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Amity Creek - Near The Top of Seven Bridges Road
Duluth, MN
I've never photographed this section of Amity Creek before, and the spring run-off water flow was just ideal for photography tonight. What a magical set of falls in this stretch. I was brainstorming all day at work today, thinking of a place to take some photos, and this one hit me late, actually after I had already started driving. I obviously hit the right spot!
May 1, 2009

Slow: 1/5th of a second, @ f/22
Fast: 1/1000th of a second, @ f/4
These are taken with my Canon 70-200 f/2.8 L lens, believe it or not. It can obviously be used for very high-quality close-up work.
Check out the bright water streams, just left of center, and how much it looks like lit fiber-optic strands. Interesting effect!
While I was framing this image through the viewfinder on my camera, I suddenly got the most startling wet lick on my left elbow I have ever had in my life! It was a yellow Labrador, running ahead of his/her owner, and it had stealthily walked right down to me when I was pre-occupied. I jumped so hard, I scared the cute dog more that it scared me! Funny...
Bubbles at 1/1000th of a second, @ f/4
No Cross Country Skiing
What kind of silliness is this? (left)
No cross country skiing, by orders of the City of Duluth? So snowshoeing is okay, I assume? Or what if you put downhill skis on? It would be fun to put X-C skis on, and set forth on this trail and try to get a citation. I wonder what the fine would be (Shine Donny's shoes for six weeks?). I also wonder who would be on the trail to give the citation? Cross Country Ski Cops? This one has me scratching my head...
What a great place for future photos. I will revisit this stretch of Amity Creek again, for sure. This area actually used to be the Stomping Grounds of myself and my good friend, Jim Oreck, when we were young teenagers. We used to walk from his house up the slope to this area of woods with wristrockets and hunt ruffed grouse. Back then there were hardly any people hiking, and it was pretty much wilderness, even this close to Lakeside. I dare anyone to go hunting grouse with wristrockets on this trail these days. It would be like the bank robbery scene in the movie, "They Live," with people on cell phones calling 911 (see the obscure movie reference here: They Live Bank Robbery Scene). So I actually DO dare someone, as long as they tell me what happened afterward...
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