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Date General News
11-29-2006 How The Imams Went "Under Our Radar"
11-09-2006 Pat Tillman Official Scenario
11-08-2006 Mariners Report New Island In South Pacific
10-17-2006 200,000 years for all trace of Man to vanish from the Earth
09-28-2006 China Firing Lasers At U.S. Spy Satellites
09-17-2006 Jim Marshall Passes Away - Will Be Missed By All Who Knew Him
09-13-2006 Australian SF Troops Run Three U.S. AC-130E Spectre GunShips Dry of Ammunition
09-07-2006 Lockheed Martin Reveals New UAVs
08-30-2006 U.S. To Test Missile Defense System
08-22-2006 Honoring Fallen Marines - H3 Hummer Display
08-21-2006 Carmakers Must Tell Buyers About "Black Box" Recorders
08-16-2006 U of M Professor Speaks Out on Muslim Protests
07-31-2006 Shanghai Constructs Underground Bunker Capable Of Sheltering 200,000 People
07-25-2006 Teenage Iranian Girl Hanged For Having Sex
07-12-2006 Rainbow and Lightning at Same Time
07-06-2006 'Simpl spel' campaigners still refuse to 'giv' up
06-15-2006 NAFTA Super-Highway Planned For U.S.
06-07-2006 Rainbow That Set The Sky On Fire
05-23-2006 Photos from the "Religion of Peace Demonstration," London, England
05-10-2006 DNA Tests Confirm Hybrid Bear
05-09-2006 High Resoution Earth Images
05-04-2006 Russian Military Launches New Spy Satellite
04-21-2006 Former Military Air Traffic Controller Predicts Comet Collision with Earth on May 25
04-11-2006 U.S. Carrier Group Heads For Caribbean
03-30-2006 Iran Test Fires New Radar Evading Missile
03-29-2006 U.S. Military To Test 700-Ton Explosive
03-29-2006 Assault Weapon Ban is Back
03-23-2006 U.S. Nuclear Forces - 2006
03-16-2006 New Military Robots Violate Isaac Asimov's First Law
03-14-2006 Russian Communist Leader Blames U.S. For Bird Flu Outbreak
03-14-2006 U.S. Govt Bird Flu Advice: Start Stocking Tuna
02-15-2006 Arab Takeover of U.S. Ports Seen As Security Insanity
02-13-2006 Could al-Qaeda Take Over Pakistan?
02-01-2006 Western Union Telegram Passes Into History
01-15-2006 U.S. Army Sniper Nails Record Shot
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