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FMU-159/B Hard Target Smart Fuze
"No Place To Hide"
A new generation, all electronic, "smart" fuze for striking hard and deeply buried targets.

The Hard Target Smart Fuze (HTSF) provides warfighters a new capability to reliably defeat high-value, hardened targets. HTSF "smart" modes include programmable Void Sensing, Layer Counting, and Depth of Burial, as well as traditional Time Delay after impact.

The HTSF is a flexible, single fuzing system designed for bomb and missile penetrator weapons. Air Force and Navy HTSF applications include PAVEWAY series Laser Guided Bombs, CALCM AGM-86D, TTPV, and other penetrator weapons.

HTSF Key Features
  • Precision accelerometer and micro-controller for "smart" post impact logic
    - Reduces target intelligence requirements
    - Eliminates effects of penetration performance on burst point
  • Programmable modes
    - Void or Layer Count
    - Depth of Burial
    - Time Delay
  • Backup Timer or Depth of Burial
  • Redundant Backup Timer
  • Selectable arm times: 10-30 sec
  • Cockpit and ground programmable
  • Powered by wind turbine generator or weapon system power
  • All Electronic with Explosive Foil Initiator (EFI) in-line explosive train
    - High reliability: no moving parts
    - Safe: requires continuous power to remain armed, extensive safety checking
  • Mission Reliability: >98%
  • 10-year service life, 20-yr shelf life
  • Fits standard 3-inch fuze well
  • Fuze weight: 6.1 0.2 pounds

Mission Data
Mission specific parameters can be set on the ground using a Ground Setter Unit (GSU), or prior to launch using a JDAM compatible weapon interface or missile interface. The HTSF GSU consists of a standard Common Munitions Bit Reprogramming Equipment (CMBRE) with an HTSF smart cable and software. A Life-Cycle Surveillance Tester (LCST) is also available for inventory reliability surveillance.



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