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Humor Pages - The 2003 Archive
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Date Added:

12-29-2003 Syrian Anti-America Rally
12-28-2003 Gal Upset With Christmas Gift Tosses Molotov Cocktail
12-25-2003 125-year-old Fruitcake
12-25-2003 1895 U.S. 8th Grade Exam
12-24-2003 Santa Will Bring Presents Late This Year...
12-24-2003 13-Year-Old Indiana Girl Faces DUI Arrest
12-24-2003 Where is Saddam Now, You Ask? Playing Bass With ZZ Top, Of Course!
12-24-2003 Yasser Arafat - When He Was Just A Terrorist Baby
12-24-2003 George W. and Saddam Used To Be Such Good Pals (this was posted before...)
12-23-2003 Christmas Humor
12-18-2003 New For The Holidays - Hiding In Holes For Dummies
12-17-2003 The Drug Store Diagnostic Machine
12-17-2003 Some Cool Optical Illusion Artwork
12-17-2003 Bill O'Reilly Comes Unhinged After Book Sales Figures Revealed
12-17-2003 Saddam's 15 Minutes Of Fame Are Waning...
12-11-2003 Fun In Space - International Space Station
12-09-2003 Hi, My Name Is Dick, And I'm A Diplomat Now!
12-09-2003 Flu Shot Conspiracy?
12-09-2003 Fruitcake...
12-09-2003 You might be a Minnesotan if...
12-09-2003 Visitor Humor For The Upper Peninsula, Michigan
12-08-2003 The Cost Of Twelve Days Of Christmas - 2003 - From CNBC
12-05-2003 Darwin's Theory At Work (Video Clip)
12-04-2003 I want to party with these guys, man!
12-03-2003 Woman gets 10 years for running over McDonald's manager
12-02-2003 A Difficult Dilemma...
12-02-2003 The Pastor's Racing Donkey
12-02-2003 Ow, my head! (Warning...VERY graphic)
11-30-2003 Howard Dean Declares Himself The Antichrist
11-25-2003 Ricardo Montalban Is 83 Frickin' Years Old Today!
11-24-2003 Bullet fired in air critically injures KKK initiate
11-21-2003 A REALLY bad Elvis has left the building...circa 2001
11-20-2003 The Evolution Of Man And Woman
11-20-2003 The Leftists Meet God In Heaven
11-20-2003 Crocodile Lunch
11-20-2003 Mmmmm, that's good leg!
11-20-2003 A Nice Snake Snack
11-19-2003 Rules For The Blues
11-19-2003 Russian dies after winning vodka-drinking contest
11-17-2003 The Marriage Horse Race (Sound File)
11-17-2003 Sven Shows Up At The Morgue...
11-12-2003 Noise
11-10-2003 New Kellogg's Cereal Box
11-02-2003 Medical Notice
11-02-2003 405 - The Movie
11-02-2003 The Difference Between The Army and The Navy
11-02-2003 Top Ten Things Men Understand About Women
10-31-2003 The Drink-O-Meter
10-31-2003 Satire: The Liberty Bell Was Just Moved (poking fun at Brent Mahle)
10-29-2003 Some Classy New Zealand Soccer Jerseys
10-29-2003 The List of People and Organizations Who Promote Gun Control
10-29-2003 Bud Light Commercial
10-29-2003 Caramel Apple Joke
10-26-2003 F/A-18 Mid-Air Collision Photos
10-23-2003 New Twin-Cities Area Barbie Collection
10-23-2003 Biting Babies Leave 30 Wounds On Toddler
10-22-2003 Two Arab Men
10-22-2003 Beware Of Shadows...
10-22-2003 Wonder Woman - The Declining Years
10-22-2003 Someday I Will Drive This Short Bus Myself!
10-22-2003 Free Dog To Good Home
10-21-2003 The New Arkansas State Quarter
10-21-2003 A Duck Walks Into A Bar...
10-20-2003 Noah In The Year 2003
10-20-2003 French Judge Caught Masturbating During Trial
10-16-2003 "Hey, Saddam!  You want a piece of this?!!"
10-16-2003 A Sweet Little Film From England "The Spare Wheel"
10-16-2003 Limericks
10-15-2003 Ever Wonder What High School Prom Looks Like In The 'Hoods?
10-10-2003 Tattoos Make You Feel Sexier?
10-09-2003 Alaska Bear Attack - A Primer On How To Become A Meal
10-08-2003 Schwarzenegger Humor (Republican In Name Only)
10-08-2003 Maryland Governor's Wife Would Like To Shoot Britney Spears
10-07-2003 Norwegian Marooned On An Island
10-07-2003 Peace In Iraq Is Closer Than We Think
10-06-2003 Buck Fight - Columbus, Ohio
10-03-2003 A Collection Of Funnies
10-03-2003 Developer Humor
10-01-2003 Some Little-Known Iraqi City Names
09-28-2003 Top 10 Ways That Handguns Are Better Than A Woman
09-28-2003 Different Approaches To A Street Confrontation
09-25-2003 Why Southerners Make Good Marines
09-25-2003 The Friendly Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
09-23-2003 Jack Nicholson Takes Your Drive-Thru Order
09-23-2003 Ever seen a coffin company with a pinup calendar?
