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My Mom and Dad had a devastating fire at their home.

They lost their two vehicles: my Dad's Honda CRV, and My Mom's new Toyota RAV4 is pretty much gone. They didn't start on fire and burn, they just both melted.

I checked my Mom's RAV4 and her windshield cracked when it was heated up and brought out in to the cold air, and I assume that every window lost the temper and they are gone. The roof of the RAV4 was cooked, along with the entire paint and trim, which melted on every surface.

They were both home when this fire started. My Dad attacked the fire initially with a good Commercial-Grade fire extenguisher that failed to work. It was properly pressurized, but the mechanical trigger failed. He grabbed the consumer-grade extinguisher he had in the kitchen, and that also failed. He dialled 911 and properly retreated.

January 7, 2017

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The Ceiling got so hot here, that the paint pealled.



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