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Lutsen, MN - 2013
With the Jacobsens - Skiing at Lutsen and going on a sleigh ride at Cascade Lodge
December 28, 2013

Lake Superior photos from Sunday morning, well below zero F.


Skiing down Mystery Mountain (some icy fog, so it gets a little hard to see near the bottom!) You can see from my helmet-cam view what it looked like through our goggles! Okay, it is impossible to even see at the bottom of the slope back at the lift, but you get the idea. It was still a gas, and I could see almost 20% better than this camera view. If a small truck painted anything less contrast than tan jumped out in front of me, I would have ran right into it, LOL.

Sleigh Ride at Cascade Lodge:

Hot cocoa and a campfire after the sleigh ride:

Campfire song 'The Lumberjack Alphabet' with hot cocoa:

A fast run down 'Bull Run' on Moose Mountain:




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