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Immaculate Collection of Chevrolet Convertibles
January 22, 2010

Every Chevrolet Convertible since 1912
What do you suppose this collection is worth? This collection belongs to Dennis Albaugh in Ankeny, Iowa, just north of Des Moines. The personal and private collection consists of 110+ Chevrolet convertibles, all years from 1912 to 1975 and Corvette convertibles from 1953 to 1975. That is a Chevy convertible from every year of manufacture EXCEPT 1939. The reason? Chevy didn't make a convertible in '39 and ended its convertible line in '75! His Boy Toys Collection include his own 18 hole golf course, copied somewhat after Augusta National. He is what you call a REAL Chevy guy, but his passion seems to be convertibles! See the actual website here:


Special thanks to Noah for sending me this gem...


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