09-23-2003 Flying Rules
09-23-2003 American Presidents *(be sure to see Bubba Klinton's biography)
09-22-3003 Student cuts off penis and tongue after drinking hallucinogenic tea
09-21-2003 The Wisdom of Will Rogers
09-18-2003 Saudi Joke
09-18-2003 Official Receipt To My Ten Cent Contribution To The Minnesota DFL
09-17-2003 New California Driver License
09-15-2003 Interesting Communication Tidbit
09-14-2003 A train carrying Democrat presidential candidates derails: A frightening 'what if' scenario
09-14-2003 Man Successfully Passes Counterfeit $200 Bill With George Bush On Portrait
09-09-2003 New Ebonics Version of Miranda Rights
09-09-2003 BMW + 210mph + Tree = Sphincter Going Rapidly Through The Ears
09-07-2003 Technicians On The Empire State Building Tower (Dream Job!)
09-07-2003 The Real Cause Of The 2003 Blackout
08-29-2003 Where is Saddam?
08-29-2003 Bride Of The Year Award
08-20-2003 Men of the Year Awards - 2003
08-20-2003 My DFL Campaign Contribution - 2003
08-18-2003 The Worst Foursome In Golf
08-13-2003 Whale Fart Stuns Scientists
08-11-2003 Summing Up Canada's Role In The Scheme Of Things
08-05-2003 Beautiful Tailhook...Now To Just Reel It In!
08-04-2003 Hillary ----  Wow, she is pretty, ain't she??
07-30-2003 Necrotizing Fasciitis - you don't want to get this!!!
07-23-2003 105mm Howitzer Shell
07-23-2003 "The Ant And The Grasshopper"
07-20-2003 The Pet Monkey
07-20-2003 Bobby's Trailer Park Family Pictures
07-10-2003 Fisherman loses state record after questions raised about his catch
07-10-2003 Woman Swallows A Cockroach And Then A Fork
07-10-2003 France Joins Quebec In Calling e-Mail "courriel"
07-09-2003 Al Gore is so easy to make fun of...
07-09-2003 Hey, guess what? We're from Canada, eh? Can you tell?
07-09-2003 The French Hypnotist
07-01-2003 Tree Flipping The Bird
07-01-2003 This will teach you not to pick your nose, eh?!
06-29-2003 Growing Up In "Dangerous" Times!
06-25-2003 Democrats Poster
06-25-2003 Bubba Clinton Poster
06-25-2003 I'm Fighting For Whitey! Poster
06-25-2003 State Representative Mitchell Kaye from GA
06-25-2003 Godless Foreigner Ass Poster
06-25-2003 Attention "Islamiacs" Poster
06-25-2003 New Disney T-Shirts Selling Faster Than You Can Say "Nipple"
06-22-2003 "Must Flee TV!" ... Catch it before it's cancelled.
06-17-2003 New Words We'd Like To See In Common Usage
06-15-2003 You Know You're A Shooter When...
06-12-2003 Heil To The Chief! (Clinton, that is...)
06-12-2003 An open letter to Hillary Clinton from Dick Morris
06-11-2003 How would you like to be this pilot and come back to your plane after lunch?
06-11-2003 Railroad Fire Follies
06-11-2003 Doctors Are Dangerous
06-10-2003 General John J. "Blackjack" Pershing
06-10-2003 Feminist March
06-09-2003 Hillary Clinton - Queen of the Evil Clones
06-09-2003 When it is okay to spank your kids...
06-09-2003 Martha Stewart's New Book
06-09-2003 I Love Animals
06-09-2003 "Zeph" & His Big Ass Wooden Bicycle
06-09-2003 Hillary Signs Her Book
06-04-2003 Runway Models ... Aren't They Just Hot?!!!
06-03-2003 Barbra Streisand Urges Americans To Live More Frugally
06-02-2003 French's Mustard (Do Not Boycott)
05-29-2003 Saddam and Usama Bin Laden Discovered At A Swiss B&B
05-29-2003 Great Moments in the History of Hootch
05-29-2003 Have you noticed how few people drink with pride?
05-28-2003 Clinton Wants Change in Presidential Term Limits
05-27-2003 Hillary Hiding From The Cameras At A Recent Senate Committee Hearing
05-26-2003 This is what happens you you cheat on your wife!
05-26-2003 A Wooly Redneck At Ye Olde Shootin' Range!
05-23-2003 The Definition Of A True Friend
05-21-2003 Celebrate Diversity!!!
