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Independence Day Fireworks - Duluth
Duluth, MN
I staked out a hillside view with my camera below Enger Tower, and above the most scenic part of Skyline Parkway. I thought I was well North/East of the large powerlines when I staked it out, and I was wrong. When the fireworks went off, my sight line was right under those large power cables. Turns out, those huge power lines did not even factor in my exposures, and they are totally invisible. And I finally figured out how to properly expose fireworks! These were almost all shot at f/11, ISO 100, exposed from 2 to 5 seconds, depending on what blew up and when. Sweet!

Dunking the "ball" in the water...
  Little Shop of Horrors: Doesn't this look like Audrey II??? LOL... Seriously?
I did walk by some pretty young and seriously ugly thuggery (flat-bills, with pimped rides like Caprice Classics, riding on big wheels, behaving loud, jittery and twitchy...), who had driven up and staked out a small zone of "don't come near us!" on Skyline Parkway. There were pretty much all families and kids on Skyline Parkway, and then there was this trash. They were all running around frenetically, chins up, chests-out, wearing wife-beater shirts, flat-billed, with their 40's in front of them. I noticed that they had no patience (all jumpy!), and they actually all left before 10pm, before the fireworks! That worked out very well.
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