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Humor Pages - 2008
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12-23-2008 Woman's Car Banned For Being Too Untidy
12-11-2008 Indiana Woman Opens Car Hood And Finds Trove Of Black Walnuts Left By A Crafty Chipmunk
12-11-2008 There is Strong, and there is "Army Strong"
12-11-2008 Another Piebald Deer
12-03-2008 Merry Christmas, Mr. Bin Laden! (Humor Video)
12-03-2008 Piebald Deer - Cook, Minnesota
10-29-2008 Liberals vs Conservatives - School Grades
10-29-2008 Barack Obama Meets Joe The Plumber"
10-29-2008 Behind The Scenes with the Founding Fathers
10-16-2008 Are You A Match With Barack Hussein Obama?
10-16-2008 How To Haul Livestock In Oklahoma
10-16-2008 Lehman Brothers Employees Stage Protest Blockade at Corporate HQ
10-16-2008 Video: Senator Joe Biden's Three-Letter Word: J-O-B-S
10-15-2008 Scariest (or most anticipated?) Wedding Dress Ever
10-14-2008 Teenager changes her name to a URL address
10-01-2008 Obama Never Landed a Fighter Jet on a Carrier at Night
10-01-2008 U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Paulson, and Arthur Slugworth, of Slugworth's Chocolate Inc.
09-30-2008 Photos: White Elk
09-30-2008 Video: Adam and Eve - Glad that this didn't happen!
09-30-2008 Video: Tim Hawkins - These are things you should NEVER say to your wife!
09-30-2008 Video: Best Wave Ever!
09-30-2008 Video: UAV Baby
09-30-2008 Video: Patriotic Drunk Rednecks
09-26-2008 Carnation Milk Slogan Contest
09-19-2008 George W.'s War
09-19-2008 The Year 1947
09-17-2008 The Liberal's Pistol of Choice
09-17-2008 Who Am I?
09-17-2008 Video: Another Romantic Evening Ruined By OPEC
09-17-2008 Video: Attack of the Pump
09-17-2008 Senator Joe Biden: We Need Tax Cuts To Buy Toasters
09-16-2008 Noah gave me a Golden Ticket!
09-16-2008 Motivational Posters for "Hunters & Shooters"
09-11-2008 Video: It Looked Like a Parking Lot!
09-11-2008 Video: The Front Fell Off
09-11-2008 Mom, Look at the Cute Little Kitties!
09-09-2008 Toneman Shows Up on the Cover of Vogue!
09-09-2008 Toneman Visits The Red Carpet!
09-09-2008 Video: The Second American Revolution
09-09-2008 Video: Americans Aren't Really This Stupid, Are We!
09-09-2008 Sarah Palin Dolls Already For Sale
09-09-2008 Barack Obama Jokes
09-09-2008 Whitetail Deer in Velvet Coming Up For a Look
09-09-2008 The Choice Is Obvious...Obama vs McCain
09-09-2008 The Flying Lions Aerobatic Team
09-05-2008 Official Rules of a Gun Fight
09-05-2008 Duck Stamp Error Sends Callers to Sex Line
09-05-2008 Hey, It's Tony Rogers on Television!
09-04-2008 Even Animals Are Turning Democrat
09-04-2008 Waffle House Redneck Wedding
09-04-2008 Experience Counts...How About Obama?
09-04-2008 Hangover Award Finalists
08-27-2008 Video: Drunk Little Squirrel
08-27-2008 Texas Cop Shows Off Her Rifle Skills
08-22-2008 How Not To Teach Your Girlfriend How To Shoot
08-22-2008 Barack Hussein Obama as Alfred E. Obama
08-20-2008 How To Build A Real Redneck Deerstand
08-20-2008 How To Properly Prepare For Deployment
08-07-2008 Who Says Soldiers and Airmen Don't Have a Sense of Humor?
08-07-2008 Barack Obama’s Liaison Linked to Radical Imam
08-07-2008 Woman Attacked Husband With Frozen Lasagna
08-07-2008 Barack Obama's Thank You Letter
08-06-2008 China: It's Not Pollution, It's Just Mist!
08-06-2008 Donald Rumsfeld and Aspartame (Nutrasweet)
08-06-2008 Video: Lloyd Bentsen Slams Dan Quayle in 1988 Debate
08-06-2008 Video: Barack Obama - "One Night In Baghdad"
07-24-2008 Video: Standup Comic's Very Funny Story About His, Job
07-24-2008 Great Panhandler Signs
07-12-2008 Tannerite Exploding Targets
07-10-2008 Woman Kills Husband With Folding Couch
07-10-2008 Lunt Villagers Sick of Graffiti
03-04-2008 Pot Blessing?
02-26-2008 24 Images of Hell on Earth (Yes, someone named Hillary is involved...)
02-12-2008 World's Smallest Bodybuilder Has Big Dreams
01-29-2008 Fisherman Sells His Dog Because It Fishes Better Than Him
01-29-2008 Man Arrested For DUI On Riding Lawnmower
01-29-2008 Cinder Blocks For Sale on
01-24-2008 Suicide Bomber Falls Down Stairs and Blows Up
Humor Pages - 2008
HUMOR ARCHIVES 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003
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