05-21-2003 Suffering of Worms, Fish Prompts Protest
05-19-2003 The Truth: Why Men Usually Die Before Women
05-17-2003 2004 Democrat Party Presidential Candidate
05-15-2003 Vladimir Putin Demonstrates Russian Emotion
05-15-2003 Carter and Castro, Together In Peace
05-14-2003 Friendly Fire Incident
05-14-2003 Sen. Feinstein Warns About Self-Aware Rifles Springing To Life
05-14-2003 The Ultimate Jesus Boards!
05-14-2003 Are You On  Treadmill? (MPEG Movie 2MB)
05-14-2003 I-Wackis - Elmer Fudd
05-08-2003 Redneck Deer Stand
05-08-2003 Rednecks Training For Homeland Defense
05-08-2003 Bigfoot Photo!
05-08-2003 Martha Stewart's Redneck Etiquette
05-07-2003 Another Great Reason To Use Condoms (avi movie 1MB)
05-07-2003 Poultry Pops - Chicken Flavored Treats
05-07-2003 Rodeo Clown Humor
05-07-2003 Iraqi Scud Missile Launcher
05-06-2003 U.S. Homeland Defense Elite Fighting Group
05-05-2003 Understanding Democrats vs Republicans
05-04-2003 A Great Moment In Presidential Politics, 1988
05-02-2003 Hillary Rodham Clinton's Baby Picture
05-02-2003 Today's Airline Pilot - Ready As Ever To Fly Our Skies
05-01-2003 Bush And Cheney
05-01-2003 Proof T-Shirt
05-01-2003 Attitude - a collection of cartoons
05-01-2003 Morons On Film: Rollerblade Stunt (888k MPEG)
05-01-2003 Morons On Film: Bicycle Stunt (919k MPEG)
04-29-2003 Madonna Tells Us What We Are Doing Wrong
04-29-2003 The official footwear of leftists everywhere!
04-28-2003 Tariq Aziz Offered Mansion, New Identity For Info
This is a real story, but is funny enough for this section...
04-24-2003 James Carville - The Jackass of all Jackasses
04-23-2003 City of Duluth License & Permit Office (More pathetic than funny...)
04-22-2003 Doomsday Scenario # 43-221 (Meteor Strike - France)
04-21-2003 Bill Clinton's Service Record
04-18-2003 Easter Bunny
04-17-2003 Baghdad Bob
04-17-2003 Ever Seen Large Denomination Currency?
04-17-2003 Gotta Love Signs...
04-16-2003 Some Protesters Are In Fact Nitwits, So This Is Funny...
04-16-2003 George W. and Saddam Used To Be Such Good Pals
04-16-2003 Dennis Miller Speaks Out On The "Operation" In Iraq
04-15-2003 Technical Service Bulletin - Accordion Plenum Gasket Leak
04-15-2003 Interesting WWII War Effort Poster "Save Your Cans"
04-11-2003 A Nice Little Pair of Bunnies - Happy Easter!
04-10-2003 How The Media Would Cover The Apocalypse
04-09-2003 Saddam Leaves Baghdad In Disguise (April 9, 2003)
04-09-2003 Lady Liberty Speaks Her Mind
04-08-2003 Hey Hollywood...You Shut The **** Up!
04-08-2003 Murphy's Laws Of Combat
04-04-2003 Why Muslim Terrorists Are So Willing To Commit Suicide
04-04-2003 Why We Are Here
04-03-2003 MOAB - The "Mother Of All Bombs"
04-03-2003 The National Flag of France
04-03-2003 Iraq Launches New Missile
04-03-2003 French Protest Selves
04-02-2003 "You Americans..."
03-28-2003 The Sign You Never Though You Would See
03-27-2003 Blonde Babe In Bikini Firing A Cobray M10/45 Submachine Gun 
03-27-2003 Hey France...You Shut The Hell Up!
03-27-2003 Google Results for "French Military Victories"
03-27-2003 French Army Knife
03-27-2003 Jacques Chirac Sings "Sweet Surrender"
03-25-2003 Can You Hear Me Now?
03-21-2003 Canada Fans Boo As U.S. National Anthem Is Played
03-20-2003 Homeland Defense Parody
03-20-2003 French Photo of the Day Part IV
03-20-2003 Gulf Wars: Episode II Clone of the Attack
03-20-2003 Rules for a Gunfight
03-20-2003 Dixie Chicks Win The "Providing Aid and Comfort To The Enemy" Award


Gift To Saddam From George W. Bush


More Inspectors Sent To Iraq


James Woods: The Other Side Of Hollywood
03-17-2003 Crissy Hynde Would Like The U.S. To Lose The War
03-17-2003 French Product Boycott
03-16-2003 Complete Military History Of France
03-14-2003 Main French Humor Page
03-14-2003 French Photo of the Day Part III
03-13-2003 French Photo of the Day Part II
03-12-2003 French Photo of the Day Part I
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