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President Obama Showing His Disrespect for the Office
March 3, 2010

Does this photo of President Obama in the Oval Office convey anything about his attitude?

Would you speak with the Chief of Staff, your Chief Economics Adviser, your Senior Adviser, or anyone, with your feet up on the Resolute Desk - a gift from Queen Victoria to President Rutherford B. Hayes in 1880?

This arrogant, immature, self-centered man has no sense of honor, or simple decency.

While this posture is disrespectful in any culture, it is not appropriate in any executive setting. Further, in over half of the cultures of the world, it is recognized not only as disrespectful, but as an extreme insult (displaying the soles of your shoes to others).

He thinks of himself as a king, not as a servant of the people, humbly occupying our White House for his term in office.

Obama with his feet on his desk

Update: (March 22, 2010) - Kelly sent me a note about this page, along with a photo of George W. Bush doing the same blasphemous thing (below). So to be fair, they are both guilty of disrespect for the Office of the President!




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