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Deer Camp - Fish Lake - 2007
Drew, Al, Ben, Tony, Kenny, Noah, Gary, Johnny, Greg, Bob, Terry and Kale
Photos by Tony, Drew and Noah
Duluth, MN
November 2-4 & 9-11, 2007

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Friday night Deer Camp, 90-mph wind...
Tony with his Remington M700 Sendero at 11am, about to switch to his Marlin 444P Outfitter for some young aspen brush-busting hunting.
Tony with his first deer with the Marlin 444P. This shot was about 120 feet through the thickest young aspen imaginable. More challenging than any of my previous big long shots.
Gary's big 10-pointer on one of the Iron Horses
Nice buck, Gary!
Tony's forkie
Johnny helping to hoist and hang Tony's fork buck
Noah and Al on the Iron Horse hoist
Gary, Noah and Al
Drew with three fresh deer's worth of tenderloins and heart, marinaded with Cabin Fridge marinade (what you have is what you get!)
Wonderful! Thanks for grilling, Drew!
Bob hamming it up for the photographer
Admiration of the Pole
Greg was on his phone alot! So was everyone else besides Tony. Tony dislikes phones...
Fire, beer, cocktails and stories...
Gary at 2000 ISO on my camera
Sunday sunset over Fish Lake
Chipmunk Crossing near water level
Weekend Two - November 9-11, 2007 (below)
A rub that Noah spotted
Noah and Winnie at the deer pole
Noah and Winnie at the deer pole
The Iron Horses at Camp
Al, grandson Luke, Uncle Drew and Winnie
Winnie, Al, grandson Luke and Uncle Drew
Winnie, Al, grandson Luke and Uncle Drew
Terry and his proud son Kale, with Kale's first deer, a monster 9-point buck!
Kale with his monster 9-point buck
Camp Fish - Island Hunting Style
The Island Hunt Story: They did a deer drive on an island on Fish Lake, which produced three does and two bucks! The drive was really fun! The picture of the young man holding the buck (above) is Terry Olson's son Kale. Kale is 12 and that is his first buck! The smile says it all. Kale also shot a nice doe on the island drive.
Motoring to the island...looks really warm!
The island
Bob and Greg dressing out their deer on Sunday.
Johnny with some venison in progress...
The total for Camp Fish was 15 deer.
Al with the partial deer pole on Sunday.
Great hunting this year, Gentlemen!
Special thanks to Al and Drew for hosting all of us again!

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