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Date Interesting Articles On Current Affairs - 2004 Archive
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12-29-2004 Surviving A Nuclear Holocaust - The Official Way
12-29-2004 Congressman Denounces National ID System
12-17-2004 Bush Administration Will Shut Down GPS In Emergency
12-07-2004 Russia Reveals New Missile Threat
12-03-2004 China tests ballistic missile submarine
11-18-2004 Nice Front Line Photo: USAF Providing Cover in Fallujah, Iraq
11-16-2004 Russia Developing New Nuclear Missile System
11-11-2004 Israel Ready To Strike Iran Nuclear Sites
11-04-2004 The "Bush Country" Election Map for 2004
10-23-2004 Polar Bears Investigate A Boomer SSBN Sub
10-22-2004 Tikrit, Iraq - Checkpoint Patrol Damage (Warning: these are nasty photos, so don't look at them if you don't like seeing death.)
10-20-2004 Mount St. Helens' 'Fin' May Be Splitting
10-20-2004 Hillary Clinton Blasts Bush on Vaccine Shortage (Despite the fact that she caused it)
10-19-2004 What Exactly Does Israel Have on Yasser Arafat?
10-08-2004 Mount St. Helens May Blow Big Now, Scientists Say
10-04-2004 U.S. Air Force Pursuing Antimatter Weapons
09-28-2004 How The Internet May Get Kerry Elected
09-22-2004 Hubble Ultra Deep Field Image (The Universe when it was 800 million years old)
09-22-2004 Voting Machines Hacked By A Chimpanzee
09-20-2004 Russia Uses KGB Playbook On Press During Beslan Hostage Incident
09-15-2004 Chinese Anti-Terror Troops Dispatched To Protect Three Gorges Dam
09-09-2004 NASA Searches Genesis Wreckage
09-03-2004 Bloody End to Russia School Siege
09-02-2004 US Army Probe Raises Questions About CIA
09-01-2004 Mysterious Signals Detected 1000 Light Years From Earth
08-31-2004 Russian School Attackers Threaten to Kill Children
08-29-2004 Keeping Bagram Safe - Air Force Office of Special Investigation Agents
08-28-2004 Explosives Found in Both Russian Jets - Muslim Women Bombers
08-28-2004 Possible Israeli Spy In Pentagon
08-26-2004 Aircraft Carrier Captain Relieved Of Command After His Ship Crashes Into Arab Boat
08-24-2004 If You Run, You'll Just Die Tired...
08-24-2004 Gunner Covering His Six (Nice Photo)
08-24-2004 Large Asteroid Grazes Past Earth's Atmosphere
08-24-2004 World War IV - The Beginning...
08-23-2004 Iowans On Patrol in Bagram, Afghanistan
08-23-2004 Boston Police Stuck With Unused Arsenal from 2004 DNC
08-19-2004 Doomsday Wreck in Thames River Could Blow
08-19-2004 Iran Warns of Preemptive Strike On U.S. Forces to Prevent Attack on Nuclear Sites
08-16-2004 Boston gangs turning to machetes
08-16-2004 Federal Reserve To Transfer All Money Over The Internet
08-15-2004 Illegals from terrorist nations are crossing the border into Arizona
08-15-2004 Arab terrorists are getting into the US over Mexican border
08-15-2004 Bush Plans to Withdraw Troops From Europe and Asia
08-12-2004 2004 U.S. Elections to be Monitored by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe
08-11-2004 Did Aliens Save Our Planet in 1908?
08-11-2004 Dominican Migrants Panicked on Journey
08-10-2004 Ben Stein's Last Column for Monday Night at Morton's
08-02-2004 North Korea Developing Submarine-Launched Nuclear Missiles
08-01-2004 Kerry Gets The Cold Shoulder From U.S. Marines
07-31-2004 A Hacker's Guide To RFID
07-30-2004 Opinion by David Horowitz: The Biggest Liar of Them All
07-27-2004 Is Saudi Arabia Running Out Of Oil?
