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Date Interesting Articles On Current Affairs
12-31-2003 UK feared Americans would invade Gulf during 1973 oil crisis
12-29-2003 Insecticide Causes Mad Cow Disease
12-27-2003 Presidential Candidate Howard Dean Defends Bin Laden
12-27-2003 Beagle 2 Lander Silent On Mars
12-25-2003 $160,000 Per Oz. Gold??!
12-23-2003 Photo for the day: Two F-16A's Flying Homeland Defense Over The Pentagon
12-23-2003 Photo for the day: A B-52H Stratofortress drops a load of M-117 750-pound bombs
12-22-2003 Officials say al-Qaida operatives may be fully trained airline pilots
12-18-2003 Minnesota "Big Brother" Database Shut Down For Privacy Concern
12-17-2003 Duluth Ordinance That Prohibits BB and Pellet Guns Is Repealed
12-17-2003 List of Accomplishments From Iraq
12-16-2003 Albright thinks Bush hiding bin Laden
12-16-2003 IBM sending engineer jobs to India
12-16-2003 Muslims Crossing Mexican Border
12-16-2003 Plan to Shift U.S. Bases Shakes Up Allies
12-15-2003 Alas, It's Not Over Yet - Phase III Could Begin Soon In Iran And Syria
12-12-2003 Giant sucking sound getting louder
12-11-2003 British Army now too weak to fight war
12-10-2003 Kerry blaming Bush for Kerry's own bill
12-10-2003 Prehistoric man began global warming
12-10-2003 Social Security checks could go south of border
12-10-2003 US sentry saves troops by killing suicide bomber
12-09-2003 Campaign 2004 - Al Gore Endorses Howard Dean
12-08-2003 Canada government: Americans insecure (Okay there, Canada!)
12-07-2003 MTV generation's 'black holes of history' blamed on Hollywood
12-04-2003 Largest Whitetail Buck Antler Rack Ever Documented
12-04-2003 Possible Trip Plan To Moab, Utah, With Matt Kohlhaas
12-02-2003 Next flu pandemic could wreak global havoc, scientists warn
12-01-2003 Erosion Destroying China's Great Wall
11-25-2003 Magnetic Field Weakens When We Need it Most
11-25-2003 Confirmed: Canada's Gun Registry Costing $1 Billion
11-17-2003 Nukes Are An Option In Korea Says Rumsfeld
11-17-2003 Micro Nukes Used In London?
11-17-2003 National Ammo Day - November 19, 2003
11-13-2003 Nanotechnology and China's Post-Nuclear Super-Weapons
11-12-2003 Al Qaida commander 'anticipates' 100,000 Americans dead in attack
11-10-2003 A Day at Baltimore Airport
11-05-2003 Duluth Renamed "Red Star City of the North"
10-29-2003 One Reason We Are Fighting In Iraq
10-29-2003 Jessica Lynch snubs Iraqi who helped to free her
10-29-2003 Howard Dean: "I'm a Metrosexual!"
10-28-2003 Sen. Mark Dayton, You Stupid Fucking Liberal!
10-27-2004 Duluth BB gun control law shot down
10-24-2003 Duluth Man Dies in Boating Accident
10-21-2003 The Coming Currency Devaluation
10-17-2003 God put Bush in charge, says the general hunting bin Laden
10-16-2003 Chinese Spy In The Sky
10-16-2003 Campaign 2004 - Clark tanks used in Waco siege
10-09-2003 US State Department protests televangelist's nuclear threat
10-02-2003 Only The Rich Pay Taxes
10-01-2003 Gen. Clark's goal: Time travel
10-01-2003 Clinton Gave China Chip Technology For Nuclear Warfare
09-30-2003 Columnist Blows CIA Agent's Cover
09-23-2003 Time-Traveler Busted For Insider Trading
09-23-2003 Martian Facility?
09-23-2003 Bike Boffins Pedal With General Clark
09-22-2003 Two Marine Photos Of Hurricane Isabel's Storm Front
09-21-2003 Microsoft Office 2003: The mark of the beast?
09-15-2003 Richard Reid - Shoebomber Terrorist Sentencing
09-11-2003 September 11, 2001 Victim List (We Should Never Forget)
09-09-2003 Air Force launches top secret satellite - listens to cell phone conversations
09-08-2003 Fliers to Be Rated for Risk Level
08-29-2003 G.I. Janes - Is it a good idea for us to put our women in combat?
08-19-2003 There was an old man from Nantucket...
08-13-2003 Less In Missile Plot Than Meets The Eye?
07-28-2003 Man Whips Fiancee With Cat
07-28-2003 Man Waits Six Hours With Knife In Brain
07-23-2003 Freedom Bid in Floating '51 Chevy Truck
07-23-2003 Purple Polar Bear
07-23-2003 Beijing launching own 'Aegis' warships
07-23-2003 Gunfire Reported At City Hall In New York City
07-22-2003 Democrats Caught Plotting to Worsen California's Budget Crisis
07-16-2003 U.N. Seeking Global Gun Control
07-14-2003 More Sea Junk Washing Ashore
07-13-2003 Upping the ante for Kim Jong Il
07-02-2003 Police stop Levant man with toy gun on I-95
06-27-2003 Troops pay to get better gear
06-27-2003 The Dollar And Inflation
06-26-2003 Chinese Torture of Political Prisoners
06-26-2003 "I have never worked a [bleeping] day in my life."  --Rep. Patrick Kennedy
06-25-2003 Utah teachers get preliminary OK to carry weapons
06-18-2003 Annapolis lawmaker puts toy guns in cross hairs
06-16-2003 Simpson, eh? Homer voted greatest American
06-09-2003 Now the US wants control of space
05-28-2003 Lynches Say They Can't Discuss POW Rescue
05-28-2003 New Series 2004 $20 Bill
05-26-2003 Poll: Clinton greater than Reagan, Washington
05-23-2003 Army fort in Arizona to issue 'ax handles' to guards as part of new security measures
05-15-2003 Russia Preparing for Nuclear Attacks on U.S, and Great Britain
05-15-2003 Saddam's Execution Team
05-15-2003 The Divine Wind - Operation Iraqi Freedom Report
05-02-2003 Rocket-powered sled sets world land speed record of 6,400 mph
05-02-2003 Pot and Porn Outstripping Corn As America's Cash Crop
05-01-2003 Deer hunter gets 15 years in prison
04-30-2003 North Korea Military Tactics In A War With US
04-29-2003 Conceal-Carry Becomes Law in Minnesota!
04-24-2003 Doctor warns that the SARS virus could be more devastating than AIDS
04-10-2003 Preliminary Clinical Description of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
This disease is running around the globe rather quickly
04-03-2003 Canadians Tell U.S. Kids, 'America Sucks'
Leave it to the Canadians
04-02-2003 French Side With Saddam, Deface War Heroes' Graves
Keeping true to their colors
04-02-2003 Basra's last-stand militia using five-year-olds as human shields
This says a lot about Iraqi troops
  The Shape of the Post-War World
by Joseph Cirincione
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