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2012 Fish Lake Vintage Snowmobile Rally
Fish Lake, MN - Eagle's Nest Resort
With my sweetheart Jill, and we met up with Brian, Andy, Steve, Jeff and Dan.
February 25, 2012

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Steve on his 1992 Yamaha Phazer. He sold it at the rally! He still got to ride it on the Challenge, first. Brian and Tony exchanging a long-awaited, overdue handshake in front of Brian's Skee-Horse. I think Andy owns it, too, actually.
Brian and a more trim Toneman!
Yep! From 255-lbs to 230 lbs. Yes!
Jill talking to Andy about how late Andy stayed up the night before building the new folding bar table (behind her) on the Skee-Horse. A museum-condition Polaris rear-engined snowmobile that really started it all.
  Jill on the phone with her Dad in Florida trying to figure out what "junior" sled version of an Arctic Cat she used to drive. Bigger than a Kitty-Kat.
Ahhhhh, Vintage late '70's and early '80's Ski-Doos. Love 'em! Duct Tape on the seats? Yeah, we all did that and had that...  
  Minus the trail-grooming gear towed behind this mammoth machine, I want one. Maybe a turbo-diesel version, with rocket-launched snow-anchors hooked up to electric winches and a .50 BMG on a 360-degree turret up top. A man can dream...
  Some sort of Darth Vader-ish HMMWV hybrid, and I like it. A lot.
This guy scored lots of style points with me, wearing lots of attitude and flair with the helmet-mounted mohawk. Is it purple? I can't tell.  
My Dad, Earl, probably sold this Yamaha 338 to the original seller, from his old business, Rogers' Honda Village, in the 1970's. Vintage snowmobile suit...Gotta love it!
Even well-tuned snowmobiles of this vintage require some ether sprayed right into the firing system... It always works! Well, usually it works.



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