07-27-2004 The U.S. Military Is In Bad Shape
07-26-2004 Malaria Discovered In Florida
07-26-2004 U.S. Vulnerable To Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack
07-26-2004 Patriot Missiles Installed At Olympic Sites In Athens
07-21-2004 Pool of Future Military Recruits Dwindles
07-21-2004 Thunderstorm Clouds Over Miami, Florida
07-21-2004 Inside One Day's Fierce Battle
07-21-2004 Nuclear Warheads Reportedly Found In Iraq
07-20-2004 Stockpiling Antidotes To Terror
07-18-2004 Israel Ready to Strike Iran's Nuclear Facilities
07-18-2004 Surveillance Targeted to Democratic Convention
07-15-2004 USMC Purchases New Glock 37 .45 GAP Pistols
07-15-2004 Awesome Display: Space Shuttle Atlantis Powered Up During Launch
07-14-2004 Suitcase Nukes
07-14-2004 Countries Where al Qaeda Has Operated
07-14-2004 Ramsey County judge rules concealed handgun law unconstitutional
07-14-2004 Ozzy Osbourne Compares Bush To Hitler
07-14-2004 Russian Political/Oil Trial Continues
07-14-2004 Author: Al-Qaida Has Nuclear Weapons Inside U.S.
07-12-2004 Collapse of the Earth's Magnetic Field Accelerates
07-07-2004 West Nile Virus: Minnesota Crow Corpse Corps
07-07-2004 The Most Hated Unit In The U.S. Army Is Deployed
07-07-2004 If Life Ever Seems Tough...Try Living In Sudan
07-02-2004 SMART-1 Lunar Probe's First Image Of Earth
06-29-2004 Opinion by David Hackworth: Sack 'em and rack 'em
06-28-2004 US Warns of Booby-Trapped Beer Coolers
06-27-2004 U.S. Lawmakers: Don't Use Israel Bullets
06-23-2004 Islam's Violent Core: 195 Million Muslims Aiming To Destroy America
06-22-2004 What is a superdollar?
06-22-2004 Army Unit Declares Victory Over al-Sadr's Militia
06-18-2004 Strange Clouds over Grand Island, Nebraska
06-18-2004 U.S. Hostage Paul Johnson, Jr. Beheaded
06-18-2004 Cleaning Out The Riff-Raff In Iraq
06-18-2004 Russia squares off with US over nuclear bomber flight
06-16-2004 Sweeping stun guns to target crowds
06-16-2004 CBS and 60 Minutes - Modern Day Benedict Arnolds
06-16-2004 Opinion Column: Psst – There’s a War On - by Phil Brennan
06-15-2004 The End Of Cheap Oil - National Geographic Feature Story
06-15-2004 NRA News Program Moves to Satellite Radio
06-15-2004 The World Is Turning To Dust
06-12-2004 Archive Photos: Hale-Bopp Comet - 1997
06-12-2004 Tampa International Airport Confirms Saudi Escape Flights After September 11, 2001 Attacks
06-11-2004 Titles of Master's Theses - From the Joint Military Intelligence College, 1998-2001
06-10-2004 Rare Sea Creature Washes Ashore In Washington
06-08-2004 Poll of Saudis shows wide support for bin Laden's views
06-08-2004 Movement Strengthens to Honor Reagan on $10 Bill
06-08-2004 2,000 Body Bags Shipped to G-8 Summit
06-07-2004 Huge Deployment Of Aircraft Carriers Begins
06-07-2004 Mammatus Clouds Over Monclova, Mexico
06-06-2004 U.S.: Fewer Nuclear Weapons But With More Muscle
06-04-2004 Not All Of The French Are Ungrateful!
06-01-2004 Opinion: John Kerry, Lifelong Hunter - AND Animal Rightist??
