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2011 National Trophy Rifle Matches
Camp Perry - Ohio National Guard Training Facility
Camp Perry, Ohio
Shooters: Tony Rogers, Steve Marden, Kristof Marden
Events we fired:

M1 Carbine National Match
Springfield 1903 Rifle National Match
M1 Garand National Match
NRA-Springfield M1A National Match

August 4-7, 2011

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M1 Carbine National Match - Thursday
The M1 Carbine National Match is fired from only 100 yards. The M1 Carbine was never, ever intended as a "match" weapon, but they are surprisingly accurate out to that distance.
Kristof preparing to fire the M1 Carbine from prone. Targets are not pulled and scored in this event, so all four stages are fired and then scored after the firing stages. One target is for sighters.
Steve has to bring work with him every year, and he has client files and too much phone duty when the rest of us are enjoying beers after the daily matches.
We were back in the double letter-rows of the old huts again this year, and some of those are getting to the point of catastrophic roof failure. Our hut was fine, even after going on 66+ years after being temporarily built as WWII POW huts for those damn Italians, ha ha!.

Looking East down our Hut EE Row
At left: Almost all of the huts in a few select rows are still serviceable, but the bulk of them are in catastrophic failure, and are literally falling apart at the seams, from the roof down.

I pulled off 10th place overall in the M1 Carbine National Match, scoring a Gold Medal. I usually suck terribly in this match, but I had the priviledge of shooting my good friend John Butcher's M1 Carbine, and John won the whole damn match with that carbine this year! Atta boy, John!!! After the match, when John asked me how I did, I said, "I'm blaming my score on your carbine, John." He winced at first, and I clarified, "I think your carbine outshot me, actually." I told him my score and his wince turned into a huge-assed grin! Thanks, John!!!!!
The M1 Carbine National Match results page. Yeah, I'm there at 10th, but note my good friend John Butcher right there at the top, man! Nice!
My medals from this year's CMP events: Gold in M1 Carbine, Bronze in both the Springfield 1903 and M1 Garand National Matches.
Springfield 1903 Rifle National Match - Friday
Kristof loading 30.06 Hornady M1 Garand Match rounds into stripper clips for the intermediate rapid-fire stage of the Springfield Rifle match.
D.B., I mean Kristof Marden..
John C. Garand M1 Rifle National Match - Saturday
Steve loading 30.06 Hornady M1 Garand Match rounds into en bloc clips for the intermediate rapid-fire stage of the M1 Garand match.
Some really cool visible thrown 30.06
M1 Garand brass above Kristof's noggin...
Some really cool visiblle thrown 30.06
M1 Garand brass above Kristof's right shoulder.
Kristof has an awesome form for
Standing, Offhand, Slow Fire.
Kristof took some cool photos of Toneman during the M1 Garand National Match...

Video Clip

Toneman (and Steve) firing the M1 Garand National Match, Rapid-Fire Prone (6MB WMV)

10 rounds total
Loading 2 rounds, reload with the remaining 8 rounds, fired in 70 seconds before the target comes down.

Click to watch the video

NRA-Springfield M1A Rifle National Match - Sunday
This is Sara Rozanski, my relay partner in the NRA-Springfield M1A National Match on Sunday. Sara is on the Remington-Bushmaster Shooting Team. She usually shoots her National Match AR-15, so she was new in this event. Sara was the High Woman in this match, and actually was 5th Place Overall. 5th Overall of the best M1A/M14 shooters in the entire world. How cool is that? It is like playing golf with Tiger Woods, or sharing the mound and throwing MLB pitches with Nolan Ryan, for crying out loud.
Sara is ranked as an NRA High Master, which is at the top of the totem pole. Pretty amazing to watch her shoot. These are 300-yard SR Targets, and are quite a bit longer away than during the 1903 and M1 Garand 200-yard matches! Those blacks on the targets are enlarged out to the 8-ring, to help, but the dimensions are the same as 200-yard SR targets. That is a small little black target at 300 yards without optics, I kid you not. Click this photo to see the large version. These targets are way the hell out there.
Toneman doing some Sham-Wow cleaning on his favorite Nike nuclear interceptor missile on display. Nobody on base is apparently cleaning this kick-ass interceptor rocket!


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