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Machupicchu - Part I
Fantastic weather all day up on Machupicchu (Incan translation: Old Mountain). Toured the ruins in the late morning until 1:00pm with our fantastic guide, Odon, and then Tom Wheeler and I went back on our own after lunch until the site nearly closed at 4:30pm. Last bus down the mountain is at 5:00pm, and you don't want to miss it! It is a LONG walk down!
Machupicchu, Peru
February 16-17, 2009

Arrival | Clinic1 | Palmeiras School | Canopy Walk | Clinic2 | Old Clinic | Amazon Exfiltration |
Cusco | San Pedro Market | Machupicchu1 | Machupicchu 2 | Machupicchu 3 | Bustamante Estate | Sacsayhuaman |
Lizard on the corner of the rock wall...
Earl says, "You can go way up there, but I am not hiking up there again. Been there, done that."
Odon, explaining the situation. Anyone note the Duluth Travel Agency logo on Odon's shirt?
Odon was extremely intelligent. He agreed with me that the Incan Priests probably are still viewing Earth activity from orbit.
Stairs carved out of one huge in situ stone...
The Star Gate Entrance
This photo is jumped ahead a bit. A Neat lizard overlooking the Alpacas! My Mother literally turned away and could not watch me get this close to the edge of the cliff. 200-feet off the edge...
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