05-29-2004 Here it comes: Saudi Specialists Storm Besieged Compound
05-29-2004 U.S. Warns Of Al Qaeda Threat This Summer
05-28-2004 Up Against Fanaticism
05-28-2004 Biophysicist W. C. Levengood's Crop Circle Reports
05-28-2004 Honoring the Ultimate Bird Dog: WWII-era Canine Paratrooper
05-27-2004 1 in 75 U.S. Males In Prison
05-27-2004 Sentinels of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers - An Overview
05-26-2004 U.S. Training Units May Have Go To Iraq
05-26-2004 US Asks Private Sector To Ease Ammunition Shortage
05-25-2004 Area 51 Hackers Dig Up Trouble
05-25-2004 Gun Control Harming U.S. Troops
05-22-2004 Geophysicist Discovers Why Earth 'Wobbles'
05-22-2004 Global Dimming may stop the Earth overheating
05-22-2004 Climate change heralds thirsty times ahead
05-20-2004 Most Spam Originates In China
05-19-2004 Could treaty with UK target U.S. founders?
05-18-2004 Another Motive For Iraq War: Stabilizing Oil Market
05-18-2004 Reggae Pioneer Peter Nelson of Shangoya Dies
05-16-2004 Missile Defense Agency Eyes Using Russian Radars, Targets
05-14-2004 Vet: Officers told Kerry to leave Vietnam
05-13-2004 CIA Says Al-Zarqawi Beheaded Berg in Iraq
05-13-2004 Palestinian Suicide Bomber Residue (Warning! VERY graphic images!!!)
05-12-2004 Opinion Column: Voting Lesser of Two Evils Won't Save America
05-12-2004 "Get Out of Rural America" Act Could Dry Up Plinking Lands
05-12-2004 Hubble Examines Deceptive Space Shape
05-11-2004 Mexico Air Force Video Creates UFO Stir
05-11-2004 Iran sternly warns Israel against attacking its nuclear sites
05-10-2004 High-Energy Laser Destroys Large-Caliber Rocket
05-07-2004 Good 'ol Girl In Trouble
05-07-2004 Lynndie England has some fun
05-07-2004 Cold War Bunker Holds A Mountain Of Movies
05-06-2004 Toward The Petro-Apocalypse
05-05-2004 North Korea Deploys New 4000-km Range Missiles
05-05-2004 Ban sought on .50-caliber rifles
05-04-2004 U.S. Running Low On Munition Fuze Batteries
05-04-2004 Simulation of Nuclear Device At NATO HQ In Brussels, Belgium
05-04-2004 Scientists to search for Noah's ark on Turkish mountain
05-03-2004 Thomas Hamill to Be Reunited With Wife in Germany
04-30-2004 Outrage At American Torture Of Iraqi Prisoners
04-29-2004 Up Against Fanaticism
04-29-2004 New South Korea Air Defense Brigade Established
04-29-2004 U.S. Defense Official Calls It Wrong On Combat Deaths
04-28-2004 Troop Supply Getting Thin
04-27-2004 Iran Terrorists Moving Missiles Into Iraq
04-27-2004 U.S. Aircraft Begin To Hammer Fallujah, Iraq
04-27-2004 US Army Needs Howitzers Back From Ski Resorts
04-27-2004 China Building Offensive Missile Fleet To Counter U.S. Carrier Battle Group Threat
04-27-2004 China's military buildup raises concerns in US
04-26-2004 Robert McNamara Says NYC Still No. 1 Russian Nuclear Target
04-26-2004 New satellite photos spark Noah's Ark trek
04-25-2004 Building Exploded As U.S. Troops Surrounded It In Baghdad
04-25-2004 North Korea Says The U.S. Is About To Attack
04-23-2004 Pat Tillman Killed In Combat In Afghanistan
04-22-2004 Army Scientists, Engineers Develop Liquid Body Armor
04-22-2004 Falluja: A View from the Inside
04-22-2004 Curtains Ordered for Media Coverage of Returning Coffins
04-20-2004 Military Draft Discussed On Capitol Hill
04-20-2004 Ed & Alex Van Halen & Michael Anthony Will Tour Again With Sammy!
