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Golfing For the Ta-Ta's
Superior, WI
AMSOIL was a Corporate Sponsor (again) of the Breast Cancer Awareness Classic at Nemadji Golf Course. Our AMSOIL Team was: Judy and Don Greely, Rob Stenberg, Pete Markham and myself. What a fun team to spend a day on the links with! We had fun. We finished at 11 under par, which is a pretty respectable score.
June 26, 2009

Rob, looking like he REALLY wants to be back in his office at work, answering the telephone....
Judy and Don Greely. Two very fun people!
The Toneman blasted a huge 300+ yard draw drive almost to the green on 16 West, and my sand wedge put us this close for a birdie putt.
Judy is always the best putter on our team. She holed four birdie putts during the day!
Apparently, this is a very colorful bird, hanging out in the cattails on Hole 17. I am red/green colorblind, so I wouldn't know. Note how I spotted it, and took a nice photo. Maybe the color deficiency is not so severe, eh?.
Don eyeing up a tee shot.
Pete and Rob, hanging loose while we wait for the green to clear.
Judy and Don
Nice view of the par three. Enbridge did all of that fantastic landscaping on the right, after they installed their new pipeline to Murphy Oil.
Judy, showing us how it is done. She can really hit a driver, and she always hits it straight!

Judy teeing off on 6 West, clearly unimpressed with her shot (2MB WMV)

Don teeing off on 6 West, clearly unimpressed with his shot (2MB WMV)

Toneman hit a 9 iron, which was WAY TOO MUCH CLUB, into the trees beyond the green. I have no idea what I was thinking, much to Rob's consternation. Rob ended up placing one within 4 feet of the cup. Thank you very much, Rob!

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