006 Dick Cheney's Christmas Gift
02-28-2006 Some Things That Are "Just Plain Wrong"
02-23-2006 The Story and Beliefs of Scientology
02-23-2006 Man Set On Fire After Being Hit With Taser
02-23-2006 Air Guitar Kills Teenager
02-23-2006 Moscow Stung By U.S. Warship Gaffe
02-18-2006 Cold Weather + Boiling Water = Cool Physics
02-15-2006 Man Who Laughed At Cheney's Hunting Accident Shot By Girlfriend Hours Later While Coon Hunting
02-14-2006 Student Finds Toilet Water Cleaner Than Ice at Fast Food Restaurants
02-13-2006 Lesson Number 1: Don't Buy Pot at the Police Station
02-12-2006 British Adventurer Returns From the 'Dead'
02-08-2006 The Many Faces of George W. Bush
02-07-2006 Live Long, But Not Prosperous
02-07-2006 Changing Oil - Men -vs- Women
02-04-2006 Tracer Trail and Impact from a .50 BMG fired from a Barrett XM-107 Sniper Rifle
02-03-2006 Letter to the IRS
01-31-2006 Separated at Birth Humor - Dave Finch and Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito
01-27-2006 Tony's Childhood Matchbook Collection
01-27-2006 Astronaut Space Suit To Be Latest Satellite Launch
01-26-2006 The Next Big Thing: Monster-Sized Russian Boxer
01-25-2006 Malaysia Creating a Bigfoot Tracking Team
01-19-2006 Sign, sign, everywhere a sign...
01-18-2006 Russian Elephants Being Fed Bucket Shots of Vodka in Deep Freeze
01-12-2006 Lucy in the Sky, With Diamonds (lyrics fun)
01-09-2006 Mouse Sets Fire To House
01-03-2006 Artist Chains His Own Legs In Desert, Loses Key
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