04-19-2004 Boeing X-45 Robot Plane Drops Bomb In Test
04-19-2004 The ID SNIPERTM rifle designed by EMPIRE NORTH - Human GPS Tracker
04-18-2004 Hums & Thuds Plague Residents Around The United States
04-16-2004 The Space Shuttle May Never Fly Again
04-16-2004 No Implant Chip In Arm, No Shooting Of The Gun
04-15-2004 Enemy Number One - Muqtada al-Sadr
04-15-2004 Representative Traficant Reports On The Bankruptcy Of The United States
04-15-2004 A Touching Memorial For Two of America's Finest
04-15-2004 Fierce Firefight in Fallujah; Helicopter Crashes
04-13-2004 Seven-year itch proves bed bugs are biting back
04-13-2004 Europeans Getting Taller Than Americans
04-12-2004 40 coal miners in Siberia die in gas explosion
04-12-2004 Ralph Nader Tells Youths To Brace For Pending Draft
04-12-2004 Chicago Deploying Gunshot Sensors On Downtown Surveillance Cameras
04-12-2004 Andy Rooney Declares: Our soldiers in Iraq aren't heroes
04-09-2004 U.S. Forces Recapture Southern Iraq City of Kut
04-08-2004 Iraq Militia Group Threatens To Burn Japanese Hostages Alive
04-08-2004 A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words - U.S. Marines
04-07-2004 Marine Sentenced For Selling Body Armor
04-07-2004 Analysis: A mini-Tet offensive in Iraq?
04-07-2004 U.S. General Vows To Destroy Shiite Militia
04-06-2004 Space Station Flyby Telescope Image
04-06-2004 Marines Fight On In Fallujah, Roof To Roof
04-04-2004 Chinese State Security Arrests Musicians
03-31-2004 4 Americans Killed in Ambush in Iraq; Mob Drags Bodies
03-30-2004 Project Wormwood - Planetary Defense At Learmonth Solar Observatory
03-30-2004 One day, Germany will have had enough
03-30-2004 Half of all UK Army recruits read at level of 11-year-olds
03-29-2004 Mother Cat Found Glued To Her Three Kittens
03-29-2004 Russia Has A Fleet of Disposable Ships
03-28-2004 Canadian Forces to 'flex muscles' in north
03-28-2004 British cavers held as row in Mexico rages
03-24-2004 Israelis Stop Teen Wearing Bomb Vest
03-24-2004 Al-Qaeda's theory to take down the U.S. one step at time
03-23-2004 5 Planets Form Heavenly Spectacle
03-23-2004 Russian Admiral Causes Flap Over Nuclear Ship Risk
03-23-2004 Chuck Adams Shoots Possible New World Record Elk
03-23-2004 Selected World Gasoline Prices
03-22-2004 Legislators want to ban sale of .50-caliber rifles
03-22-2004 Russian Navy Chief: Nuclear Powered Missile Cruiser May Explode
03-22-2004 Angry Palestinians Bury Hamas Leader, Vow Revenge Against The U.S.
03-21-2004 The Armageddon Plan
03-21-2004 Eisenhower Planned Emergency Government
03-21-2004 Get That Gold Fringe Off My Flag!
03-21-2004 Kerry Friend Beau Dietl 'Shocked' by Assassination Plot
03-19-2004 Oil, Dollars, Euros and Dead Iraqis
03-19-2004 Cars Rebel in Nevada - Electromagnetic Jamming Suspected
03-19-2004 Private Lunar Mission Slated for Fall Launch
03-19-2004 How the Earth became a snowball
03-19-2004 U.S. Revives Study of Radioactive Fallout
03-17-2004 Huge Wolf-Dog Hybrid Killed In Pennsylvania
03-17-2004 The MINOS Experiment - Neutrino Detector - Soudan Underground Mine, Minnesota
03-17-2004 Whites Will Be A Minority in the U.S. by 2050
03-17-2004 Crude Oil, Global Energy Security and the War in Iraq
03-17-2004 John Kerry's Vietnam Veterans Against The War planned assassination plot against U.S. Congressmen and Senators
03-17-2004 Scientist Creates Roswell UFO Metal
03-17-2004 Dirty bomb victims 'may be shot'
03-16-2004 John Kerry - A Man of the People?
