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Ronald Reagan Minuteman Missile Site - Oscar-Zero
Just north of Cooperstown, ND
The facility is "frozen-in-time" so to speak, and left exactly as it was when the last crew abandoned it in 1997.
It is a fairly depressing building, like a 1965 double-wide trailer with very cheap art hung on the walls.
April 22, 2017

Outside the gate. Here is Jewels and her Jeep. It is flat Earth man...Really flat Earth, everywhere around here.

A cut piece of the communications cable that connected all of the launch sites to the missiles.
A classy Goldstar 386 Computer is still in place.
Base personell could make phone calls to outside lines to wives and girlfriends. It was purposely meant to be not personal, and everyone could listen if they were in the room. The line was monitored to make sure nothing was said that would endanger the facility.
An awesome menu. How'd you like to eat from this for a year or two?
Pretty much a glorified double-wide, with cheap cafe chairs. The walls pictured here were re-painted, and when the Crew was stationed, it was painted in what is called a "green sea-foam" wash. That must have been depressing.
Anyone recognize their mascot as the album cover from Molly Hatchet?
This is the November-33 Missile Silo down the highway. It was one of ten missiles that the Oscar-Zero site commanded.
I tried, but the missile door didn't open even with a good push, ha!


From the BBC:

Interview with a former Commander:

Opening scene from WarGames (1983)



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