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Borghi-Desmond Wedding - 2014
My cousin Bob and Michelle Desmond were married on Cape Cod. What a nice event!
June 18-22, 2014

Our cool little motel in Sagamore/Sandwich.
The pool was not open.
Surfing beach north of Wellfleet.

A 37" Striped Bass caught by a little kid
who was shore-casting

An authentic-looking wind mill, like in the Netherlands,
and then an inflatable shark.


This is my Grandma Kaye, and she is 97 years old!
At Mezza Luna in Buzzards Bay for lunch.

Mom and Teri lounging at the pool. I was the only one who ever went for a swim.


Wedding rehearsal, in Brewster.

Our dyslexic chef: U Love I?

Teri catching a flying piece of egg.

Raw oysters, little neck clams and
mucho jumbo shrimp.


Teri throwing back a raw oyster.

Earl on the move.

Toneman and Cousin Bob.


My dinner plate. Kathy gave me half of her lobster, too. I ate about 3 pounds of fresh seafood here.

The aftermath...





Tony reading Psalms

Groom's Dinner at the Noble House - Panorama

Groom's Dinner at the Noble House - Kathy Getting Sake Sprayed Into Her Mouth

Groom's Dinner at the Noble House - Spatula Dancing

Groom's Dinner at the Noble House - Hibachi Oil Fire

Groom's Dinner at the Noble House - Tossing The Shrimp

Wedding Vows (I had front-row seating with my Aunt Barbara)

The Clam Bake steaming away (1 hour and 45 minutes under the canvas)

The Shellfish Boat - Raw Wellfleet Oysters, Liitle Neck Clams and Shrimp

New York Strips on the Grill, First Side

New York Strips on the Grill, Second Side

Clam Bake Pit - Removing the Seaweed Anchoring Around the Canvas

The Dancing Begins

My Cousin Kathy Having Fun

The Dancing Picks Up About Four Notches

Here For The Party

Getting Down in a Certain "Style"

The Irish Jig (Relatives came all the way from Ireland for the wedding).

Teri, Michelle & Bob (Bob gets a "smick")

Come on Eileen

Mom, Dad, Barbara and Claire, All Jammin' Crazy to Meatloaf

More Dancing, Dashboard Lights...

Celebrate Good Times (Toneman actually DOES Dance!)

Hey Micki

My Cousin Kathy Does The Twist

The Mother of the Bride Gets "Sandwiched" - Very Funny

Teri and Bob Dancing

The Dance Jam

He's My Brother





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