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Las Palmeiras - Building The Clinic Part II
Las Palmeiras, Amazon, Peru
February 9-14, 2009

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Nightlife action after dinner in the bar.
Buying Carlos a "ver-muh" well-deserved cerveza at the Lodge bar. Carlos was our Guide, but he was also working his ass off on the construction site with us.
Alison, Tiffany, Tom, Mark and Steve, enjoying a cold one after a hot day.
I can tell, Steve is thinking something like, "We have to make how many of these trusses?"
This is the Generator/Solar Battery Storage out-building that Earl and I built.
It is going to house a generator, diesel fuel, batteries, vapors, smell, vibration and noise. It needed to be built off the deck as a separate building.
You can see one of the first of many roof trusses sitting in the Template on the deck.
Alison Zobel took my Canon G9 camera and took a whole slew of photos that included me. Thank you, Alison! She at least proved that I was actually working on this project and not just taking photos most of the time.
Alison fired off several fantastic photos, all the way to her wonderful grandfather, Dave Rutford, further down in the gallery.
Toneman passing the 220V saw to Earl to cut off the nubs of the floor joists.
Earl, cutting off the nubs of the mahogany 2x4" joists we installed. I tried to tell him how silly it was to have him (Mr. bad back) hoisting the big 220V Bosch saw way over his head to cut these ends off, and he said, "I'm already down here..."
This photo is still by Alison, of her grandfather, Dave Rutford, which makes it funnier. D'Oh!
Alison told him to look up and smile for a rare relaxed and seated photo. A glance at his shirt will tell you he was working harder than just about anyone!
I admit it, every chance I had I stopped lifting stuff or hammering shit-quality nails and just tried to keep my brain temperature below 101 F.

My Amigo Carlos and Toneman!
Carlos, you have not sent me an email yet!
Yes, they have wireless internet down there in the middle of the jungle, believe it or not...

Steve, taking a rare break for the photographer.

Earl and Dave


1100 liters of potable water

Mark leaving the worksite, down to the skiff boat.

Jon Helstrom

The view from the bar at the Lodge

The Lodge Bar

Beers after a cold shower...

To announce Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, they come out and hit the log drums for us.

I mentioned before that our Clinic Crew woke up earlier than the rest of the Lodge each day, so they didn't beat the drums for our special early breakfast. We just got up earlier and ate two or three 3-egg omelettes and one pound of beans and one pound of fruit each. And instant coffee.

A late-night game of Scrabble at the bar. Alison Zobel (left) hamming it up for this photo.

Tarantula, yes, but it turned out to be dead. I got this photo, and Mark (his pack) went to remove it, and when we went to flick it off, it didn't crawl. This exoskeleton must have just fallen from the roof at the hammock area. I never did see a real walking live one the entire time I was down here.

Note all the trusses, stacked up, to make the roof? I timed our progress. The first one, from the basic floor template, took almost one hour. We then went 45 minutes, 40, 35, 30, 25, and the last one before I left took 20 minutes. We had a total system, and a Truss Manufacturing Crew!.


Bonita trying to keep our Chief Engineer,
Dave, nice and cool with a banana leaf...

Here is Dr. Linnea Smith, La Doctora. Note her jungle-style Carpenter Foot Gear.


My buddy, Tom Wheeler, jokingly made a point that he hoped I could document for others to see that he was really wielding a hammer and nailing nails out there! Proof! (He was actually pretty damn good at it, in fact!)

Three of the guys that Linnea recruited to help finish when our crews left the site. That is Juvencio on the left, by the way...I don't remember the other two guys. They were skilled, and very hard working guys, man...

Tiffany pre-drilling a nail hole. This wood? Some of the most dense wood you can possibly imagine. A 12-ft 2X4 that weighs thirty pounds? You bet!

Dr. Linnea Smith - "La Doctora"

These tongue-in-groove boards were nailed just two days prior to this photo, and they are already stained by rust from the nails. Welcome to the Jungle!


Alison at the end of the day, at 6pm. Not much enthusiasm left.

Mark, Linnea and Tom ready to call it a day...

Copyright © 2009 Tony Rogers