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Deer Camp - Fish Lake
Various shots of deer camp. Many thanks to Drew and Al for all of their hospitality and introducing me to the joys of deer camp over the years. I'll keep posting all the photos I have, and if anyone has any that they don't see here, send them to me. You know who you are. Let me know if you see any photos in the wrong year.
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2002 Deer Camp - Camp Fish Lake

The group deer pole shot on Sunday, second weekend. The trailer of Whitetails. Dave's buck.

Group deer pole. The deer pole early under snow, early in the second weekend. The trailer of Whitetails.

Gary's buck. Noah's first buck. A 225-lb. brute, one of the biggest bucks we have ever shot. Noah's buck with the entire camp there to admire it.


Noah's buck. Noah's buck. Noah's second buck, a 10-pointer, of 2002.
2001 - Ben's First Year and His First Buck, Too.
Ben's first buck - a 5 pointer. One happy guy. Still happy. Nice buck, Ben!
Drew's nice 10 pointer. Drew is the hardest working deer hunter I know, and it pays off for him and rest of the camp as well. Classic fire stories on Saturday night on the opening day. Ben is eating what almost looks like a tiny watermelon, but could also be a buck testicle or lymph gland or who knows what.
Whatever it was...he ate it. This is what Drew looks like when he has only shot a 10-point buck on Opener day. Tony and Dave, looking like they are not having much fun at all.
Drew drives in his 10-Point Buck and looks satisfied with the level of success. Nice buck. Greg cutting out the tenderloins from his second buck of his career.

Ben "BuckSlayer" Finch - Professional extraordinaire.

Eric and Justin Middleton showed up to see the deer on Sunday evening. Looks to me like a future BuckSlayer on the left there... Ben and Greg cutting out the tenderloin backstrap muscles for immediate grilling with the heart and liver. John Owen's big swamp buck.
2000 Deer Camp

Dave, Al and Drew. The pole starts filling up early. Four really nice bucks.

This was the first of the big twins that Drew shot, this being the 9 pointer of the two. The 10-pointer is pictured above (five rows up) and is now mounted in the Camp Fish Cabin.  Two nice bucks. Tony and Mike pose with the bucks.

Tony with a ubiquitous cigar.  Tony with a buck. Note the blood on my Levi's. Tony again.
1999 Deer Camp

Greg, Dave and Tony. This is my first buck.     
1998 Deer Camp

Drew's really big buck.  The really big buck mounted.  
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