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Duluth Tea Party 2010 - Bayfront Festival Park
Sponsored by Northern Liberty Alliance (
April 15, 2010

Tony's Note: I came right from work to this event, dressed in shirt and tie, and probably looked like a "liberal media" photographer to many of them, with my fancy camera. These were really nice people, and about 1/3rd of them were Veterans. I talked to several groups of people over the 45 minutes I was there, and they were just happy to be there to show their support. My kind of people!
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Okay, I am impressed by the sentry!
This is the back of the
UMD Young Republicans T-Shirts
Fidel can't be wrong, right?
And Vlad, Uncle Joe and Mao?
Those guys were pretty neat...
Who, me???
Smart UMD Young Republicans.
Wait, what is that in the girl's hand at left?
Okay, so-so-smart...
Not so Hopey and the Changey thing
is kind of scary, actually...
These guys asked to have their photo taken,
and I did give them a
biz card, LOL. Now they are famous! Kind of...
  There is a LOT going on in this image, so click on it and read all the funny fine print...
  This guy was surprised that I knew what the Fabian social order idea was all about. I read about this stuff...
The kids and their enormous Stars and Stripes behind the amphitheater!

Tony's Note, Part II: When I drove out to get home ahead of the crowd at the end of the event, the counter-protest by the Northland Anti-War Coalition, and their Vladimir Lenin cap-wearing, Che Guevera T-Shirt-wearing crowd was approaching Bayfront across the 5th Ave. West bridge. Their protest slogan was "Bring Our War Dollars Home." They appeared to stop right there, so that traffic could see them, and the Tea Party attendees would have to drive by them on their way home. Didn't see any Stars and Stripes flags in their crew, by the way. Glad they didn't march right down into the crowd at Bayfront to disrupt anything. I certainly respect their right to assemble just like anyone has that right, but they did look very different as a group from the patriot-oriented crowd down at Bayfront. My two cents...

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