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Christmas City of the North Parade 2009
Duluth, MN
So I met my wonderful Mom down on the parade route with my camera, because I do like the tradition of the Christmas Parade in Duluth, and my niece, Anna was apparently in the parade with the Just For Kix Duluth dance group, and we never even saw her! Bummer! I still had fun with Mom!
November 20, 2009

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2009 Parade | 2007 Parade
Color Guard, properly leading the Parade
Here's where it's at, folks...the representation of why we can stand in awe and enjoy parades.
My Mom mentioned,
"Those uniforms are for the desert, right?
They sure have changed over the years."
Indeed they have...
Wow! Nice kicks!
The UMD Cheerleader Squad, looking great...
The UMD Cheerleader Squad
The UMD Band
Duluth FD, nice new ladder truck...
Their lights and reflectors were messing
with my flash sync, man!
Gotta love and respect these guys!
My wonderful friend since childhood, Stacy Dimberio (Taran) and her dance crew.
Commercial plug for her!
Da da ta da, da, ta da, da ta da!
The kids went WILD over these guys!
Hey, they are the Bad Guys, in the Empire, Kids! Don't CHEER them!
Nice show, though, guys...
Really nice costumes, too, gents!
Yeah, the Parade is already a bit too commercialized for my taste, but what is a parade without carnival "party favors?"
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