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SpectraShield Body Armor (Armor Technology Corp.)
Level IIIA armor set, which will withstand up to .308 Winchester rifle rounds on the Lexan chest plate, and up to .44 Mag pistol rounds elsewhere.

The ballistic materials are constructed of varying combinations of DuPont Aramid fibers such as Kevlar® and Spectra ShieldT; they have been designed through extensive ballistic research to provide the most appropriate ballistic combination needed to stop any given threat.

Trauma plate on the chest, with 8" x 11" curved Lexan® trauma plate for up to 7.62x51mm Armor Piercing steel-core NATO rifle rounds.
Ballistic protection for up to .44 Magnum rounds on all other surfaces.

All ballistic panels are protected in a water-repellent, rip stop nylon cover and are easily removable for cleaning of the outer carrier. The vest has a guarantee of 5-years, for storage in normal conditions for the ballistic panels, and 2 years for the carrier.

. Front, back, and shoulder protection
. Six adjustable elastic straps (two on the shoulders and four around the waist) with hook and loop fasteners that allow individual adjustment for maximum comfort and fit.
. Multi-hit capabilities
. Removable and washable outer cover
. Full freedom of movement
. Colors: Black, Dark Blue, White, OD Green
. Size: Small through X-Large

Design and Construction
. Outer cover made of polyester cotton
. Inner cover made of Nylon water resistant fabric

Ballistic Performance
The vest has a protection level of IIIA in accordance with NIJ 0101.03.

Additional Protection
Front pocket can hold our Spectra or Ceramic plates allowing upgrading the vest to levels III or IV. Both plates are multi-hit or monolith, flat, curved or contoured that can be supplied in a standard size or any other dimension required.
. A standard size Spectra plates weight 3.7 lbs (1.7 kg)
. A standard size Ceramic plates weight 7.7 lbs (3.5 kg)

Original Cost was $659.00 (1995)

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