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Camp Perry - National Matches - 2009
Tony and Steve, without our traditional Team Members again, darn it...
August 6-10, 2009

Day 1 - M1 Carbine National Match (100 yards)
Day 2 - Springfield/Vintage Rifle National Match (200 yards)
Day 3 - John C. Garand National Match (200 yards)
The VERY wet day of the John C. Garand National Match. Steve and I scored targets in the pit first, and shot last, which ended up being bad. The big rain came down while we were shooting. Watching the skies behind us for any sort of daylight. There were two nearby thunderboomers, but not enough to clear the range, and we shot the entire match with no delays.
Yes, that is R. Lee Ermey, the actor. See his new website here. Really nice guy in person, and as you can see, he has a very nice shooting position. The Marines taught him! He is shooting for Creedmoor Sports (website) these days, and he is a great PR guy for them. Everyone at Camp Perry knows who he is, of course.
Day 4 - Springfield Armory M1A National Match (300 yards)
O-Dark-Thirty on the line, at 5:45 AM. Already 85 degrees before the sun came up. Rain the day before, and then this day got HOT. I almost died in the sun by the time I shot the rifle at 2:30 pm later this day. When we were packing up at 3:00pm, I warned Steve that I was disoriented and I thought we were on Rodriguez Range. We were not. I rode the tractor back!
  Ninety-five degrees, 100% humidity, no shade, heavy nylon shooting coat! This "northern boy" was struggling...
  Long poke from standing, offhand at 300 yards. The M1A sights are more than adequate for the task, however. Is the shooter up to the task?

Video Clips:

M1 Carbine Rapid Fire Sitting (Steve) - (7.6MB WMV)

M1 Carbine Slow Fire Standing (Steve) - (3.75MB WMV)

Springfield M1903 Pit Duty - (2MB WMV)

M1 Garand Rapid Fire Prone (Steve) - (6.7MB WMV)

Hut Games - (3MB WMV)

Springfield M1A "Cease Fire" in the Pit - (5MB WMV)

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