03-15-2004 Celestis Teams with Russian Crematorium to Send Human Ashes to Space
03-15-2004 Depressed photographer had vCJD
03-13-2004 Pravda interview with Boriska, a Russian boy who claims he is from Mars
03-12-2004 Mars Opportunity Rover: The Curious Case of the NASA Crinoid Cover-Up
03-12-2004 Hubble Looks Back 13.2 Billion Years
03-11-2004 What Life Is Like In Camp X-Ray
03-11-2004 House attacked by giant rocks
03-10-2004 USS Georgia submarine's nuclear missile allegedly damaged
03-09-2004 Colin Powell Brags About There Being No 2nd Amendment in Iraq Constitution
03-08-2004 California lawmakers propose lowering voting age to 14 for state elections
03-08-2004 Pakistan tests long-range missile
03-08-2004 Nazi raccoons overrun Europe
03-08-2004 Children should be taught to use guns, says Tory
03-07-2004 Kerry's War Record: Liked Killing Civilians
03-07-2004 NASA - Melting sea ice may trigger a deep freeze in Europe and North America
03-06-2004 Heinz Foundation Bankrolled Group Protesting Bush 9/11 Ads
03-03-2004 Global nightmare: Saving the LOST
03-03-2004 The Top 10 Guns Used In Crime - BATF Statistics
03-02-2004 Michigan teacher must cover cost of substitute while on military duty
03-02-2004 A Stunning Disclosure on Illegals in the Military
03-01-2004 Diebold, Electronic Voting and the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy 
03-01-2004 The Oil We Eat
02-29-2004 U.S. Communists to support Democrats
02-26-2004 Kerry Ranked "Most Liberal" In Senate Roll Call Votes
02-26-2004 Earth almost put on impact alert
02-26-2004 U.S Concentration Camps Run By FEMA
02-25-2004 The War Against Iraq - A Two-Tongued Philosophy
02-25-2004 2 Afghan Women Collected and Detonated U.S. Cluster Bombs in 2001
02-25-2004 OnStar Bugging Your Car
02-23-2004 The Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us
02-20-2004 Digital Secrets: How Spirit Makes Great Photos
02-20-2004 Mad Cow Madness Gets Stranger By The Day
02-20-2004 How Did An Army Patriot Missile Battery Shoot Down A Navy F-18?
02-17-2004 Putin Watches As Missile Launch Fails
02-16-2004 Grenade Found In Car Closes Canada Border
02-13-2004 Scientists Baffled by Spheres on Mars
02-11-2004 John Kerry has a 100% PERFECT anti-gun voting record
02-10-2004 How Earth Survived Past Global Warming
02-10-2004 OPEC plans output cut to prop up oil price
02-10-2004 Gen. Giap: Kerry's Group Helped Hanoi Defeat U.S.
02-10-2004 Old Crimson Interview Reveals A More Radical John Kerry
02-10-2004 President George W. Bush's Military Records Released
02-10-2004 9-yr-old Girl Stabbed to Death in St. Petersburg, Russia
02-09-2004 John Kerry With Hanoi Jane
02-08-2004 GLOBAL JIHAD - 'Al-Qaida has nukes'
02-05-2004 Three times, Kerry nominations and donations coincided
02-05-2004 Explosion Rocks Moscow Subway
02-05-2004 Water witches use low technology, their senses to find what is hidden
02-05-2004 Unseasonable Cold Kills Monarch Butterflies in Mexico
02-05-2004 Another Energy Invasion...This Time it's the Moon
02-05-2004 The Nuclear Supermarket
02-05-2004 Mars Rovers Capture Some Mysterious Images
02-05-2004 The Real John Kerry
02-05-2004 Ban Urged on All Animal Protein for Cattle
02-05-2004 Archive Story - Mystery ships tracked over suspected Iraqi arms
02-04-2004 Cattleman Who Had A Mad Cow Reveals Government Lie
02-04-2004 The secret society that ties Bush and Kerry
02-03-2004 Mice produce sperm from monkeys
02-03-2004 U.S. Taxpayers Will Loan U.N. Funds For Building Renovations
02-02-2004 Teen Hacker Breaks Into US Nuclear Computer Network, Avoids Jail
02-01-2004 CLIMATE COLLAPSE - The Pentagon's Weather Nightmare
02-01-2004 Armed Mexicans cross border?
