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Date General News
10-01-2008 U.S. Army 3rd Infantry 1st BCT Redeploys For Domestic Affairs
10-01-2008 Pakistan Navy Accepts Hamza Submarine
10-01-2008 Russian Nuclear Bomber Flies Undetected to Within 20 Miles of Hull, UK
10-01-2008 "Jim Shockey For Obama" Radio Ad a Hoax!
10-01-2008 Mail Carriers to Bring Drugs in Anthrax Attack
09-17-2008 No Blood For Oil
09-09-2008 A Message To Obama From a Veteran
09-05-2008 Air Force TSgt. Earl I. Covel Receives Silver Star
08-07-2008 Osama bin Laden's Driver Sentenced in First Terror Tribunal
07-24-2008 Update On GM's OnStar Nefariousness
01-29-2008 US Air Force General: Spy Satellite Could Hit United States
01-24-2008 Suicide Bomber Falls Down and Blows Up
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