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Cusco, Peru - Nancy and the Bustamante Family
Ah, the city of Cusco, Peru. A photographer's dream come true. We were welcomed at the airport by Marco and Nancy, and everything went even better than that, every hour, every day! Talk about personal hospitality? Yep! They had us covered right off of the tarmac at the airport!
February 19-23, 2009

Arrival | Clinic1 | Palmeiras School | Canopy Walk | Clinic2 | Old Clinic | Amazon Exfiltration |
Cusco | San Pedro Market | Machupicchu1 | Machupicchu 2 | Machupicchu 3 | Bustamante Estate | Sacsayhuaman |
Paolita, Toneman, Judy, Earl, Ali, Marco, Edie and Tom
Ali, Earl and Marco
Paolita, Toneman, Judy, Earl, Ali, Marco,
Edie and Tom
The chefs at our first restaurant, an Italian restaurant right next door to our hotel.
Yes, these are original Incan walls,
part of the restaurant wall.
Another view of original Incan rock walls,
part of the restaurant.
It's my Llama, and I'll party if I want to!
Two traditional Incan women, towing around their Llama right in front of our hotel. No, this is not normal, they were doing it for cash income. I gladly paid them a few soles for this photo.
View from the Armas de Platas,
outside of our hotel.
Pizza dinner at Chez Maggie
FirVery traditional, fire-brick pizza oven
Judy, Nancy and Earl
FirAlways some sort of dancing entertainment
FirIs this just a cool bar, or what?
Nancy, in her work
"tour guide extraordinaire" uniform
FirJudy, Nancy and Earl
A serious 5-Star Lunch, and Nancy and Paolita ended up paying for it all!
FirNancy and Paolita
In Marco's new office building, this is an image from 1900 or close to that year.
FirAt Paolita's fancy condo she recently bought. We are eating a Peruvian variation of Chinese food. Holy crap, was it ever good!
At the Bustamante Cusco home. They travel quite a bit, and they are looking at mementos from every country.
FirMarco and Judy, admiring all of the world items he has collected.
FirIndeed, this is their garage. The cleanest, tile-floor garage you can imagine. The vehicle just enters their home, with a garden view.
Earl, Ali and Judy in Ali's garden
The Toneman, Marco, Paolita, Earl, Ali and Judy
FirNancy and her mother giving us gifts on our last night in Cusco.
Nancy and her mother giving us gifts on our last night in Cusco.
FirEarl, Nancy's little sister and their mother at Chez Maggie for pizza again
The corner around from our Hotel. Note the original rounded Incan stonework on the corner.
FirThis is a much steeper hill than the super-wide angle lens is showing.
FirImmaculate Incan stonework, yes?
More immaculate Incan stonework
Our hotel, with our very professional armor-vested door guard. He was not armed.
More Incan wall extravaganza.
(Wow, I didn't realize a good looking blonde walked through my image frame.)
FirBut seriously, look at this technique that they used of stone joining. Just amazing.
Incan walls through a 16mm lens
FirA beautiful window arch
This is interesting. Look at how the New England Scotiabank adapted right into the Incan wall.
Tom Wheeler ahead of me on the little narrow streets...
FirStray dogs are apparently very tollerated on the streets of Cusco.
Original Incan stonework,
down the weirdest alleys.
FirGot enough locks?
Copyright © 2009 Tony Rogers