02-01-2004 Why Gen. Wesley Clark Was Fired As NATO Supreme Allied Commander
01-31-2004 Russia planning maneuvers of its nuclear forces next month
01-29-2004 Rampant E-Mail Virus Traced to Russia
01-29-2004 Can Astronauts Survive Moon Work?
01-29-2004 Unusual Object in Satellite Sun Image
01-27-2004 Neanderthals Unlikely To Be Human Ancestors
01-26-2004 World Leaders discuss UFOs at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland
01-26-2004 Amazing Helicopter Pilot Skill In Afghanistan
01-24-2004 Opportunity lands on Mars
01-24-2004 5 U.S. soldiers, 4 Iraqis killed in attacks
01-24-2004 Colin Powell's trip to Georgia could mark start of civil war
01-23-2004 SLBM-The Navy's Strategic Nuclear Contribution to Triad
01-23-2004 Time For Gun Banners To Have Second Thoughts About Statistics
01-23-2004 Strange Anomaly Blurred Out Of NASA/JPL Mars Spirit Lander Image
01-22-2004 Man who shot home intruder prosecuted; lashes out at elected officials
01-22-2004 The Viper Revolution - The F-16 Turns 25
01-22-2004 2004 - Year of the Missile - U.S. activates Alaska missile defense unit
01-22-2004 NASA unable to communicate with Mars rover
01-21-2004 New York Woman Hit By Three Hit and Run Drivers In A Row
01-21-2004 Kerry takes lead in NH, New Herald poll shows
01-20-2004 Howard Dean Blows A Gasket - Screams At Supporters
01-19-2004 Russia Deploys New Nuclear Missile System
01-18-2004 USS Cole Recovery Photos
01-18-2004 U.S. Eyes Space as Possible Battleground
01-17-2004 General Wesley Clark Blasts Confederate Flag, But Not in Home State
01-16-2004 Hubble Space Telescope To Be Abandoned
01-15-2004 More Photos of Saddam's Capture
01-14-2004 Spectacular WMD Attack Planned For U.S. Troops In Iraq
01-14-2004 Voyager Interstellar Mission
01-14-2004 Growing U.S. - Russian Powderkeg In Georgia
01-13-2004 Is Yellowstone Worse Than They Say?
01-13-2004 Gun Group Defends Homeowner Who Stopped Burglar With Bullet
01-13-2004 Judge rules burglar injured policeman in self-defense while escaping arrest
01-13-2004 Weather Phenomena: Hole Falling Out Of Cloud
01-12-2004 U.S. ammunition plant reaching its limit
01-11-2004 Retired General Wesley Clark's 9/11 Pledge Disqualifies Him
01-11-2004 Ohio Becomes 37th Right-to-Carry State
01-10-2004 Enigma Software Group Can Bite Me
01-10-2004 How Things Are Going In Iraq
01-10-2004 NASA Changes Color On Images Released To Public
01-08-2004 Rumsfeld weighs strikes in Lebanon, Somalia
01-08-2004 Bush OKs new moon missions
01-07-2004 Could Mad Cow Disease Already be Killing Thousands of Americans Every Year?
01-07-2004 IMF Warns U.S. Debt Could Bring Down World Economy
01-07-2004 The ONLY things Congress is allowed to pay for, according to the U.S. Constitution
01-06-2004 NATO to wage war globally instead of just in European Theater
01-06-2004 Space Station Crew Hunts For Elusive Leak
01-05-2004 Duluth Mayor Herb "Kaptain Kangaroo Kommunist" Bergson Takes Office
01-04-2004 Annual Listing of Language Irritants
01-04-2004 Bush's Budget for 2005 Seeks to Rein In Domestic Costs
01-04-2004 Most People Don't Get Mad Cow from Meat
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