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Brian & William Dack, Featuring Doug Greenwood
A wonderful electric/acoustic presentation in the refurbished Norway Hall
Duluth, MN
May 22, 2009

Douglas, waiting for The Show...That's Steve, Ben and Tami to his right.
The "Back Row" crew, waiting for The Show to start.
Brian Dack starts us off, and performs brilliantly, as always!
Here is William Dack, son of Brian and Arna Dack. What a very talented young man!
Brian and son William Dack, playing a duet of just guitar. Just brilliant...
Brian and Doug finished out the show playing together. They been playing guitar together for what, over 40 years now???
A great image of Doug...
Arna painted that wonderful Norwegian Farm Scene mural behind the stage...Very nice.
Copyright © 2009 Tony Rogers