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Sailing the Apostle Islands - 2011
With Skipper Mike, First Mate Duke, Chris and Tony
SEQUEL - 43' Benetaeu
June 17-20, 2011

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  Getting the boat up on full sail and the front jib, about 35 degrees here.
49 degrees air temperature and 47.1 degrees (measured) of surface water temperature and 20 knots of wind. It was 100% Storm Gear Conditions! Still fun? You betcha!  
Tony's Note: We were on the southwest part of Stockton Island in Presque Bay, anchored solidly, and the winds ended up clocking up to 45+ knots at the top of the mast. Rain coming down like it was shooting out of a gun through hundreds of barrels. The boat started rocking in the swells, and we were only 200 yards from the beach on the right side of the wind. The wind was just howling over the island's trees and slamming into the beach. Every few seconds the boat would tip up and smash bow-down, yanking and snapping the anchor line. I was back in the cockpit holding on to the wheel with all of my North Face storm gear on, and it was not unlike riding a mechanical bull in a fun Country AND Western bar (we have both kinds). For two hours the wind hammered us like that. There were about ten boats in the bay all anchored with us, the furthest about 200 yards away, and I could only see the anchor light on the mast of the nearest boat that was maybe 75 yards away. I ended up being completely soaking wet after all the fun. It was great.
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