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Date Interesting Articles On Current Affairs - 2005 Archive
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12-29-2005 UK Paintings, Not People, To Be Whisked To Safety In Nuclear War Plan
12-28-2005 Roadrage: Jason Youngblood - Stupid Person of the Year
12-28-2005 Pentagon 'Doomsday' Line of Succession Changed
12-06-2005 Secret ID Law To Be Challenged In Court
11-29-2005 Polish Archive Reveals Soviet Attack Plan
10-04-2005 FEMA Suspends Phoenix Rescuers Over Arms
09-28-2005 New Russian Ballistic Missiles Are 'Unrivaled,' Putin Says
09-27-2005 JetBlue A-320 Emergency Landing Photos
09-22-2005 Government "Abandons" Poor As Hurricane Rita Approaches
09-14-2005 Louis Farrakhan: Levees Were Blown Up
09-11-2005 An Islamic World in 15 Years?
08-26-2005 Guest Opinion Column: When You Care Enough To Send The Best!
08-18-2005 Oil Expert Forecasts $5 Per Gallon Gasoline Next Year
08-09-2005 Former Congressman Says Prepare for Nuclear Terror
07-21-2005 U.S. MP Rules of Engagement in Iraq
07-17-2005 Ethanol Requires More Fuel To Produce Than It Provides
07-14-2005 Chinese Prepared To Use Nuclear Weapons Against U.S.
07-12-2005 Russian WMDs hidden in U.S.?
07-11-2005 Al-Qaida nukes already in U.S.?
07-10-2005 Downed US SEALs may have been too close to Bin Laden
06-29-2005 HOODWINKED: DDT-eating scientist exposes eco-fraud
06-20-2005 Golden Fleece Awards - Stupidest Things That Our Taxes Have Ever Paid For!
06-14-2005 Grieving 9/11 Widow Blows $5 Million in Taxpayer "Compensation" Money
06-08-2005 UN Alert as Nuclear Plans Go Missing
05-21-2005 I Just Bought Some New Hardwear (No, not another firearm)
04-24-2005 Iran Plans to Knock Out U.S. With 1 Nuclear Bomb
04-19-2005 Reports Reveal Zarqawi Nuclear Threat
04-14-2005 Illegal Aliens from Mexico Blocking Marine Training
04-06-2005 Nuclear Plants In 31 States Vulnerable
04-03-2005 U.S. and U.K. submarine nuclear warheads flawed, say scientists
04-02-2005 Others Aware of Red Lake Plans, Officials Say
03-23-2005 South Korean Theater War Games - M1A1 Abrams Tanks
03-23-2005 New Jersey Man Indicted in Laser Beam Case
03-23-2005 The self-described "NativeNazi" was on Prozac
03-20-2005 Four Astronauts Will Standby to Rescue Next Shuttle
03-17-2005 Sniper Protection - Euphrates River, Iraq
03-11-2005 DOG STAR: Got Mercury?
03-09-2005 Video Clip: Welcome Home
03-09-2005 Marine Reservist Makes Longest Shot in Iraq
03-08-2005 Hunter S. Thompson's Suicide Fuels Conspiracy Buzz
03-04-2005 Collapse of Societies: From Easter Island to Iraq - to Western World?
03-02-2005 Grounded By The TSA: Sun Microsystems Co-Founder Prohibited To Fly
02-26-2005 U.S. Team Tests "Dirty" Radioactive Bomb Scenario
02-25-2005 Loving Farewell to Hunter S. Thompson
02-23-2005 Hunter S. Thompson Wanted Remains Fired From Cannon
02-20-2005 Hunter S. Thompson - The Duke Moves On
02-17-2005 Hillary Clinton Wants Convicted Felons To Vote
02-17-2005 Fuze Air-To-Surface Technology
02-11-2005 Eason Jordan Quits CNN Over Comment on Combat Incident
02-11-2005 U.S. Marine Charged With Murdering Two Iraqi Terrorists
01-29-2005 Navy Publishes First Photos of Damaged Sub
01-25-2005 Opinion Column: An Inaugural Formula For Endless War
01-18-2005 Why you should brush your teeth! From a U.S. Army Dentist in the field in Iraq.
01-12-2005 Security Extremely Tight In D.C. For Presidential Inauguration
01-12-2005 Essay: Former Gov. Lamm (Colorado) on "Wake Up America"
01-11-2005 New Photos of Ultra-Dense Contrails (Chemtrails?)
01-06-2005 Strange Object Seen Near Sun
01-05-2005 Iraq War Costing $170 Million Per Day!
01-05-2005 US seeks to buy ammunition from Taiwan as stocks run low
01-04-2005 Most People Don't Get Mad Cow from Meat
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